A pissed off loligoth

         This episode begins with Gali trying to get Marika to chose a place to visit in town, Marika tells Gali that she wants to visit a butler cafe which he miss-hears her saying she wants to visit a sheep cafe. After that misunderstanding is worked out Marika hears the sounds of a hot guy, sending her heart all aflutter.

Marika lets go somewhere

Butler cafe 001Butler cafe 002Butler cafe 003

Marika's in male rapture

sheep cafe 001sheep cafe 002sheep cafe 003

Marika's in veal rapture

        Marika’s heart starts pounding louder and louder and she sprouts wings on her back and flies off with Gali in hot pursuit. When Marika finally stops, she sees a very attractive young man sitting on a park bench reading a book, Gali tells Marika that the young man is named Newton and he’s a little bit strange. Gali tries to stop Marika from flying to Newton, but to no avail, Gali makes the comment that for someone who dresses so strangely she sure likes pretty boys, and Marika turns around and beats Gali with her parasol for that comment. Marika goes up to Newton and introduces herself to which Newton says that once again just like gravity his manly sexiness has attracted another young girl to him (major DB moment or a Hosaka moment).

Marika's hearts a flutterthe Marika shy look 001Marika flying off

the sexy Newton

hello I'm Marikabehold my sexy body

        Newton goes on to tell Marika that people with allure attract other people with allure and it’s called the universal law of attraction. He says that if he’s the Earth and women are the apples in the trees then when they fall they’re attracted to him. Just as Marika’s about to ask him a question (or the question) he interrupts her and says she’s not his type, he prefers women who wear red and are round like apples.

Marika likes what she seeswomen falling to NewtonMarika falling to Newton

         Poor Marika, she had her loli-goth heart broken, Gali says he warned her that Newton was strange but Marika is depressed that she lost to a apple. When Marika starts pouting, Gali tells her that now her face looks like an apple, Pet hands Marika her parasol and she drives Gali into the lake just like a golf ball. Marika and Pet hop into a boat and paddle out to where Gali is and Marika tells Gali that all this disappointment has made her hungry. So they paddle off into the  distance with Gali telling Marika that he’ll get her something to eat, and Marika says OK as long as it’s not apples. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Newton's kind of woman

Marika as a appleMarika in the apple binI told you he was strange

now your face is like an appleto the water hazard

now I'm famished

        Well, it was pretty funny seeing the sometimes distant and serious loli-goth Marika fawning all over a guy, while Newton was quite the attractive pretty boy he was pretty much a DB almost rising to the level of Hosaka from Minami-ke.

Hosaka 001001

Also see this video for more on the BD method.

        The whole learning point of this episode was to teach Marika about Newton’s law of universal gravitation, but when Newton explains this law to Marika he substitutes allure for mass in his explanation. Overall, this cute but strange anime has got me hooked on following the adventures of Marika discovering the wonders that the town of Gali Hubble holds.