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       This episode begins with Kanon and Marin finally finding Urin hiding from the fierce storm,  Marin and her sister share a tearful reunion. Then we see that something has been released from the statue covering the sealed shrine/crypt.  Marin thanks Kanon for finding her sister and she tells her that she’s her first friend from the sky world.

Kanon finding UrinMarin and Urin's reunionYou're my first friend from the sky

        Just then, they’re interrupted by a walking and talking turtle who asks them if they’re the priestesses. The turtle then releases an orb of light from his hat and  it flies to Marin; he tells her that she is the priestess of the sea that will defeat Sedna. Kanon takes off because she thinks that this is all a fraud, and Marin starts to go after her but the turtle stops Marin. He tells her about her responsibility as the priestess of the sea,  he is the turtle elder, he became a stone guardian to await the day that Sedna became unsealed, if Sedna regains her full power, the sky, the sea, and everything will be plunged into darkness, someone broke her seal. He says that Sedna was split in two, half sealed in the sky, and the other half sealed in the sea, when Sedna was unsealed she used the rain to return to the sea to located and try to unseal her other half. Marin needs to locate a priestess of the sky to unite the sea and sky powers in order to defeat Sedna.

are you the preistessthe flying orb of lightthe light finds its home

you're a fruad I'm leavingyou have an evil auora 001the unsealed crypt

         On her way home Kanon runs into her mother who tells her that she descends from a long line of shamans and fortune tellers, and that she has to become one or weird things will start to happen. Later,  Kanon lets loose her “evil aura” because she thinks about getting dumped and something from the sea responds to her aura. Back with Marin and Urin the turtle tells them he feels a evil heart. A woman comes from the sea and attacks Kanon saying that she senses an evil soul; Kanon runs away and tries to hide. The creature soon finds Kanon and easily captures her, but Marin, Urin, and the turtle find them.

Kanon's dark AuraYour a scary persona monster looking for Kanon

Kanon hidingKanon is foundKanon is captured 001

         The turtle tells Marin that it’s time and Marin begins to transform into a magic girl. After her transformation she begins to battle the monster while Kanon refuses to believe what her eyes are seeing; Urin wants to aid her sister but the turtle tells her that she has no power and will only get in the way. As Kanon is watching the battle her emotions begin to change, and the turtle begins to react to Kanon and he releases a red orb of light which flies to Kanon. 

Marin 0001Marin 0002Marin 0003

Marin 0004

Magic girl Marinthe fight 0001the fight 0002

the red orb of light

         The turtle tells Kanon that she is the priestess of the sky and that she has to use her powers to stop the evil, but she still refuses to believe. After a tearful appeal from Urin to save her sister, Kanon realizes it’s her fault that the ring was lost and Urin unsealed the monster. Kanon transforms into the priestess of the sky, and begins to help Marin with her battle.

please help my sister 0001please help my sister 0002Kanon 0001

Kanon 0002

        Marin fires her sea cleansing attack at the monster, and Kanon follows it up with a sky fire attack, and just as the monster is about to be destroyed Marin stops the assault. She thinks she knows the monster, and she’ thinks she’s a friend. Marin runs and embraces the creature, and her hug purifies the creature, transforming it back to its original form then she returns it to the sea. The turtle then tells the girls that they are descended from the linage that originally sealed Sedna and that they were destined to meet, Marin returns the ring that Urin found back to Kanon who says that they’ll probably never meet again, as Kanon walks away, she thinks to herself that this is not her problem. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the water attackthe fire attackstopping the assult

the return of the ring

we'll never see each other again

          Well, this was supposed to be a magic girl show and it took until the second episode to show us which girls would be chosen for the task. I assumed that Marin would be one of those girls but I didn’t figure that Kanon would be the other one; I thought that the shrine priestess who was singing at the festival would have been the second magic girl with Kanon using her fortune telling abilities in some support type role.

         In a classic sense, Kanon doesn’t fit the traditional pattern of a magic girl. Magic girls are normally, above all else, of pure heart, innocent, and usually free of excess anger, hatred, jealousy, and spite. Another thing that surprises me about Kanon’s selection is her age, she’s eighteen or very close to eighteen years old, a magic girl is supposed to be a girl not a woman, most magic girls are usually around middle school age or a little younger when chosen to become a magic girl. See; Usagi and the other Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon (age 14), Nanoha from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (age 9), Hikaru-Umi-Fuu from Magic Knights Rayearth (age 14), Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (age 10), Tutu from Princess Tutu (age 11 or 12), Ririka from Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (age 10), Nagisa and Honoka from Futari wa Pretty Cure (age 14).

        Now this age range applies mostly when speaking about human girls who are chosen to be magic girls, when talking about magic girls who originate from other worlds or dimensions their age range is much more flexible because for the most part these girls, no matter their real age are considered to be much purer and free of the corrupting influence of this world. This would apply to Marin, while she could be much older in real terms than Kanon, she’s very pure and innocent, basically the human world corrupts much quicker than other realms. 

       Where Marin and Kanon fit into the classic magic girl genre is that they are chosen to become magic girls because they are descendants of the two priestesses that originally sealed Sedna. See; Usagi from Sailor Moon (reincarnated daughter of the queen of the moon kingdom), Chacha from Akazukin Chacha (the infant daughter of the king and queen of the magical kingdom). Another classic theme of the magic girl genre is the chosen magic girls have their powers granted/activated by a person/magical helper from another realm; both Marin and Kanon have their powers granted/activated by the Turtle Elder in the form of light orbs that enable them to transform into magic girls. See;  Himeko from Hime-chan’s Ribbon (her power is granted by princess Erika in the form of a ribbon), Miho from Fancy Lala (a mystery man gives her Mogu and Pigu who turn into a pen and sketchbook which allow Miho to transform into Fancy Lala).

        Lets not forget two other magic girl classics, the transformation sequence, and the attack phrase or gesture. In almost all (as far as I know) true magic girl anime, the magic girls have a transformation sequence in which they are stripped naked (shedding their normal existence) and then they are clothed in a magic girl battle outfit (symbolizing their new, more powerful nature); most magic girls have to use a attack phrase, attack gesture, or both. While the reasons for this requirement are never made clear it’s been assumed that since the magic girl in her transformed incarnation is not her true form so the magic girl must use the gestures and phrases kind of like using the controller buttons of a game console to use special moves. Both Marin and Kanon used transformation sequences and attack phrases during their battle with Sedna’s monster.

         Now, getting back to the pure heart issue, normally in the magic girl genre the pure heart is one the most important factors in a magic girl’s ability to fight and defend. The strength of the magic girl’s heart is the key to almost everything, the stronger and purer her heart is, the more powerful her attacks, her defense, and her will to fight becomes. Mostly a magic girl’s power will only fail when she loses heart, and a magic girl will be the most powerful when her heart is overflowing with a love for the whole world and it’s creatures, and with a belief in the goodness of people. While I think Marin will have no problem with the love and belief issue; Kanon has a long way to go, she needs to believe in the magic and shed her bitterness over being dumped by her boyfriend.

      All in all, I think I like the direction Sea Story is heading. I’ve always been a big fan of the magic girl genre, and I feel that a really good magic girl anime represents what’s best in anime; sweet, kind, and pure girls defending the world from evil with their main weapon being a strong and loving heart. Until next week, “in the name of the moon sea and sky, I shall punish you!”