I dare you to shoot me

        This episode picks up at the shed with George finding out that Shannon was wearing his ring on her ring finger, and he’s told that he shouldn’t look at her face. Later, back inside the house, Maria is told about the killings, and Natsuhi leaves to tell Kinzo about the killings with Eva insisting that she come too. As they’re walking out of the room, Chiyo calls them to the dining hall where it looks like some of the murders took place. When Jessica, Battler, and George are alone, Jessica asks Battler how he’s doing? He tells her that his anger is greater than his sadness, and George agrees with Battler.

 Shannon is murdered 001Shannon is wearing George's ringGeorge is very angry

they're all dead Maria

        Later, the doctor shows Maria a symbol and he asks her if she knows about this, Maria gets a crazed look on her face and she finishes drawing the symbol and tells them that it stand for release from bondage and gaining freedom. Maria continues to slip between little girl mode and crazy mode. Natsuhi, Eva, and Genji enter the room and Genji tells them that the radio is out and they have no contact with the mainland until the boat returns to the island. Battle thinks that means the killer will still be stuck here but Maria says the killer isn’t human.  Then Natsuhi and Eva tells them that Kinzo is missing and they should search for him. At around 10:30 AM the group still hasn’t located Kinzo, Battler and Eva have a discussion about who could have killed the group, and Eva casts suspicion on one or more of the servants working together or with a family member. She tells Battler that she had the most to gain because all the money now belongs to her, but if she did it, the crime wouldn’t have been so messy or suspicious.

Maria in creepy little girl mode 001 

they could have pulled this off

        While the remaining family members are eating lunch the servants are discussing the murders, Kanon asks why Beatrice had to kill Shannon? Genji says that it had to be fate, then Kanon asks why the madame (Natsuhi) wasn’t also killed? Genji says that the madame’s door was marked, then Kanon says that if the madame was chosen but not killed than Shannon was killed in her place, and at that very moment Battler walks in and says that this is an interesting conversation. When Batter walks in they tell him that Beatrice really exists, she lives in the forest but she has no body, she sometimes moves around in the form of a golden butterfly, and that picture of her was from when she possessed a human body. Maria walks in and says that Beatrice is here now, and the only reason Battler is still alive is that he still has the charm. Battler says that’s BS, because he lost the charm and didn’t have it last night, so the talk of witches and magic is a lie.

 This sound interesting

beatrice is here right now

       Later, Natsuhi breaks out one of Kinzo’s guns saying that it’s now her job to protect the family, and George, Jessica, and Battler discuss the whole Beatrice issue. Battler says that someone desperately wants them to think that the witch is doing this, and George agrees by saying that if the crime was made to look supernatural than everyone would blame the witch. George also speculates that part of the gold’s interest that has to be returned to the witch might include the lives of Kinzo’s children and grand children.

it's my job to protect the family 001repayment might include up

       As all the remaining living people discuss the missing Kinzo, Eva begins to cast suspicion on Natsuhi saying that she killed him, dumped the body out the window, and later hid the body. Eva says that if Kinzo was missing for seven years he’d be declared dead and the money would be hers, this really pisses Jessica off. Natsuhi gets so pissed off that she points the gun at Eva, and Eva dares her to shoot her right now.

 why did they have to kill everybody 001

       Right at that moment, Battler breaks the tension by saying that it’s too early to point guilt towards Natsuhi, and he suggests that Kinzo hid inside the room and slipped outside after Natsuhi and Eva left the room. Eva goes off on Battler’s theory, and Battler throws some suspicion back at Eva suggesting that she might have killed all the others. Back in Eva’s room, her husband asks why she always rides Natsuhi? Well, she says that she’s always hated being behind Krauss, and she wants to pass up Krauss as the head of the family for the sake of her family. When dinner time arrives, Genji and Kanon call Eva and her husband to dinner but they’re not answering the door, Genji uses his pass key and finds the security chain locked from the inside, and he tells Kanon that he’ll inform Natsuhi, so Kanon should get Chiyo and the bolt cutters.

Eva and her husband

       When Kanon and Chiyo arrive with the cutters they find the door marked with another blood symbol/seal. When Kanon and Chiyo enter the room they find Eva murdered by the bed, and they find her husband murdered in the bathtub. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Eva is killed

Her husband is killed

       Well, this episode pretty much had me guessing about who would be killed next and who the possible killer was. Does the evil and vengeful witch Beatrice really exist as Maria and the servants insist? Or is the killer really a living person like Battler suggests? Or does Battler really think that Beatrice does exist and he’s playing a little game theory with Maria by telling her he lost the charm when he really has it all along.

      What I really found interesting is the use of the Bible passage that Maria referred to while she was working on the symbol that the doctor had shown her.

         O LORD, truly I am your servant; I am your servant, the son of your maidservant; you have freed me from my chains.

Well, this passage could really mean something in terms of the storyline, or the writers could just be using the simplest interpretation of the passage, but after doing a little looking I found about 8 different versions of this passage. I might me reading this wrong but it seems to suggest that maybe Kinzo had a child with one of his female servants, and this unknown son (at least unknown to the rest of Kinzo’s family) is now carrying out is bidding or orders. For the many different translations and interpretations of this passage click here.

        Overall, I found this episode to be very suspenseful and engrossing, I just wish they’d tone down the Maria is a creepy little girl thing a bit. If I had to guess at who’s doing the killings I have to say that I think that Kinzo and some bastard son of his are making the blood flow, but all I know is that I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.