the stage performance

        This episode begins on the day of the school’s cultural festival, Mio goes to the practice room looking for the other girls and she finds it empty. Walking through the school, Mio thinks she hears Yui’s horse voice, entering the classroom she finds Yui working at her class project. Mio wants to practice but Yui says she has to work the morning shift, so Mio heads off to see Ritsu.

the school festival 001the school festival 002Mio walking through the hallwaysorry but I have to work this shift

       Mio finds Ritsu working the door to the haunted house, Mio wants to practice but Ritsu can’t leave because the haunted house was her suggestion. Mio then asks where Mugi is? Ritsu says she’s inside the haunted house, and she should go inside and look for her. Mio hesitantly enters the haunted house, and she gets the crap scared out of her. Nodoka sees that Yui is still working and she tells Yui to leave and practice for her 3pm performance. Yui runs into Ritsu where they get a laugh out of Yui’s still horse voice.  Ritsu tells Yui to go up to the clubroom and wait there until she and Mugi finish up with the haunted house.

where is Mugi atMugi's inside the haunted houseMio is very scaredthe demon Mugi-chan

Mio is a quivering mass

      Once the other two girls arrive they notice Mio practicing her song, and when they enter the room they begin to practice there song. During a break Sawako shows up with some costumes she made for the girls. Mio is shocked and asks if she has to wear that while playing, Sawako says that Mio can wear that costume or her old death devil outfit. Ritsu also tries to object to the outfits, but Sawako points to how Mugi and Yui seem to like their outfits. Mio and Ritsu soon give in and agree to wear the outfits, and after Sawako leaves they start practicing again.

Watching Mio doing her singinglook at these costumeshere they areor you can wear this

Mio is terrifyedMugi and Yui playing aroundsomeone could ruin youMio is worried about the whole idea

        Once the time comes to move the equipment to the stage Ritsu is afraid to let Mio carry anything in her condition, she zoning out about having to perform in front of so many people. Once all the heavy lifting is done, the girls sit down for some of Mugi’s tea and snacks. Yui asks Ritsu if she’s known Mio since childhood, and if she’s always been so shy? She’s known Mio since elementary school and she’s always been shy, she always has called attention to Mio because it makes her face turn red.  So, Yui says it’s your fault after all. When Mio returns to the room they ask her if she’s still nervous, and she says No, you can’t be nervous all the time, but they can see that her hands are still shaking.

such nice long hairwow your left handedsorry I can't drum and singit's all my fault

     Mio says she can’t take it anymore, and she begs Ritsu to do the singing, but Ritsu says she can’t sing and drum at the same time. Yui apologizes by saying that it’s her fault for having her voice go out. Mio calms down, and Ritsu says they need to work on their between songs introductions. Ritsu does a fairly humorous and spot on introduction of each girls, drawing laughs from Mugi and Yui, and a knock upside her head from the “dangerous” Mio.

it's MC Ritsuon guitar it's Yuithe sweet loving Mugithe dangerous Mio

and the cute me, Ritsu

      When the girls are dressed and backstage, Mio starts to get very nervous when Ritsu and the girls tell Mio how cute she looks in her outfit. As the curtain rises, Sawako knows she did a good job on the costumes when she overhears some students wonder who that girl cute is. Mio looks like she’s about to melt down when she encouraged by the other girls telling her that she worked hard, and she should just do her best.

lets give it our best

the girls backstageMio is on stageRitsu is on stageYui is on stage

here we go now

        Once the band starts playing, Mio seems to forget about her fears and just sings, instead of getting a live concert performance, we see sort of a music video version of the girls doing their song. When the song finishes, the crowd gives the girls a nice round of applause, and Mio seems to have conquered her fears. As they’re leaving the stage Mio trips on a cord and falls down exposing her striped panties to the whole crowd, Mio even hears a camera shutter click, and she screams in terror (we never really see her panties, they sort of nice boated the scene, but it’s implied that she was wearing stripped panties). But, never fear I have the power of Internet to help out.

the music video 000

the music video 001the music video 002the music video 003the music video 004

the end of the showthank you everyonethe trip 002the trip 003

Mio showing her best side

Never fear, behold the power of the Internet to defeat a nice boat moment.


       The next day, Sawako and Ritsu congratulates everyone for a job well done, the student body seems to have loved the concert, and Mio even has a fan club. But, all poor Mio can think about is panties, she thinks she’s ruined and now no one will marry her now. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Good job everyonethe Mio fanclubPoor Mio thinks she's ruined

      Well, this episode was very entertaining and enjoyable, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I was expecting the girl’s performance to show more of the girls playing their instruments in front of the crowd instead of a MTV type of music video, it’s not that I didn’t like what they did, it’s just not what I expected. What also surprised me was that the song didn’t really seem to even come close to using the girls’ skills with their instruments, but I guess that they were limited to what the song “light and fluffy” required. It would be nice to see them rock out a little more in the future, hopefully by the end of the series or even earlier they’ll do “don’t say lazy” or something harder. This episode featured plenty of Mio moe moments for all her fans, but I still prefer Yui and Ritsu. Overall, K-On!  is a nice bit of relaxing entertainment, pleasing on the eyes and easy on the brain, call it my blood pressure medicine.

For the Mio fanboys.

      You’ve just started dating Mio, and you pick her up after she finishes a long show, you take her out for a bite to eat before heading back to your place. When you get back home, you fix her a nice relaxing cup of tea, dim the lights, and pop this tune inside the CD player and………


Mio hot maid after the concert