I don't want to sing

         This episode begins with Yui finding out that her sister passed her entrance exams and will be attending the same high school this spring. Then we fast forward to the spring where we find out that Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi all got assigned to class 2-2, but Mio ended up in class 2-1, and we get to see Ui wearing  her high school uniform.

Ui looking at the boardgood job Uiwatching the two sisterswho is this twintail

Always look out when a twin-tail girl approaches.


we're in a diffrent classsorry Mio, wrong classUi is now in high schoolUi brushing Yui's hair

         As the class bell rings, Mio has to go to her new classroom by herself, and she tells herself that she feels lonely. Mio is really in despair in the new class until she sees that Yui’s friend Nodoka is in the same class, and the two agree to be friends. Soon the girls have to try and recruit freshman into the K-On! club, the flier that Mio made up is pretty weak, and they’re at a loss as to how to get the new students attention. Sawako comes up with the idea to dress the girls in animal costumes, but this plan seems to do more scaring than recruiting.  Once the girls are back in the clubroom Sawako has them dress up in maid outfits to greet potential new members, Yui’s sister Ui and one of her friends show up to check out the club.

Mio is lonely in classMio and Nadoka will be ffriendsrecuiting new members to the clubscaring off the recuiets

here wear theseRitsu wearing the maid outfitMio as a maid

        After the girls change out of the maid outfits they play a song for Ui and her friend, and we see the twin-tail girl looking in as the girls play (the girl is in Ui’s class and her name is Azusa Nakano). Back at home, Ui asks her sister what’s the best part of being in the K-On! club? Yui tells her that it’s got to be the fun factor, fun things are fun (classic Yui logic). The next day the club is going to give a performance for the incoming freshman, and when the girls look out from behind the curtains they see that it’s packed. When Ritsu brings up the fact that Mio should sing because she was popular last time, she flatly refuses, Sawako tells the girls to just go with the songs that Yui will sing. Before the concert Ui finds out from her friend that she’ll be joining the jazz club instead, so Ui and Azusa make their way to see the concert. After the intro song Yui does the club’s recruitment pitch to the freshman, and when it’s time for her second song to begin Yui forgets to sing and Mio has to step in, soon Mio and Yui are sharing vocal duties.

playing a song for UiTwin-tails going for a lookthe club is a fun thinggetting ready for the show

I'm going to join the jazz clubYui on the mikeMio and Yui singingUi and the other girl watching

        After the concert the girls wait in the clubroom for new members to show up, but no one is beating down their door to join. Slowly the door opens, and we see that the girl (Azusa) who went to the concert with Ui wants to join the club. After she tells them she wants to join the club, Ritsu is so overjoyed that she tackles the girl. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Waiting for new memberssomeone is walking inA new member for the club

Ritsu is very overjoyed

       Well, between episode 6 and 7 we jumped from the cultural festival to the Christmas holidays, and now we jumped to the start a new school year, talk about time leaps. I found this episode to be enjoyable but not very interesting, Yui is still Yui, Mio is still Mio, and the only difference is that they’re now second years instead of first years. What we did get is the introduction of a new member to the K-On! club, I had thought that we would have gotten two new members, Ui being one, and Azusa being the other, but it looks like Azusa will be the main new member and Ui will probably just hang around the club and fill in if necessary. Azusa looks like she’ll be the true tsundere member of the crew, she has all the visual cues, Mio will be the moe princess, and Azusa will be the tsundere princess. I wish that in the final five episodes of K-On! that they’ll spend a little more time showing the girls working on their music skills and performance aspects and a little less time on cake and cosplay. Oh, wait, cosplay is the cake. If cosplay is the cake, then is the cake still cake?

Yui and her K-On! cake