Marika is thinking 

        This episode begins with Gali taking Marika to a restaurant located on the sea shore called Oden, the owner of Oden is a friend of Gali’s called Archimedes. As soon as Gali and Marika enter his restaurant, Archimedes throws them to the ground and we soon find out that he’s dodging some debt collectors. Soon Archimedes tells them that his restaurant is about to go bankrupt, Gali tells him that he wants to help, and he tells Gali that he can begin by paying off his tab. Gali says no way, he can’t do that.

Marika by the sea

that's one of my favorite placesGrabbing Marika & GaliHiding Marika & Gali

the debt collectorsI'm going broke

           Archimedes cooks up some food for Marika, Gali and pet, and soon Gali starts complaining that his serving is smaller that Marika’s. But, Archimedes uses a water scale to show Gali that his and Marika’s dishes are the same size. Marika says that his food isn’t bad at all, that being the case, Archimedes asks them why his shop is empty? Gali says his face is scary, and after an attempt is made to fix that, it’s ruled a failure by Marika. Then Archimedes suggests that he make more food catering to young girls, Marika suggests French or Italian, Archimedes says no problem, but his fusion cooking attempt is ruled a failure by Marika.

the foodthe water scalethe face fix

trying the fusion cooking

         As Archimedes and Gali are fighting, Marika opens a letter addressed to Archimedes, it says that if he doesn’t pay off his debts they’ll take his restaurant. Archimedes begins to cry, saying it’s all over for him. But, Marika begins to think that his Oden, French, and Italian weren’t that bad individually, she begins to spin around and comes up with the idea that he should do a sushi conveyor belt style restaurant. As, Marika is spinning around, Archimedes comes up with is Eureka moment, and he runs off naked through the streets shouting Eureka over and over.

the debt collectors letterit's all over for meMarika is thinking

Marika is spinning 001Marika is spinning 002Marika is spinning 003

         His Eureka idea is combining food with a revolving screw to create a revolving Oden restaurant. A few days later, Marika and Gali visit his shop and business is booming, Archimedes hugs and kisses Marika in thanks for the great idea. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the eureka moment

running to the futurethe revolving oden restruantthank you Marika 001

       Well, another day in Gali Hubble, and another meal cooked up by a famous historical figure for Marika. Marika & Gali has found a pretty enjoyable and interesting, if not strange, way of introducing historical figures and their scientific discoveries to the viewing audience. It has become a ongoing pattern in this series for Marika to meet someone famous in a situation involving food, Madame and pasta, Fleming and noodles, Newton and his apples, and now Archimedes and Oden. One interesting thing about this episode was that Archimedes’ shop was called Oden, but what he served Marika and Gali looked nothing like any Oden dishes I’ve even seen (most Oden dish that I’ve eaten has been some variation of a hot broth with ingredients) not a jello looking dish. This episode also managed to cover many of Archimedes discoveries and stories related to him.