Waiting for Sawako's reaction

        This episode begins with Yui’s sister Ui having a flashback of a Christmas from their childhood, that Christmas Yui got in trouble for using some stuffing from some of their cushions to make a white Christmas for her. Ui wishes for a fun Christmas this year as she and Yui are putting up this year’s Christmas tree.

Yui putting the star on the treeI hope santa comes for mrwhat's your wish UiI want a white Christmas

I hope Christmas is fun this year

A white Christmas for Ui

        The we get a little skit showing how close Yui and Ui are as sisters, Yui shares her scarf with Ui, and Ui keeps Yui’s ungloved hand warm while they walk home in the cold.

walking home in the coldwhere's your scarf Ui

sharing a scarf

Keeping Yui's hands warm

           Then the scene switches to K-On clubroom, Ritsu wants to hold a Christmas party at Mugi’s house but Mugi says it’s not available, she needs at least one months notice to book her house. Why not have it at Ritsu’s house, to which Mio says that it’s so full of stuff you can’t move around, and Ritsu shoots back that Mio’s has all sorts of clothes laying around her room, like panties. Yui then says it’s OK to have it at her house, her parents will be in Germany for the Holidays, and her sister Ui will handle the cooking. Ritsu suggests a gift exchange for the party, and Mugi loves the idea. Back at home, Ui agrees to do the cooking, but she’s worried that Yui will hurt herself if she helps with the cooking, so she tells Yui to handle the decorations.

the X-mas party flyerMio's room is full of panties 001Mio reaction to pantiesgive me those pictures

Ritsu's gift to MioYui's parents are lovey-doveynadoka will be there too

        Then we get to see the girls doing their shopping for the gift exchange at the local mall where they all sort of bump into each other. Back at home, Ui is deciding what to cook for the party and she’s also figuring out what to do for the party’s talent contest.

what do you think about this Mio

should I buy thishow's this Miomeeting each other at the mallwhat should I do for the show

         Then the scene switches to Yui’s house where Ui’s is finishing the cooking and Yui is making the decorations. Later, the other girls arrive and they sit down for some food and drinks. At first, everyone thinks that Ui’s the responsible younger sister and Yui’s kind of like an airhead, but soon they decide that Yui and Ui make a nice combination together. When the girls decide to do a toast they discover that Sawako used some ninja skills to sneak into the house without anyone noticing, besides how could they forget to invite their advisor. Well, they didn’t forget her, they just thought she’d have a date with a boyfriend, that touches a raw nerve with Sawako. As punishment someone has to wear a Santa outfit, Yui puts it on without a second thought, but Sawako says it’s not quite right and she looks over to Mio.

Ui doing the cookingYui doing the decorationslet's have a toastthe Christmas toast

this is punishment for that comment

Yui dressed as santa

      After some Sawako chasing Mio around the house action, Nodoka shows up at the party and Sawako starts the gift exchange rotation. Sawako gets the Jack-in-the-box present, and she declares that it’s the best Christmas ever. After everyone else opens their gifts, only Yui’s and Ui’s gifts remain unopened, and Yui ends up with gloves from Ui, and Ui ends up with a new scarf from Yui.

let's get this rollingwhat could this bea punch to the faceMio getting death metal

the right gifts

       Now it’s time to get the talent contest rolling, So Ui goes first with a hand puppet show, then Yui and Ritsu do air guitar and drums, Mio models the Santa outfit, Mugi does  a ocean sunfish imitation, and Sawako does a belly slap maple leaf demonstration. After the girls head home, Yui and Ui notices that it’s starting to snow and they’re going to have a white Christmas, and Ui mentions the time that Yui gave her a white Christmas.

the hand puppet showMugi and the ocean sunfishRitsu and the air drumsthe Sawako maple leaf

Mio dressed as santa

         As Ui is in her bed she says that it was a really fun Christmas, then Yui knocks on the door and asks Ui if they can sleep together, so the sisters spend the night together with Yui hogging all the covers. As the days pass, Yui spends her time lounging around the kotatsu while Ui does all the cooking. When the girls meet up for New Years they ask Yui how much weight she gained from sitting around and eating, she tells them she never gains weight no matter how much she eats, this news sends Mugi and Mio into a fit of depression. Then it’s brought up that Mio is wearing her kimono, and she says it’s because Ritsu suggested it but she’s going home to change into normal clothes, but Yui tells her that she looks really cute in her kimono. Then the girls see Sawako leaving a wish at the temple and she doesn’t look happy at seeing so many young adult couples at the shrine. Then girls then make their New Year’s wishes at shrine, and in the end, Ritsu says that they should wish for the success of the K-On! club. Well, that’s all for this episode.

it's snowing outsideYui and Ui togetherI never gain weighthow much weigh did you gain

sheading tears over kilos

You look really cute MioSawako leaving her new years wish

the New Years prayer

        Well, we experienced a pretty large time jump between episodes, K-On! jumped from the cultural festival to right before Christmas eve, and even though this was a large time shift it really didn’t feel too jarring to me. Basically this episode was all about the sisterly love that Yui and Ui have for each other with a good dose girl bonding throw in for good measure. We get to see that the love that Yui and Ui share for each other is very deep, and pretty unconditional. Yui and Ui  have very different personalities, but Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio come to understand that Yui and Ui make a pretty good team. Now for the girl bonding, since none of the girls, or even Sawako have boyfriends, girl bonding is very important this time of the year. See below cultural notes on the Christmas holiday and Sawako’s situation.

      Overall, I found this episode to be a nice and relaxing bit of girl bonding with a good dose of sisterly love thrown in, easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, and easy on the brain. The next episode preview gave some nice hints about the future of K-On!, for one thing the girls are going to be starting their second year of high school, and the club will be getting some new members, one of them most likely being Yui’s sister Ui.

       Cultural notes on Christmas in Japan and the term Christmas cake, (In Japan, Christmas is a pretty big commercial event, and Christmas Eve has become a big night for couples, a lot of marriage proposals and very romantic dates take place. So, on Christmas Eve girls who don’t have boyfriends tend to get together and have a girl party. Also, with Christmas Eve being such a big couples/dating/romantic night in Japan, women who are single/unattached and are over a certain age find this to be a very unsettling period. In Japan  in is a insulting comment to refer to an unmarried woman over a certain age as Christmas cake, or stale cake, looks good on the outside but tastes old or stale on the inside, and this term is often used by women who have husbands/boyfriends to dig at their unlucky coworkers).

In anime such as Lucky Star, and Azumanga Daioh you get to see how depressing this time of the year is for the single teachers Yukari, Minamo, and Nanako.