Marika is cutting zzzzz's 

       This episode starts off with Marika experiencing a terrible dream where she’s a little child being frightened by some weird marching stuffed bears, and in this dream she calls out for her mother and father. When Marika awakens, she goes out to her room’s balcony where she wonders how her mother and father are doing, and Gali shows up and asks Marika if somethings bothering her? After Gali tells Marika that she’s being sentimental her takes her to a ramen cart for some food.

Marika's dream 001Marika's dream 002Marika's dream 003

Marika's feeling down

       It just so happens that the ramen cart is run by MC JF (John Fleming from the promo episode 00), MC JF converts his ramen cart into a D.J station and Gali introduces MC JF to Marika. MC JF can tell that Marika’s not feeling the love, so MC JF starts spinning and singing his Love Coil song for Marika. As the song gets rolling, Gali joins in the singing and dancing, and they even get Marika to join in the singing and dancing. After the song finishes Gali tells Marika that since she sang and danced she must be feeling better? No, Marika tells Gali that she was having trouble sleeping and now she’s fully awake and might not be able to sleep.

the hip hop cart 001Marika on the floorMarika's not feeling the love

lets rock this cart

Marika walkingMarika feel the beata good head spin

the dance 002the dance 003you must be feeling better

       Marika comments that the song was weird, Gali takes exception to the weird comment, and he tells her that now she knows Fleming’s left hand rule of motors. MC JF tells her the middle finger stands for current, the index finger the direction of magnetic current, and at this point Marika starts to get confused, then she gets dizzy, and she finally collapses to the ground. When Gali checks on Marika he finds her fast asleep and he tells MC JF to just let her sleep. So, today’s lesson is the Fleming Left Hand rule, or as Marika puts it, if your having trouble sleeping just study Fleming’s rules. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Fleming's left hand rule

this is currentthe direction of magnitismMarika is getting confused

todays science lesson

         Well, this was a very cute little episode dealing with sleep and Fleming’s rules, also we’re beginning to see Marika show a little bit of weakness. At the start of the series Marika was portrayed as kind of a tough little goth girl with most stuff just rolling off her back, but in the last episode she got a little upset about the bridge into the city going missing, and in this episode Marika is starting to miss her parents. I wonder how long Marika’s going to have to stay in the strange town of Gali Hubble before she gets to meet the wizard, and gets told to click her black goth boot heals together three times and say that there’s no place like home?