the wolf god Oogami appears

         Ran and Midori head off to the middle school’s courtyard and they tell Rui and Rin to follow as quickly as possible. When they arrive at the school they follow some large cat prints to a large tree where one of their teachers falls out the tree, he’s very gravely wounded . Soon, Rin and Rui arrive on the scene, and as their teacher begins to regain consciousness. As he’s about to tell them what happened a large leopard leaps from the tree to attack Rui, Ran repels the creature with her power, and then the leopard demands that they have to give it back to them, “Chara”. Ran is shocked by this because “Chara” is the name that Junpei and nobody else calls her.

Going to the schoolfinding the teacherblocking the attack

give it back Chara 001

        Back at home, everyone is eating breakfast at Ran’s house when the TV reports a growing number of animal-human attacks, Midori asks Ran if she’s worried about what the leopard said? Yes. Later, the kids find out that classes have been cancelled because of the attacks. Rui asks Ran if she’s still worried about Junpei? Yes. So, he tells her that they should pay him a visit. As the kids (minus a sleeping Rin) make their way to Junpei’s house, many strange events are going on, the weather is unnaturally bad, and large groups of animals are on the move.

eating at Ran's houseRin is sleeping at homeVery bad weather in town

        At Junpei’s house the kids find it damaged by animals,  and when they begin searching for Junpei a tiger starts to attack them only to be foiled by a torch wielding Junpei. They retreat to Junpei’s room, and they block the door with dresser. Junpei tells the others that the tiger is his brother (Taka), when his brother returned from college he changed into the tiger, and he asks them if it sounds crazy. Rui says, not at all, we thought that there was a link between the earthquake and the strange animal/human happenings.

Junpei's house is trashedBlocking the tigerhiding in Junpei's room

         Just then, the tiger breaks through Junpei’s door, Ran and Midori don’t want to hurt Junpei’s brother so they setup a barrier and Ran tries to communicate with Taka. Ran tells Taka to come back to them, but he says he can’t, he says that he’s so tired of it all. After Ran drops the barrier, Junpei attempts to talk with his brother by asking him why he no-longer wants to be human? Taka calls out to his brother, saying that he should understand, then something causes Junpei to change into a leopard, and he chases after his brother who fled the house. The kids try to chase after Junpei and his brother but quickly lose them, Midori says that she’ll try astral projection to widen her reach over the whole city, she doesn’t know if it’ll work. After Ran and Midori project themselves over the whole city they hear a voice calling all the animals back to the Great Mother’s place to regain the world for themselves, and the meeting place is the beech tree at their middle school.

blocking the tigers attacktalking with TakaJunpei and his brother

Junpei is now a leopard

searching the city

        When the kids make it to the school they find all the animals gathered there, and they also figure out that everyone who felt the earthquake has been transformed into animals. A very old lady, the same lady they met at the restaurant emerges from the tree, the kids can feel the anger and hatred coming from the animals over their mistreatment and the mistreatment of the planet. Ran calls out to them but Momoko (their old teacher) tells them that their memories have been erased, and those humans have lost hope in world of waste, hatred, and never ending war. Midori asks Momoko if she’s human, and Momoko tells her that she’s not human she’s a monster just like Midori. Ran’s says that they’re wrong, not all humans hate animals and want the world to fall into ruin and war.

the old lady and the animalsMomoko is back in townnot all humans hate the world

         The old lady uses her powers and transports Momoko, Midori, Ran and herself to another plane/place where she transforms into a wolf spirit/god called Oogami. Then Oogami tells them a very very old story, back before the time of humans the aminals lived in harmony with each-other and nature. The first humans also lived in harmony with animals and nature, so the animal spirits had faith in the first humans and took a long sleep. But, when they awoken they found that the current humans are not the same humans they trusted, the current humans think that they’re the most important creatures around and that humans feel that they’re even more important than nature or the planet. The humans that turned into aminals are the remainder of the creatures that went into that long slumber, they are of human and animal nature and would have remained human if they were happy with the direction of the world. Now, Oogami says humans must be removed from the world so its natural order can be restored. Oogami says that Ran and Midori are slightly different from normal humans (they have some powers), so she’s been watching them for a long time but has come to the conclusion that they’re really not different from the rest of the humankind. Oogami says the time for talk is over, and she summons the other animals to her side. Well, that’s all for this episode.

ran and midori in the other worldthe old lady in the other worldI am Oogami the great mother

humans and animals in balance

the first humans on the planethumans have ruined the worldthe time for talk is over

        Well, here we are at the final showdown of the series, mankind’s treatment of the planet and its creatures has comeback to bite them in the ass. The theme of man vs nature/humans destroying the natural world are found in many anime like; Mononoke-hime, Green Legend Ran, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Prétear, and many many others; and the final solution is usually found in the kind and caring heart of a teen-aged girl. So, no matter how bad it gets, Ran and Midori will try to show kindness instead of power in their final showdown with Oogami and her animals. While the girls in Telepathy Shojo Ran have telepathic powers instead of magic girls powers the finale solution will most-likely be a Deus ex machina magic girl ending with love being victorious over hatred.