Mugi's warm hands 

        This episode begins with the chill of winter visiting our K-on! girls, Mio looks like she’s working on a project, and we see Ritsu walking down the street alone and she looks lost without her precious Mio-chan. All the girls are waiting for Yui in the clubroom, when she finally gets there she’s says she feels too cold to play guitar. Yui says she should try playing with her gloves on, and Ritsu says she’d like to see that, that doesn’t go very well for Yui.

Mio working on somethingMugi out in the coldAzusa trying to pet the pussyRitsu lonely without Mio

Yui and Ui in the coldit's so sold outsideRitsu's face is so warm

        After a while, Mio and Yui notice that Ritsu is zoning out, and when they ask her what’s the matter she says it’s nothing. Later, Yui invites everyone over her house for a hotpot on Sunday, but everyone has something to do. As they’re walking home, Mugi says she has something to do and quickly takes off, the girls speculate on whether she’s meeting a BF or something, this causes Ritsu to blush.

earth to Ritsunothing's wrong with mehotpot hotpotRitsu feels uncomfortable

        It seems that everyone has their little secrets; Mio asks Ritsu what’s bothering her, Azusa wants to do some shopping and she doesn’t want Yui there, and Mugi has mysterious places to go. Then the next day we see what everyone was hiding;  Azusa ran off to buy some stuff for a cat she’s watching for a friend, it looks like Mugi giving the working life a try, Mio is heading off the write a song, Ritsu has been ruminating over a confession letter she got, and Yui is keeping encased in her warm bed.

its very cold this morningplease watch my pussy catpetshop girlsAzusa wanting to play with the pussy

the princess punching a clockMio off to write a songYui snug in her bed with meRitsu's lover letter

someone loves me

        As the day progresses, we see how each girl deals with her situation. Azusa at first is uncomfortable with the cat but soon she and the kitten get along just fine, and soon she names the cat Azu-nyan #2. Mio arrives at a cold and windy beach and says this is the perfect place to write a song. Ritsu starts playing around with her hairstyle, but she thinks she looks weird. Mugi is trying her best to be a good trainee at a world famous burger chain. Ui and Yui are out and about doing some grocery shopping, and they talk about how no one is coming over.

maybe I'll change my hairthis looks silly on me

Azusa and the cat 001Azusa on the cat 002I'll call you Azu-nyan #2

Mugi the burger girlMugi at work

Mio at the seaI'll write my song here

Ui and Yui shopping for food

          Then a funny thing happens, Mio finds out that she can’t get any writing done and she wishes she had went to Yui’s place instead. Ritsu who was shopping with her little brother gets left alone when he goes off to hangout with a friend. Azusa gets really nervous when she thinks the kitty is getting sick. Mugi is making some mistakes at work, and she’s so upset she starts crying. But, a silly text message from Yui about  hotpots gets all the girls’ attention, Azusa calls Yui and is in a panic about the cat, and Yui and Ui stop by her place to look at the cat, it was just a hairball. Soon, Yui gets text-ed back by everyone, she finds out about Mugi’sjob and every one elses status, and everyone meets up at a table outside Mugi’s job site.

Ritsu and her reflection

later sisI can't write hereMugi's accidentMugi in tears

Yui taking Azu-nyan's call

Here have some foodMugi's got a jobwatching Mugi working

        Once all the girls get talking, Mio asks Ritsu what she thought of the song lyrics she left in her mailbox the other day. Poor Ritsu, her heart was sent all aflutter for no reason, and she tells Mio to not do such old fashioned things like leaving hand written notes. The next day in the practice room Mugi tells the girls she’s going to work till the end of the year. Then the topic switches to warm hands, and how much it would cost to rent Budokan, if they’re going to play there they’re going to have to rent it after all. Well, that’s all for this episode.

don't leave letters like that

warm handsback off girlchecking out Mugi's hands

       Well, this was a pretty mellow and cute little episode, everyone except Yui and Ui seems to have had a little secret or personal crisis, and even though all the girls intended to spend their Sunday alone they still ended up together at the finish. Like I said in my episode 12 review, Yui is the glue that holds all the girls together, her silly hotpot text saved the day for the other girls. Yui’s message stopped Mugi from full meltdown, it got Mio away from her cold perch, it solved Azusa’s cat problem, and it stopped Ritsu from going crazy over her guy issue. Well, this series has always been more about girls bonding than girls forming a serious band, and that’s the way this episode ended, girls sharing tea and sweets, how sweet.