After watching the first couple of episodes of K-On!, I was first enthralled by the Moe esthetics of the girls and the series, but a strange thing started to happen. My feelings of Moe towards the K-On! girls started taking on a more eros nature, but what was interesting about this turn is that it didn’t happen with other anime featuring high school girls such as Lucky Star, Sky Girls, Hidamari Sketch, and other such titles.

the K-On! girls charcoal drawing

       I don’t know if this is some form of nostalgia for my high school days, or some form of  “if I knew then, what I know now” 10x as many panties would have dropped back in the day. But, there it is, I want me some K-On! girls. I talked this over with a friend of mine who is also a long-time anime fan, and his questions to me were, would the girls be legal in your jurisdiction and is your K-On! infatuation causing problems with your current girlfriend? Yes, they would be legal where I’m at, and no I’m not breaking dates with, or dumping my current GF.  So, he told me that he didn’t see any problem with it, it’s the same thing as people finding Erin Esurance or Jessica Rabbit attractive.

      So, I’ve decided that my resistance to my growing eros K-On! infatuation is futile, and I’ll give into my baser instincts.

So, that being said, yes I find Mio very Moe, but I also want to switch places with Ritsu and carry Mio to her ruin.

A very Moe MioCarrying Mio to her ruin

I would also love to walk-in on Ritsu dressed in the below attire, and share some Penthouse letters action with her.

Finding Ritsu in the room 001

I would also like to spend some alone time with princess Mugi-chan.

A night with princess Mugi-chan

And, last but not least, I would love to have Yui put her Les Paul away for a night, and have her put those thigh-highs where they really belong, around my back.

Yui and the flower pillow.

       Well, if that damns me to anime hell, so be it, I guess I’ll just have to live with it, or maybe I’ll be sentenced to anime jail. Oh, if you’re interested in a NSFW K-On! dojin click on this link.

locked in anime jail.