Well, its been quite a while since I’ve written anything about Marie & Gali, I’ve been waiting for enough episodes to become available to continue covering the series. So, now that I’ve gotten my hands on several of the five minute long episodes it time to start covering this weird series again.

Marika walking down the stairs

         This episode begins with Marika waking up the next morning, she and Pet head downstairs where they meet a blond haired woman named Marie Curie who tells her that from now on this can be her home. Marie invites Marika to step out on to the baloney and have a look around, you can see the entire town from here.

Marika in shockMarie CurieMarika on the balconey

Marika likes what she sees 001

       When Marie sees that Marika likes the view, she tells Marika that she knew that she’d like the town of Gali Hubble. They soon sit down for some snack and are joined by Gali, and he gets a taste of Marie’s anger when he mispronounces last name incorrectly, calling her Kyuuri instead of Curie. Marika tells Marie that she wants to leave because she’s just supposed to be passing through, but from Marie and Gali’s reaction she thinks it won’t be easy.

Marika, Marie, and Gali having snacksGali feeling Marie's wrathI want to leave the town

       A while later, Marika is riding the town’s train with Gali, he points out other residents like Newton and Leonardo da Vinci to her, Gali gets mildly annoyed when Marika recognizes the other names but not him. While riding the train Marika notices that the bridge that brought her to Gali Hubble has disappeared and she starts crying, Gali acts like Marika is crying because she’s fallen for him only to get another kick from Marie.

I can't leave this town

riding the train with petthe bridge is missingLook over there Marika

guess who's doing the painting

        Marie’s kick sends Gali flying out of the train causing Marika to smile, and she thinks to herself that staying here a while might not be so bad. Well, that’s all for this episode.

this might not be so bad pet

        Well, this episode introduces us to Marie Curie (Madame Curie) as a main character, Madame Curie was a Noble prize winning physicist and chemist. Madame Curie was awarded two Nobel prizes, one in  1903 for her contributions in the discovery of radioactivity, and one in 1911 for the discovery of the elements of radium and polonium. Marie was the first person to be awarded two Nobel prizes, and one of only two people to awarded Nobel prizes in two different fields.

       In Marie & Gali we have quite a cast of strange and unusual characters led by Marika, a Japanese loli goth girl; pet, a living plush doll; Gali, a strange version of  Galileo Galilei; Marie, a version of Madame Curie who’s roundhouse kick is as deadly as her mind. Well, it’s going to be a interesting ride watching Marika meet the many strange inhabitants of Gali Hubble.