the flying DaVinci

       This episode begins with Madame Curie having trouble with her sliding balcony door, Gali offers to fix it, but instead she calls Leonardo da Vinci for the repair. After a little while, Gali and da Vinci start arguing, Madame Curie tell Marika that Gali is jealous of da Vinci’s genius. Then da Vinci spots Marika and calls her cute, he asks her if she would like to model for a painting? Yes, of course, if Pet can be in the scene.

this door is a problemhey, Da Vinci come herehey fix the door 001

Gali & DaVinci fightingGali is Jelous of DaVinciwill you model

DaVinci painting Marika

        After he finishes the painting, da Vinci gets bored and begins to tear up the place so he can build some of his inventions. Gali starts yelling at him, but all da Vinci says is that he’ll fix the place later. He finishes building a tank and chases Gali around the place, and soon they all blast through the building’s walls. As they’re falling to the ground da Vinci uses a remote control to call his helicopter to save them, but that soon falls apart. da Vinci hands everyone a parachute, da Vinci & Marika’s parachutes function properly but Gali’s parachute opens letting nothing out but a banner.

doing the paintingdestroying the housescratching Da Vinci's back

Chasing  Gali with a tankFalling out the buildingfalling to earth

the helicopter ride of doom

Da Vinci's chuteMarika's chuteGali's chute

          da Vinci and Marika float back to Madame Curie’s balcony while Gali falls to Earth making an impact crater. When Madame Curie sees Marika and da Vinci she tells them that it looks like they had fun, and she tells da Vinci to just to fix everything up. As da Vinci runs around fixing the place up we see Gali crawling out of his crater. Later, da Vinci reveals two paintings, the first one is of Marika that looks beautiful, and then the second one is of Gali and it looks like a shooting target. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Da Vinci and Marika back to EarthGali climbing out of his hole

Da Vinci's painting of Marika

Da Vinci's painting of Gali

     Well, this was another strange and wonderful episode of Marie & Gali, this time Marika gets to meet Leonardo da Vinci, and he portrayed as a kindly old man who has a hidden streak of mad genius in him. During the course of this episode Marika and us the viewers are treated to some of da Vinci’s most famous drawings and inventions, including his helicopter, bat hang glider, tank, and the Vitruvian Man drawing (see below for some of da Vinci’s original works for comparison).

       Another interesting thing about Marie & Gali is that most people who run into Marika find her very cute or at least attractive. I think that a major reason for this is that the town of Gali Hubble has almost no, or at least very few (as far as I’ve seen in the anime), cute or attractive girls/women under the age of about 30, so Marika’s a prime target. Overall, I found this episode to be laugh out loud funny, and I look forward to each new episode.

Thumbnails of some of da Vinci’s original work.

Leonardo_helicopter 001800px-Leonardo_tankfly3