Kanon at four 

        This episode begins with Kanon waking up and thinking that she just wants to forget about the other day. She looks at the ring that Urin and Marin returned to her and doesn’t seem as angry as before, and as Kanon walks past her living room she’s shocked to see Marin, Urin, the turtle elder, and her mother hanging out in front of the TV. She yells about what the meaning of all this is? The turtle elder tells her that she has to become a true pure priestess of the sky so she and Marin can defeat Sedna, Kanon yells about how she doesn’t want this, and how she hates the town, the sea, and how she just want to leave for the city. As Kanon takes a bath, her mother finds out that Kanon was dumped by her boyfriend, and Kanon’s mother says that Kanon’s evil aura must have caused this.

I don't want to do that againKanon and the ringeveryone watching TV

what's evryone doing here

      When the sound of running water hits the sisters’ ears they perk up and mention water, and Kanon’s mother tells them to go and join her in the bath. Kanon is surprised and annoyed by the sisters’ playful attitude inside the “warm mini-ocean”, she soon leaves them alone in the bath. Back inside her room, Kanon gets a call from her friend Suzuki inviting her to a get-together with some of the girls from her class, Kanon blows off Suzuki and the get-together in a pretty rude manner.

 wow this is a bath

bath 001bath 002bath 003

       While Kanon is in her room, we see Kanon’s mother giving the turtle elder’s shell a nice wash, and it’s pretty funny when she asks him if something goes wrong can she have his shell? Then we see that Marin looks very cute wearing some of Kanon’s clothes, and Urin also looks really cute wearing of Kanon’s old clothes. As Kanon heads off to the fortune telling booth because todays her day to work, Marin and Urin go with her but the turtle elder is detained for a little while by Kanon’s mother (Miyako). As all three girls are outside the booth trying to get some customers, Kanon’s foul mood contributes to a lack of work. Then Kanon spots Suzuki walking towards to shop, so she hands Marin the fortune telling stuff and takes off and hides behind the booth. Well, Marin ends inside with Suzuki in front of her, and instead of reading Suzuki’s fortune she gets information about what Kanon was like as a child, Suzuki has known Kanon since childhood. 

Marin's just too cute

washing the turtle eldermarin and urin in regular duds 001this is a nice shell

Marin and Suzuki

       She tells Marin that since childhood, Kanon had her dark aura going, she scared the other children, but she always did the jobs that no one else wanted to do. Suzuki tells Marin that she thinks that Kanon did that stuff because she didn’t want to see others quarrel, and she says that she thinks that Kanon is a nice person. Kanon and Urin are able to hear the entire conversation from their hiding spot. Marin tells Kanon that she thinks that Suzuki wants to be her friend, but Kanon says that she and friends don’t mix. Kanon says that as soon as people get to know her they start distancing themselves from her, and they leave her alone. Marin tells Kanon that she’ll be her friend, but Kanon says that she’ll be no different than the others, and Kanon runs off.

 Kanon at fourSuzuki at fourKanon did the bad jobs

she always got the job done 001

I'll always be your friend

         While Kanon is running off, we see another evil red glow stirring in the sea. Damn, Kanon attracts evil like bees to honey. Urin catches up with Kanon and demands to know why she says nothing but evil things? Urin breaks down in tears saying that she wants to fight along side her sister so they can return to the sea, but she has no power, so why did it have to be you? Just then, two strange girls appear next to Kanon saying they’ve found a evil soul and one of them begins to attack her. Just as the second girl is about to attack Urin, Marin transforms and saves her sister, and she tells Urin to take cover and hide.

I want to help my sister 001

 the two evil girlsUrin is getting attackedMarin saves Urin

         Marin then attacks the creature who’s attacking Kanon, she tells Kanon to hide and that she’ll handle this battle alone, and as Marin begins to fight the two creatures Kanon walks off saying that this is none of her concern. While Marin is having a hard go against the two creatures, Kanon begins to do some introspection. Kanon says that Suzuki had it wrong because she only did all that stuff because she didn’t want people to hate her. Kanon rushes back to the battle and says that she’ll do the job that no one wants; she says that she just wants to have a friend. Kanon transforms and enters the battle, Kanon calls to the turtle elder to give her some fire, and using the fire she launches an attack to wounds the two girls. Marin hugs the two injured girls while telling them it’s alright to return to the sea, and Marin’s hug transforms the two girls back into fish who return to the sea.

 I'll fight alone

Kanon returns to fightthe girls getting blastedthe injured monster girls

        After the battle, we see that Kanon paying a visit to Suzuki’s house where she gives Suzuki a discount coupon for a fortune reading, and she says that her readings are better than her mother’s, so stop by sometime. Kanon then tells Suzuki that she won’t be attending university but will instead work on being purer. Later, Marin gives Kanon a hug telling her that she loves her, and this time Kanon seems to accept and enjoy Marin’s affection. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I'll work on becoming pure

the Marin healing hug

       Well, this episode focused on Kanon’s nature and gave us a little insight into how Kanon got to be the way she is. Basically, Kanon has been a very serious person since her early childhood, and she thought that doing the unwanted stuff would make the others not hate her, but Kanon’s very serious nature tended to scare others away from her. So, Kanon began to close herself off from others because she was afraid of getting her hopes up only to be rejected. After some soul searching, Kanon comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to be not hated, what she really wants is a friend. Yes, with this realization I think that Kanon now understands that she has to open herself up to other people and take a chance on friendship.

       One thing that I noticed about this episode was that the attention to detail and the animation quality of this episode’s battle scene seems to have dropped off greatly compared to the last episode’s battle scene. I hope that battle scenes in future episodes will be done with the same quality as the second episode. Overall, this episode did its job in developing and fleshing out some details of Kanon and her past.