Marika and Madame Curie in onsen

         This episode begins with Marika and Madame Curie enjoying the warm relaxing waters of her onsen (hot spring), she tells Marika that the waters contain Radium, a radioactive isotope that she and her late husband discovered. Madame Curie than gives Marika a little lesson about radiation and radioactivity, and she explains to Marika the three basic types of radiation, alpha, beta, and gamma.

Do you know about radationThese are the three typesI'm so confused

         While Marika and Madame Curie are enjoying the onsen, Gali is up in his observatory making important observations like checking out Marika & Madame Curie, and trying to use Flemming to scam Archimedes out of his unpaid oden tab. While Marika & Madame Curie are sitting spa-side, Marika gets the feeling that they’re being watched, Madame Curie sees a glint coming from Gali’s observation area and she sends Pet alone with a cucumber power attack to punish him for peeping. The attack strikes Gali and destroys his telescope in the process, Madame Curie eventually tells Gali that she’s didn’t know he was using his telescope to cheat at chess, and when Archimedes finds out he doubles Gali’s tab.

Checking out the girlschecking out the girls 0002it's my lucky day

the pet-cucumber attack

Gali is blasted

         Gali goes in to a depressed mode over his newly increased food tab until Marika and Madame Curie invite him to join them in the onsen. While they’re in the spa Marika asks Gali what she has to do to return home, and he tells her that she needs to grow to like science. All poor Marika can do is sigh, saying that she might be here forever, but Madame Curie tells her that this town was created to help children like science. She asks Marika what interests her? Marika says that Gali interests her because she can’s understand why a old man like him can be so famous. Madame Curie says that’s easy, all Marika needs to do is to start observing him, so today’s lesson is that science is the observation of things.

lets go in the spalets go in the spa 0002lets go in the spa 0003

you need to wear something 0002Hey, Gali how do I go homeyou need to learn to like science

Marika is shocked about science


this is the city of lost lolis

       Well, Marie & Gali has has always been a pretty strange little series taking place in a weird European-like town that is inhabited by quirky versions of famous historical scientists and inventors. This series takes on a surreal and dreamlike quality when you consider that Marika hangs out with a living plush doll, and other than the people Marika directly interacts with are all drawn as some version of a cardboard cutout. But, when Marika finally asked Gali how she can get home we get some answers about her situation and the whole series. Gali tells Marika that the way she can get home is to grow to like science, and Madame Curie also says that this city is created for children who don’t like science to learn to like science. So, I’m assuming that the city and all the characters were created out of Marika’s mind because maybe our girl is failing or at least not doing well in her school’s science classes. Maybe this series should have been named “the city of lost scientifically challenged loligoth girls” , but either way, I’ll take Marika in her loligoth swimsuit over her Lolita look any-day.