Candy and Anthony at the dance 

        Well, the day of the big party arrives and Candy has no proper dress to wear, and with Dorothy’s encouragement Candy decides to go wearing her normal clothes. On the way to the party, Neil and Eliza make fun of Candy’s lack of proper dress. Eliza prays that Anthony will notice her, and Candy gets warned about grand aunt Elroy, she expects politeness and courtesy. As the car heads up the road, Candy remembers that this road leads to the rose gates where she met her prince.

Candy in the carEliza and Neil ragging CandyThis leads to the rose gateCandy and the prince at the gate

Candy and the dreams of her prince

      As the car approaches the house, Candy marvels that it looks like a castle and how she doesn’t belong here. When the car stops, Stear and Archie greet Candy before greeting anyone else, Eliza runs off trying to find Anthony and they leave Candy behind. As Candy is about to be escorted inside by Stear and Archie, Candy spots her prince and they exchange glances, and Candy’s memories are stirred by the appearance of her prince.

does it get any better than thistwo princes for CandyAnthony 0001Anthony 0002

         Just as Candy finds out that her prince is named Anthony, she figures out that he’s the one that Eliza likes, and Anthony formally introduces himself to Candy as Anthony Brown. Eliza calls Candy her servant, Candy says she’s supposed to be her playmate, but Anthony says that since Candy was officially invited she gets treated the same as any other guest. Soon, everyone is called inside for the start of the party and Archie makes Candy laugh getting her in trouble with aunt Elroy, but Archie, Stear, and Anthony bail her out. As dinner begins, the three boys and Candy ditch the party to hangout together, and they tell Candy a ghost story about the house. Later, the three boys leave Candy because they want to talk in private, and we see that Neil and Eliza were spying on Candy.

Eliza is mad at candygreat aunt Elroythat's one scary ladyCandy and Archie hanging off

should we tell herCandy is scaredgetting a laugh at CandyEliza and Neil are spying gdfsgfdg

        Neil and Eliza don’t want Candy to be here but they can’t throw her out because she’s a guest of Stear and Archie so Eliza says she has a plan. In another room, Archie shows off a dress he bought for Candy to Stear and Anthony, he didn’t want Candy to look out of place at the party. Eliza unleashes her plan on Candy, she fakes that she’s feeling ill and asks Candy to ready a bed for her, and Neil tells her that the last room on the third floor will do, Candy rushes off to get the room ready. When Candy goes inside the room, Neil and Eliza lock the door behind Candy and tell her to beware of ghosts. Back with the boys, Stear also shows off a dress that he got for Candy, and just as they’re about to argue about dresses Anthony tells them to put the two dresses together while he tells Candy. Eliza tells Anthony not to worry about Candy but he tells her that Candy might have gotten lost and he has to find her.

Archie's dress for Candy 000001Stear's dress for CandyI sick CandyCandy locked in the room

       Candy starts to freak out inside the locked room while Anthony searches for her, but soon Anthony heads down towards the dance and gets dragged to the dance floor by Eliza. Candy eventually manages to force the door open, and she runs into Anthony who she thinks is a ghost. After Anthony rescues Candy, he takes her to Archie and Stear who’ve have finished the dress for Candy.

Eliza and Anthony dancingCandy is out of the roomCandy running into Anthony 0001

Anthony dancing with Candy in the hall

         Candy puts on the nice dress that the guys made for her, and Anthony lets Candy wear some of his mother’s jewelry. When Candy makes her appearance escorted by Archie, Stear, and Anthony it draws shocked stares from the crowd. Anthony grabs the first dance with Candy, then Stear and Archie get their turn dancing with Candy. When Candy and Anthony are dancing she asks him if he knows Pony home, and Anthony says he doesn’t. Eliza and Neil’s mother says that the crowd thinks that they were compassionate for bringing a servant to the party but her husband says that they really disapprove of the idea but Candy’s pure nature wins them over, and she thinks to herself that she can’t let this go on for much longer. Candy thinks to herself that while she enjoys dancing with Archie and Stear her dances with Anthony remind her of that gentle moment with her prince on the hill. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the grand entrance of CandyCandy dancing with the princeCandy dancing with ArchieCandy dancing with Stear

I won't let this go on for too long 001

         Well, Candy finally got to meet her prince on the hill or at least she thinks that he might be her prince, but I think that Anthony isn’t her first prince and I think that Candy realizes it too. Anthony does closely resemble Candy’s first prince from Pony home but I think that Anthony is too young to be Candy’s first prince. I think that Neil’s and Eliza’s father has it right about Candy, she’s a pure and honest girl and it shows, and while it might endear some people to her most of the rich older folks still don’t approve of her. I feel that Anthony, Archie, and Stear are attracted to Candy because they can see what girls like Eliza are all about and they just can’t compare to a girl like Candy. While Candy might think that things are looking up we can see the storm clouds gathering in the distance; Candy is too much of a threat to the natural order of the Leagan household and the mother will soon take action. What I don’t like is that the father knows what’s going on and he fails to take action, he knows that Neil and Eliza are spoiled brats and he knows that having Candy around should be good for them but he really lends her no support.