the golden butterfly 

       This episode begins with everyone gathered for dinner and they discuss Maria and who gave her the umbrella, she still insists that the witch Beatrice gave it to her. When everyone has finished dinner and are  eating desert Maria pulls out an envelope with the family crest on it and she says that Beatrice gave it to her and wants her to read it after dinner. The letter states that Kinzo terminated his contract with Beatrice, and therefor she demands all the gold returned to her plus everything the family owns as interest unless they meet a special clause Kinzo had included in the original contract, if anyone can find the location of the hidden gold Beatrice will waive all her rights to the gold and interest and leave forever. Also, the location of the gold can be found written in the stone next to her painting, and anyone (family or not) has the right to discover and earn the gold.

 dinner at the manson

Beatrice's letterReading Beatrice's letterA evil looking Maria

      As soon as Maria finishes the letter, some of the adults try to confront Kinzo about the situation, but he won’t answer their demands to speak with him, all he does is laugh about how the game is about to begin and he hopes it’s a good show. Later, Battler’s mother tells him that there has to be 19th person (he’s only met or knows of 18) on this island, be it Beatrice, or someone else, Maria is the key because she’s had contact with that person. Before Battler heads off to the guest house his father tells him that later on he needs to speak with him because he’ll probably be killed before the night is over. Then the scene switches to Krauss showing his wife a bar of gold from the Beatrice stash proving to her that the Beatrice gold is real.

the gold is real 

        When George, Jessica, Battler, Maria, and Shannon are making their way to the guest house they invite Shannon and Kanon to join them for cards. When Shannon gets to the servant quarters she finds out that her and Kanon are assigned to midnight watch duty, plus Kanon feels that playing with the others isn’t suitable for furniture like them. When we see Shannon talking with George we see that Shannon and George are very close indeed, George tells Shannon that he has a gift for her, he shows her a diamond ring. Shannon says she can’t accept a gift like that, George tells her it’s an order and his last order to her, she should decide whether she likes the idea? If so, please place the ring on any finger tomorrow to let him know her answer.

we have guard dutyBattler, Jessica, and Maria 001I have a gift for you Shanon

the ring for ShanonShanon looking at GeorgeYou decide tomorrow

        As midnight approaches we see a golden butterfly roaming around Shannon, around the house, and around Beatrice’s portrait. The next morning, Gouda appears missing, and all the phone lines are out. Genji shows the lady of the house (Natsuhi, Krauss’s wife) a blood splattered door, when Natsuhi asks Kanon about Gouda he tells her that not only is Gouda missing but also her husband Krauss, along with Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, and Shannon. Natsuhi heads off to try and get some information from the old man (Kinzou) and is given a key to his room by Genji. Inside his room, Natsuhi and Kinzo have a conversation about her old family, and if she misses them? Natsuhi pledges that she’s now and forever a member of his family, Kinzou seems to accept her response as genuine.

Shanon at nightthe butterfly following Shanonthe golden butterfly

the blood splattered doorgetting the key from Genji

       A short while later, Natsuhi is called outside to look at a shed, they find the shed’s door covered by some kind of bloody seal, Kanon is sent to look inside the shed. While Jessica and Battler are playing cards the doctor is quickly summoned from the guest house, and Jessica, Battler, and George decide to follow him. When they reach the shed they find several dead bodies inside the shed, it seems that Jessica’s father Krauss, and all the other missing people are lying mutilated inside the shed. The doctor determines that they had been killed at least 6 hours prior, and their bodies and faces had been mutilated after death. Jessica is destroyed with grief at seeing her father’s body, George sees his ring on a finger of a female body, Battler’s mother and father are in there too, so is Maria’s mother Rosa, and Gouda is also there. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the bloody shed

Kanon opening the doorJessica rushing to the shedShanon's severed hand 001

the bodies inside the shed

who could do this

      Well, this episode really surprised me with how fast the carnage and the plot progressed. After the first introductory/ getting to know everyone episode, I expected some carnage and maybe a person or two to die, but I didn’t expect this high of a body count (6 out of 18 dead), maybe 7 dead if Jessica hadn’t give her mother the charm against Beatrice.

      It also surprised me that two of the household servants, Shannon and Gouda would meet their ghastly demise in the second episode. What also surprised me was the relationship between Shannon and George; I had thought that Shannon would have been Battler’s girl to get. 

       When George gave showed/gave/ offered Shannon the engagement ring and she refuses saying she can’t accept that kind of gift for him. George ordered her to take the ring but he also tells her that’s the last order he’ll give her, and then he tells her that if she accepts his offer to just wear the ring on any of her fingers the next day.  I thought that the George proposing to Shannon scene was very sweetly done; it showcased their differences in social standing but it also showed how much George loved Shannon.

      What I found unusual about killing off a couple of servants so early in the series is by having a bunch of them around in this type of story adds to the number of possible suspects.  I could just picture how Shannon could become a suspect in the killings if she had accepted George’s offer and the family was very displeased about a maid servant marrying into their wealthy family.

      I was surprised that Krauss and both of Battler’s parents were whacked first, to me; they had seemed to be some of the least offensive people in the whole group. But I thought that Maria’s mother, Rosa made a good candidate for the first killing after she had slapped her daughter around (don’t mess with the witch’s medium). But the killings did serve their purpose for pissing off the major players in the series, Jessica’s pissed because of her father, Maria will be pissed because of her mother, Battler is pissed because of his mother and father, George is pissed because he lost his future wife before he even got to enjoy a wedding night, and the servants should be pissed because they lost two of their own.

      I beginning to feel that none of the people are really dead, or will remain dead by the end of the series, I think that this is just a dangerous game with Kinzo and Beatrice as the opponents, and everyone else are the chess pieces. I think that Kinzo could care less whether he really dies as long as he can hook up with Beatrice; He loves her because he had that portrait made of her, and you wouldn’t have a painting made of a woman you didn’t like for some reason. I also think that Beatrice likes/loves Kinzo in some way because she’s going along with the game by giving them some chance of winning. Overall, I loved this second episode, if they keep up the pacing and suspense level I think the series will be great.