Akira comforting Fumi

          This episode begins with Fumi and Akira running into each other, and they sit down and talk about their schools and other stuff. Akira says that since they keep running into each other and basically have the same commute why don’t they just agree to commute back and forth to school, Fumi agrees to commute with Akira.

Akira at the stationwe keep running into eachotherAkira is really cute

lets go together

        Later, when Fumi gets home, her mother asks her if she can remember what Akira’s favorite food was? Was it red beans and rice? Up in her room, Fumi struggles to remember what Akira’s favorite food was, and in the process of trying to remember, Fumi is brought to tears thinking about her cousin. The next day, Fumi and Akira begin their joint commute, and they spent time talking about their childhood days. At school both Akira and Fumi have to think about what club they want to join, Akira wants a club that will make her refined, and Fumi decides to join the literary club before she gets pressured into the drama club because she talked to a tall cute girl from that club.

yes Akira you are cute

thinking about Akirado you like red beans and riceAkira and Fumi back in the day

Akira walking to schoolI want to be a refinded ladyFumi is going to join the book club

        After school, Akira is hanging out in Fumi’s room where they talk about cellphones and school when Fumi’s cousin Chizu and her future husband stop for a visit. Fumi’s mother calls up to the girls, she tells Fumi to come greet Chizu and her future husband, and that she’ll get Akira’s futon ready for her. Fumi starts to cry, saying that Chizu is cold, and Akira rushes to Fumi’s side to comfort her. When Akira and Fumi are getting ready to sleep, Fumi asks Akira to join her, and Akira agrees telling her that she’s really spoiled. While Akira is joining Fumi in her bed we see a flashback of Fumi and Chizu being a lot more friendly than cousins normally are, and we hear Chizu tell Fumi that she can’t be the one. Well, while Chizu told Fumi that she can’t be the one its looked like she was the one for Fumi, at least for a little while. Akira notices that Fumi is starting to cry and she takes her hand and tells her that night is for sleeping, as Fumi is drifting off to sleep Akira wonders if Fumi cared for her cousin that much?

why are you crying FumiAkira in bed 001Fumi in bed

Fumi and Chizu in memories

You always held my handgo to sleep Fumidid she like Chizu that much

        The next day at their schools, we see what clubs the girls decide to join, Akira and her new friend (Kyoto) decide to join the drama club, and Fumi changes her mind about the literature club and she instead joins the basketball club because the girl she thought was in the drama club was instead a member of the basketball club. When the day of Chizu’s wedding ceremony arrives, Fumi tells her parents that she’s ill and must stay in bed to recover. As soon as Fumi’s parents leave, the phone rings and it’s Akira asking if Fumi’s free to hang out? Fumi quickly accepts, and joins Akira downtown for cake and conversation. Akira tells her about joining the drama club, and Fumi tells her about changing to the basketball club. Later, Fumi thinks that Akira is becoming happy and refined by joining a club she likes, and that she needs to back out of the basketball club.

I'm SugimotoI'm in the basketball clubyour welcome in the drama club

Akira getting a laugh out of Fumi's mistake

       The next day at school, Fumi begins the process of backing out of the basketball club and joining the drama club instead. At Akira’s school, Kyoko and Akira find a love letter in Kyoko’s locker, Kyoko says that she already likes someone, and Akira asks if the someone could be her and Kyoko says it could be! Later, Akira wonders how she was able to guess that Kyoto likes girls?

A lover letter for Kyokocould it be me that you likehow did I know she liked a woman

       When Yasuko Sugimoto sees the drama club flier that Fumi got from Akira she takes Fumi and the three other girls from Fumi’s class for a visit to Fujigaya’s drama club (Akira’s club), Yasuko used to attend Fujigaya as a student so she still has friends there. When Yasuko introduces them to the other drama club, Akira sees her friend Fumi and rushes to greet her. It turns out that Yasuko also knows Akira’s friend Kyoko, and it also seems that Kyoko is in love with Yasuko, it seems that Yasuko cares for Kyoko but not in a romantic way. As Fumi watches the other girls get along so well, she says that Fujigaya is perfect, it has gardens, chapels, tea parties, and places for secret meetings (secret dangerous lesbian liaisons). As Fumi watches the other girls run off together she sees that Kyoko is in tears from her meeting with Yasuko, Fumi and Kyoko share glances with each other. Well, that’s all for this episode.

we're friends for grade schoolFumi and Akira meeting at schoolYasuko and Kyoko meeting

Fumi and Kyoko seeing each other

Fumi looking at Kyoko

Kyoko looking at Fumi

      Well, After watching the second episode Aoi Hana I see that we’re getting the heart of the matter and the heart of the plot. It’s quite obvious that Fumi is a lesbian and she had her heart broken by her cousin Chizu with whom she mostlikely shared her first lesbian sexual experience with. From the flashback scene we saw Chizu clearly telling Fumi that she can’t be the one/ or at least she shouldn’t be the one that Fumi loves but we also clearly saw that Chizu and Fumi shared a sexual relationship even after that warning. Now, I’m not going to put all the blame on Chizu but Chizu gets more of the blame for this mess that Fumi does because for one thing Chizu was many years older than Fumi, and maybe the worst thing about their relationship is that they were cousins.

       Now, many watchers may say the whole thing is too unbelievable to happen but I saw something like this happen in real life. I know a woman who only had girlfriends for many years but one day meet a guy she liked and she dumped her current girlfriend. Now five years later, they’re married and have two children, and when I asks her about the situation she told me that her time with women were great but she always knew that she wanted her own biological children and a husband someday. So, I find the whole Chizu/Fumi relationship very believable but tragic for our young lesbian Fumi.

       Now, I like how the plot is progressing so far, it’s clear that Fumi, Kyoto, and Yasuko (and maybe even Akira, but I don’t she’s really a lesbian) will form a lesbian triangle that will be made up of desire, yearning, longing, and frustration. Ahhhhh, young love, it burns with a passion fueled by the energy of youth, hearts are quickly given and just as quickly broken, but you heal a lot faster when your young. Overall, I’m really enjoying this series, and I eagerly await the next instalment of my lesbian highschool soap opera.