One bit of warning, please forgive me if I’ve misspelled any of the characters names, it seems like they’ve thrown more names at me in this first episode than some shows have for an entire series, I’ll correct them as the series goes on, plus I’m on my fourth… sixth, Crown and Coke.

the witch Beatrice 

       This episode begins with a old man (Kinzou) finding out from his doctor that he only has 90 days left to live, and after hearing this he calls out to a woman that he’d give anything just to see her smile again. We then see a young man heading by boat to an island called Rokken, and it’s entirely owned by the Ushiromiya family (his family).

the old dying manRokken islandthe boat docking

        When the boat docks we see several people disembark and they are, a young man named Battler the narrator, another young man battler’s cousin George, a very young girl and Battler’s cousin Maria and her mother Rosa, a married couple, Battler’s aunt Eva and uncle Hideyoshni, and Battler’s parents Rudolf and Kyrie. The disembarking group is greeted by Battler’s hot cousin Jessica and two house servants.

Battlercousin GeorgeCousin Maie

Aunt RosaUncle Hideyoshni & Aunt Evamom and dad Rudolf and Kyrie

sweet cousin Jessica

        A typhoon is heading towards the island and it’ll probably be raining by nightfall, Maria point to a rocky peak, and cousin Jessica says that where the old shrine was located but it was destroyed by in a storm, Maria says it’s sinister. As everyone is walking up to the manor house Battler says that the Ushiromiya family gathers back here once a year to discuss what’s been happening with the family. We also meet three of the house servants, Chiyo an old lady that Battler calls granny, Kanon a very quiet young man, and a middle aged man named Gouda.

it's sinisterthe manor houseMaria just because it's cute

servant Kanonservant Toshirou

      Once they enter the house, Jessica tells them that Kinzou is doing well and that you can’t tell that he only has three months left to live, and Battler meet another servant girl named Shanon (hot maid girl).

servant Shanon

Battler's breast grab attempt

       Later, Krauss, Kinzou’s oldest son, calls his father out saying that everyone is now here, Kinzou yells at him to leave him alone. As Battler, Jessica, Maria, George, and Shanon are walking through the house Battler spots a new painting and asks about it, Jessica says that it was just commissioned. Maria says that it’s a painting of the witch Beatrice, and Jessica says that grandfather thinks the witch still lives.

the eldest Kraussthe old man Kinzouthe servant Ginji

Maria know the paintingthe witch Beatrice

      As the whole group sits down for lunch Battler gives us some family history, in 1923 their wealthy family lost almost all of it’s wealth and family members in a great earthquake, and in less than 20 years grandfather (Kinzou) rebuilt the family’s wealth to even greater levels than before. Then discussion of the family wealth begins to take place with Eva accusing Krauss squandering the money, Krauss wife Natsuhi tries to defend him, but Eva calls her a whore and a rented womb, Krauss makes Natsuhi leave the room.

Krauss's wife Natsuhiyou're nothing but a whore

       While the money discussion is going on, George, Battler, Jessica, and Maria are back by the painting, Battler is looking at a stone inscription and Maria says that’s where the gold is hidden, Jessica says the legend is that 10 tones of family gold is hidden (roughly 300,000,000 USD). Then Battler explains the family legend, grandfather (Kinzou) traded his soul to the witch Beatrice for fame and wealth, and he received 10 tones of gold from her, Battler thinks it’s BS, but Maria says witches do exist.

the stone inscribtionthat's where the gold is hiddenwitches do exist

       Back in the greed room, the other siblings lay a bunch of conditions down on Krauss about how and when father’s money will be divided, basically they tell him that he can have half the gold and money if he coughs up 10 percent now and the rest by the March following dad’s death. Krauss responds by letting them all know the he knows of all their own financial problems, he would like to help them but he doesn’t know where the gold is, so they should work together to solve the Beatrice riddle.

the money demands

       While the money talk is going on, Jessica, Maria, George, and Battler are at the beach having a picnic, Jessica and Battler laugh about the whole witch story and this worries Maria. She says the witch will be angry so she gives Jessica and Battler each a charm that she says will protect them from the witch and evil magic.

Maria giving charms

       When the group is heading back to the house Maria notices that a rose she and George marked is missing, Maria gets really upset over this, and her mother Rosa wants Maria to go inside the house but Maria refuses and starts crying. Rosa slaps Maria around for a while but Maria refuses to leave so Rosa tells her to stay outside.

my rose is missingthe first slapthe second slap

       As the storm begins to rage, Maria is still outside looking for her rose and we see a golden butterfly (?) leaving the rose bed, and we see Kinzou shouting to Beatrice that he’ll give everything back. Later, Akira asks the group where Maria is? Oh shit, everyone realizes that Maria is probably outside in the storm, and they rush out to find her. Rosa is the first to find Maria, she rushes over and hugs her and says she’s sorry about everything, then they notice that Maria has an umbrella, Maria says that the witch Beatrice gave it to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the golden butterflyMaria in the rainI'm so sorry about this

      OK, here we go, this series has received plenty of hype but I don’t see what the big deal is yet. I found the initial plot to be interesting, but it’s basically gonna be a treasure hunt with mysterious events occurring to the main players, Maria, Battler, and Jessica. So far, my impressions of the main characters are; Battler-he’s likable enough, minus his stupid breast infatuation; Maria, the typical young girl that has a sensitivity to the supernatural, her mind isn’t clouded by adult programing, she still believes in magic; George, he seems nice enough; Rosa, she seems to be a good mother that’s under financial stress; Jessica, a nice girl who cares about others and will keep Battler’s urges under control; the rest of the adults are more worried about money than anything else; Shanon, Battler’s promise girl (?); the old man Kinzou, a typical person who’s made a deal with the devil and doesn’t want to payoff in the end; and finally the witch Beatrice, I haven’t figured her out yet, maybe she and Kinzou have something more than just a contract between them, maybe a romance in the past.

      Well, I’m going to give this series a couple of more episodes before I pass judgement on the product because the plot has potential. So far I find myself caring about Maria, George, Jessica, Akira, Shanon, Battler, and maybe Krauss and his wife and the servants, the rest just seem greedy to me, maybe my opinion will change.