here comes the kiss between Fumi and Yasuko 

         This episode begins right after Kyoko and Fumi share their glance, and Kyoko takes off running. Then Yasuko exits the room and she sees Fumi and she asks Fumi why she’s not with her friends? Fumi tells her that she needs to speak with her so Yasuko says she’ll have an outdoor chat with her. Fumi finally tells Yasuko about the misunderstanding about joining the Basketball club, and Yasuko tells her that’s it a shame that she’s leaving the basketball club because Yasuko feels that Fumi has a nice body. Fumi says that she’s only tall but not at all athletic, Yasuko says that she’s kind of disappointed because she felt that Fumi was her type.

what are you doing hereI'm leaving the basketball clubyou were my type

Having a nice talk 001 

       Fumi tells Yasuko that she’s got to be kidding her, and Yasuko says she’s serious. Just as Fumi and Yasuko are getting into some serious talk the other girls stumble on to the scene, some of them want to leave Fumi and Yasuko alone to enjoy their romantic moment, but Yoko decides to interfere. Well, the girls all head back to Fumi’s school and Akira notices how friendly and casual Fumi and Yasuko are with each other.

A verey casual Fumi and Yasuko

       The next morning we meet a boy named Kou, he stops by Kyoko’s house to walk with her to school. Kou and Kyoko seem to be long time friends or something more, but there seems to be an air of tension between them, Kou wants Kyoko to rely on him like she used to but she just sort of brushes him off.  Before they part, it seems that they’re are planning some sort of get together with Kyoko bringing the girls and Kou bringing the guys. Later, at school, Kyoko invites Akira to a mixer, it seems that Kou and Kyoko were planning a boy/girl mixer, Kou will be bringing some of his college buddies and Kyoko will bring some of her girlfriends. Kyoko tells Akira that Kou is her fiancee, but that’s just a formality, and she tells Akira that she was dumped by the one she really liked.

Kyoko and Kou togetheryou're invited to a mixerhe's your fiancee

       Later that evening, we see Fumi hanging out in her room and we see a flashback of the unheard part of Fumi and Yasuko’s conversation; Yasuko asked Fumi out on a date this Sunday, and Fumi accepted the offer. Then we see the next morning that it looks like Shinobu is trying to blackmail Akira into taking him to the mixer (or something like that) so he can meet girls. At Fumi’s house, Fumi’s father wonders where she is, and Fumi’s mother says that maybe she’s on a date. This news upsets him, but Fumi’s mother says that he should be more worried if nothing was going on.

Do you have plans this weekend

the blackmail attempt

        Later, we see Akira meet up with Kyoko and Kou with her brother watching from a distance, and we see that Yasuko and Fumi have met up. We watch as Fumi and Yasuko have their little date, they make small talk, hold hands, check out some things, and Yasuko asks Fumi if they can go out again. As Akira is hanging out with Kou and Kyoko, Kou notices a strange guy following Akira, and Akira ends up getting very embarrassed over the whole thing, needless to say that Akira isn’t happy with her brother.

meeting with Kou and Kyoko 0001Fumi with Yasuko 0001Fumi and Yasuko holding hands

lets go out again 001who is that strange guy

        Later, Akira’s brother says that Kyoko is cute, but Akira says she’s got a fiancee, and Shinobu says that’s the whole point since Kyoko says it’s only a formality could Kou be angling for a shot at Akira or could Kyoko be trying to pawn off Kou on Akira? Once Fumi gets home she just lays in bed thinking about Yasuko’s offer of more dates. At Akira’s school the head of the drama club meets with one of the teacher where she tells him that Yasuko will be making a guest appearance in their play, the teacher and Yasuko seem to know one another in some way. At Fumi school she formally withdraws from the basketball club and joins the literary club, Yasuko whisks Fumi away for a visit to the library where they joke around, and where Fumi and Yasuko share their first kiss. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Akira yelling at her brotherFumi thinking about Yasukotalking about Yasuko

lets go to the libary

the kiss between Fumi and Yasuko

          Overall, I found this episode to be very enjoyable and it had a few interesting plot points which I’ll discuss in greater detail. First of all, while Akira’s brother might be a little creepy and over protective of her but he’s damn sure right about the Kou and Kyoko situation. What Kyoko and Kou invited Akira to was not a mixer, every mixer I’ve ever attended had several guys and girls; I think that there was never another guy coming and all Kyoko was doing was finding a future replacement lay for Kou because she doesn’t have enough sack to break it off with Kou. Kyoko is a lesbian and she can tell that Akira isn’t, and Kou damn sure can’t tell that his girl is a lesbian. So, I think that Kyoko thinks that if she puts Akira and Kou close enough together that straight hormones will do for her what she can’t do for herself.

        I also think that Fumi and Yasuko make a great couple if you give any weight to the theory of opposites attracting, and that a good couple fills each others voids. I think that Kyoko would have never worked for Yasuko because she too much like herself, Kyoko doesn’t understand this, but Yasuko does. Fumi and Yasuko fills each others voids, Fumi needs a strong confident and self assured lover, and Yasuko needs a quieter, more sensitive, more contemplative lover. So, I think that Fumi and Yasuko will make a great couple, with Kyoko’s distant yearning adding to the drama. All the other characters from Akira, her brother, Kou, and all the other girls will form a swirling sea of adolescent crushes with Fumi and Yasuko’s relationship taking center stage.