Sorry for the delay in my weekly (or at least bi-monthly) motivational posters feature. I had a hard few weeks at work, and I had to keep the 3D GF happy. So, here’s a few new anime & manga motivational posters for the week of 6/29/2009. Feel free to share and enjoy these posters, but please at least give me a link or track back if you’re going to post them to a board or forum, Click on the poster to view at full size, enjoy.

stray pets motivator

marie & gali motivator

guitar cosplay motivator

sharing your BF motivator

office visit motivator

your waifu motivatorsummertime motivator

panty exposure motivatorpunishing feet motivator

fortune telling motivatorlap pillow motivator

3D or 2D Yuri motivatorhand print motivator

Naughty or nice Motivator

Kafuka Fuura motivator

groping level motivator

your sister still loves you motivator

K-On! band practice motivator