what if we're just being setup 10001fdfdfdf 

        This episode begins with all the remaining living people looking at the latest scene of carnage, George breaks down after seeing both his mother and father killed. Another strange envelope is found at the murder scene, and Natsuhi orders the room sealed until the police arrive. In the living room Battler and Jessica discuss the latest murders with Maria adding in her opinions in her weird girl mode. Battler has had enough with Maria’s strange mood swings and starts beaning her upside her head when she starts laughing about people being killed, and Jessica asks Battler if he thinks that Maria has met Beatrice?

finding the dead bodiesGeorge with his dead mother 001isn't Maria strange

it's about damn time this happened

        Meanwhile, Kanon and Chiyo have headed to the furnace room to search for the source of a terrible smell. When they are about to enter the room, they overhear a noise and Kanon rushes ahead of Chiyo who has fallen to the ground. Inside the furnace room Kanon grabs a large machete like object and challenges Beatrice or whom ever is there to come forward. Kanon says that he’s so upset over Shannon’s death that he vows to change the game, and as Kanon is surrounded by golden butterflies a knife strikes him in the chest, falling him to the ground. The others arrive in the furnace room to find Kanon wounded but still alive, and they also discover the source of the foul smell. It seems that Kanon walked in on someone while they were trying to burn Kinzo’s body in the furnace. Battler sees an open door leading to the outside and he tries to give chase but finds no suspect outdoors.

looking for the smellcalling out BeatriceKanon is stabbed

this is what stabbed KanonKinzo's half burned body hdfshjhdfgshjag

        When they get back upstairs, Jessica and the doctor are with Kanon, while the others discuss who could be doing this and how they have unfettered access to the house.We also learn from George that Jessica likes Kanon, but I think that’s all for not because it looks like Kanon either died or was murdered because the doctor bring Jessica into the room where she collapses. They assume that the culprit has either stolen Gouda’s or Shannon’s master key or has something similar, so Genji takes them to Kinzo’s study and says they should be safe here, and Maria says that the doorknob has a similar seal like the two she gave them earlier.

 Jessica is upset over Kanon's murder 10001

        Once inside the room Genji tells them that there’s only two keys to this room, his, and the key that he took off of Kinzo’s corpse. Then they talk about the seal on the door, Natsuhi shows the charm that Jessica gave her and Maria says that’s why Beatrice couldn’t touch her. After they open the letter, all it says is “glorify my name”, does it mean Kinzo, or Beatrice, or both of them? Battler asks Genji if there really is a Beatrice, and Natsuhi asks if she was Kinzo’s lover? Genji says that when he started here he had heard that Beatrice was already dead, but the master dabbled in black magic in order to revive his true love Beatrice. George says that if he could use black magic to revive Shannon he would, and Jessica says she understands his feelings. Battler asks if Kinzo had a secret child with Beatrice? Genji says he never heard of one, but Jessica says that Kinzo did contribute large amounts of money to an orphanage, and there are rumors that he used some of the kids in his black arts.

 the seal on Kinzo's door 10001

this is the Beatrice charmI heard Beatrice was dead

I would give everything up

         This line of thought leads Battler and the rest of them to the inscription by the Beatrice painting, and it seem that the murders are unfolding according to the script with three more murders to follow, and when Beatrice revives, no one will be left alive. Then they ask themselves if Kinzo really intended that they all die as sacrifices to revive Beatrice? Maria chimes in with it would be alright if no one is left alive, but she says that if they can find the gold they will be given all the treasure and all their loved ones will be brought back to life. Then they notice another letter from Beatrice, Natsuhi point her gun at the three servants and Maria saying that one of them place the letter there when the rest of them were looking at the painting. Battler reads the letter, and Beatrice mocks them saying that either they win and live, or she wins and they all die, and their time is running out. Natsuhi says that if one of them doesn’t own up to placing the letter that means that they’re all in on the plot. Battler tries to calm her down but Natsuhi insists that the four of them leave the room, and Maria calls Battler a hypocrite because he only wants to believe in Beatrice because he doesn’t want to suspect one of them. As Natsuhi forces the four of them out, Battler tosses Maria the charm she gave him and says he lied because he wanted to contradict her, and she takes the charm and laughs.

you'll get everything back 

       After they leave the room, Natsuhi tells Jessica that she would become a monster or demon to protect her child and that they should be safe until the police arrive. Then Battler finds a second page to Beatrice’s note, and it has a symbol or glyph on it that matches something from the bible and it means to sow discord among the enemy and have them destroy themselves. So, this means that having them split up is what Beatrice wanted them to do. Just then a phone rings in the room, Natsuhi answers the phone to hear a girl’s voice singing into the phone, the four of them rush downstairs to find the three servants murdered, and Maria singing about the rape blossoms. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I would do anything to protect you

Genji is murderedthe doctor is murderedChiyo is murdered

Maria is being weird again 10001 

       This was quite a interesting episode that had me filled with suspense the entire time, and I really enjoyed watching Battler trying to knock some sense into Maria’s head when she started making inappropriate comments. For a while I found myself thinking along the lines with Battler that maybe one or more of the bodies might be a fake with that person doing the killing. But, now I’m more in-line with the Beatrice/supernatural theory, most of the killings have been done with knives or other sharp objects, and that requires someone to get up close and personal and I don’t think that one normal person could have killed the doctor, Genji, and Chiyo together with just a knife, three adults fighting one person with a knife, it would be very messy but I’ll place my bets with the three adults. Also, I found the Jessica/Kanon & George/Shannon stuff interesting but not surprising, it’s only natural that George and Jessica would become attracted to/involved with the only two members of the opposite sex that are close to them in age that stay full time on the island. One thing that I found quite interesting was what Maria said about getting your loved ones brought back to life, and if that includes Kinzo does it also include Kinzo getting the love of his life, Beatrice, brought back to life too? So, I think that if Battler and the rest end up winning it just might be a win for Beatrice and Kinzo, they can rush off into the jungle and make mad love for the rest of their lives.