Marika and Gali enjoying some Ramen 

          This episode picks up with Gali taking Marika to the best restaurant in town where they order two bowls of soy sauce ramen. Marika looks around the strange restaurant and asks Gali if he’s sure this is a real restaurant? Yes, of course Gali tells her, and we get introduced to the shop’s owner, Heinrich Hertz. Gali tells her that Heinrich studied electromagnetic waves in the past, but Marika says he just looks like a thug. Heinrich uses a machine to convert electromagnetic waves into bowls of megahertz ramen noodles for Marika and Gali, and we even see the stuffed plush Pet eating some noodles.

Marika and Gali at the restrauantHeinrich HertzTwo bowls of ramen please

Marika and Gali trying the noodles

even a stuffed plush is eating

       Gali loves the taste of his ramen noodles but Marika says while the ingredients are top notch all the different ingredients just interfere with each-other. When Heinrich overhears Marika’s comments he starts to get angry and goes back to his food machine and whips up a batch of special salt ramen for them, Gali loves this dish but Marika still thinks that its average, which angers Heinrich even further. So, Heinrich turns his machine to maximum frequency and creates his masterpiece for them. This time Marika says that this dish is the best so far, all the ingredients are in harmony with each-other and balanced, but she says that Madame Curie’s pasta is probably better.

this isnt very good

turning up the powerpower level is 9000Heinrich's new dish

this is very balanced 

        Heinrich is all bummed out over losing, and Marika tells Gali that it’s time to leave. As Marika and Gali are walking out of the shop, Heinrich asks Marika for her name. She pauses for a second, and tells him that he can call her the wandering glutton, and a few seconds later Heinrich’s food machine explodes from the strain. Then Heinrich tells us that today’s lesson is that electromagnetic waves interfere with each-other, and Marika says that Madame Curie’s pasta is the best. Well, that’s all for this episode.

what's your name little ladythe exploding noodle shopthe lesson of the day

I'm the wandering glutton

      Well, Marika’s strange adventures in the town of Gali Hubble continues with a trip to a noodle shop ran by Heinrich Hertz, and I felt the way that they covered the principle of electromagnetic waves and interference was pretty funny. I thought that using ramen noodle dishes and their ingredients to demonstrate harmony or discordance was pretty good and different from anything I’ve seen in along time. Also, after several episodes I thought that Pet was just a stuffed plush doll that happened to move around but we also got to see that Pet likes to eat ramen noodles on occasion.