I'm on top of the world 

       This episode begins with Ui and Azusa hanging out, Azusa is getting ready to go to training camp with the other girls from the K-On! club, and she begins to have her doubts about camp after talking with Ui. Azusa and Ui start talking about the other girls, Azusa would like to have a sister like Mio, Ui asks her how about Ritsu? Azusa says no way, poor Azusa, Ritsu just happens to be there to overhear that comment. After Ritsu joins Ui and Azusa the subject turns to Mugi, Azusa asks Ritsu if Mugi is rich? Half jokingly, Ritsu talks about how Mugi’s family has servants and such, then when Ritsu calls Mugi’s house her family butler answers the phone.

Ui and Azusa meeting upUi and Azusa talkingAzusa talking about Ritsuare you talking about me

hello Azusa whats up

     A few days later, Ritsu and Yui stop by the school to invite Sawako to join their training camp, she says no way until she hears the girls talk about BBQ and the beach. When the girls head off to training camp, Mugi takes them to a even larger beach house than last year. Ritsu and Yui want to head right off to the beach to play, and both Mio and Azusa want to practice before playing, but Mugi casts the tie breaking vote in favor of playing first. Ritsu and Yui have a good old time playing and they drag Azusa into their beach fun. Mugi seems to enjoy watching the girls having fun, and Mio just sort of watches. After almost a full day of playing at the beach, Azusa says that they should have practiced first, but Ritsu says that it looks like she had the most fun.

Talking to Sawako about campYui looking at swimsuitsmoe on moe actionmugi's beach house

lets play outsidewe want to playMugi on the phoneritsu in the water

can Azusa come and playAzusa playing in the watermugi's sand castleYui and Ritsu hugging

the two girl yuri leap

Azusa got a nice tan going

        Well, when the girls finally get ready to practice they see that Mugi’s house is well equipped with new music gear. Yui sees Azusa using a digital tuner on her guitar and asks her what that is? Azusa tells her its a tuner, and she asks Yui how she tunes her guitar and Yui shows her that she tunes it by ear, and she’s amazed that Yui manages to get perfect pitch by ear. After playing a song Ritsu’s out of energy and needs to eat, so the girls all pitch in and make a nice dinner for themselves.

whats this thingthe jam session

Azusa rocking the tan lines

Yui and Ritsu cookingAzusa and Mio cookingYui and Ritsu hitting the meatthe girls hitting the food

       After dinner, Mugi breaks out the fireworks and they play around with some sparklers, then Ritsu suggests a test of courage, a walk through the dark woods. Mio walks with Azusa and they hear some noises that scare the crap out Mio, but it turns out to be Sawako stumbling through the woods trying to find Mugi’s beach house. Later, when the girls get back to the house they all spend some time goofing off in the house’s giant spa. Once all the other girls are asleep Yui and Azusa spend time practicing the guitar together, Yui tells Azusa that she is glad that they met, and Azusa seems happy with this.

the girls with fireworksMio frozen in fearAzusa watching Yui practicingYui and Azusa playing together

Yui giving Azusa a hug

        When the girls get back home, Azusa and Ui hang out and talk about the training camp.  Azusa tells Ui that she expected to practice more but she was glad that she went, and she tells Ui about everything that happened at camp. Azusa gives Ui her impression of each girl, and she agrees with Ui that her sister Yui is warm and fuzzy. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I'm happy I went

        I found the K-On! club’s second annual training camp episode to be good but not as good the first beach episode. The first training camp served to bond the four girls together as band members and as friends while version two of the training camp basically served to more fully integrate Azusa into Mugi, Mio, Yui, and Ritsu’s strange little world. Azusa still finds the K-On! club’s attitude a little too casual for her liking but I think she’s starting to understand why the other four girls seem to play so well together, not only are they band members they’re also good friends. I don’t have much more to say about this episode other than you gotta love a tanned tsundere Azu-nyan.

a tanned Azu-nyan