Yui's affect on Azusa

        Well, this episode begins with the girls bombarding Azusa with questions when they find out that she wants to join the club. When they find out that she plays a little guitar they hand her Yui’s guitar to play something for them, her guitar skills are way better than Yui’s skills even though Yui’s not ready to concede the point. When Azusa wants Yui to play her something, Yui fakes an back injury to avoid showing her skills to Azusa. Well, the girls accept Azusa club’s application and tell her to start showing up after class.

the new opening animationritsu and yui gretting azusagreeting senpai yuiI'm a senpai now

Yui in senpai bliss

watching azusa playit still needs some workplay something for me yui

        When the next day comes, Azusa is shocked to see that the girls are sitting down for some tea instead of practicing, and she’s even more shocked to see that this is perfectly alright with Sawako. After awhile, Azusa thinks she’s being tested, so she starts to play her guitar while the others are enjoying tea causing Sawako to yell at her. Azusa breaks down in tears, then she starts yelling and screaming at everyone until Yui manages to calm her down.

tea time at the club nowtea time at the clubwhat the hell is thisAzusa yelling at everyone

Yui hugging Azusa 001

       The next day when Azusa returns to the club she’s again shocked to see the girls drinking tea and eating cake, but Azusa is  soon brought over to the dark-side by a cake wielding Yui. Then Sawako pulls out a set of cat ears for Azusa, and at first she refuses to wear them until she sees Mugi wearing them. So, slowly Azusa is coaxed into putting them on, and the other girls are overwhelmed by Azusa’s cuteness, Yui gives Azusa the nickname Azu-nyan.

it's teatime againI bring you cakea taste of cake for youa smiling tsudere Azusa

behold the power of cake

Yui dodging a guitar questioncat ears for Azusawell Mugi's wearing the cat earsAzusa wearing the cat ears

please give us a meowthe power of cat moe

Azusa nyan-nyan power

      After Azusa puts up with the cat ears, Sawako pulls out a maid uniform for her, and Mio thinks to herself that Azusa is now taking the teasing instead of her, but Mio now feels a little lonely. After club is over Mio returns to the room to fetch her cell phone and she sees the cat ears sitting by her phone, Mio can’t resist the temptation so she tries on the ears only to be caught by Ritsu. During a ice cream stop on their way home Mio tries to get a gauge on Azusa’s mood towards the club.

a miad outfit for youmio and the cat earsYui and Azusa meowingthe group taming Azusa

        The next day Mio tells the other girls that they need to come up with a plan of action because she thinks that they might lose Azusa as a member. So, they end up having a picnic at a park and Azusa wonders why Mio joined a carefree club like this one, and she even asks Mio why she doesn’t join another band but Mio is interrupted when she’s about to answer Azusa’s question. Later, Mio ends up yelling at the other girls that they have to stop screwing around and they need to start practicing.

a K-On! picnic partywhy did you join this clubSawako and her bag of trickswe have to stop screwing around

        Once they get down to practicing, they have to decide who’ll play lead guitar, Azusa is clearly better then Yui, and she even asks Azusa for help. Azusa quickly finds out that Yui can learn things by just watching and listening to someone else. Azusa gets disappointed by the girls’ carefree attitude and she goes to a club looking to join another band but she wonders why she doesn’t feel anything for other bands that are clearly better than the K-On! club.

wow Azusa really goodhere's some cake for Azusa

Azusa's own tea cup

Azusa going to the clubAzusa at the clubwatching the bandAzusa's internal struggle

        It seems that Azusa hasn’t been showing up for club lately, and Mio tells the other girls that Azusa might not show back up. Then Azusa shows back up, and the girls asks her if she’s going to quit? Azusa breaks down in tears and tells the girls that she not sure why she joined this club, she felt moved by their performance, she thought she’d understand why, but she just doesn’t get it. So, Ritsu tells the girls to play for Azusa so she can try and get back her feelings. As they’re playing, Azusa thinks of all the faults each girl has, and wonders why they perform well together. Then Mio tells Azusa why she didn’t join another band, because it’s fun to play with them, and that’s why their performance seems so good, and she invites Azusa to play with them.  In the end, Mio tells Azusa that they’ll probably drink tea and screw and around, but they’ll have fun doing it. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Azusa might not be coming backthe return of Azusaare you going to quit the clubI stay here because of fun

How can you not fall for this tsundere face?

Azusa's tsundere look

The girls playing for Azusa.

the girls playing for Azusa

       Well, I felt that this was the most interesting K-On! episode so far. With the introduction of Azusa, Mio sees a kindred spirit of sorts, Azusa like Mio does her best to keep a serious & clam exterior but both girls harbor deep internal emotions and questions that they don’t feel comfortable exposing to others. This whole episode was about what Azusa wants or expects to get out of the club, when Azusa first watched the girls perform on stage something touched her, and when she joined the club she probably thought that practicing hard and being serious would bring her that magic. But, Azusa starts to understand, and Mio tries to tell her that part of the magic of the K-On! clubs performance comes from them truly liking each other and enjoying being together, that’s why they look so fun and energetic on stage.        

       One thing I’ve learned in life is that it’s nice to get payed to do things you like, but that always doesn’t happen and that’s why they call it work. But, when it come to doing things you don’t get payed for, it’s much better to have fun doing them and to do them with friends. So, Azusa just needs to surrender to the sweet silliness and have a good time hanging out and playing music with the other girls.

Oh, one of the funnest examples of a tsundere personality was this quote from a wiki entry.

” Stupid Wiki, i-it’s not like I’m editing you because I like you or anything.”