August 2009


       A while ago I asked the fans of my idols posts if they had any suggestion and I received a request from Syafiq Fuller for some pictures of Jessica from the J-pop girl group Sweet Kiss, so after doing some digging around in my hard drive I managed to locate of pics of Jessica.

       Jessica was a member of the J-pop girl group called Sweet Kiss, she is believed to be originally from California having one Japanese and one American parent. Jessica was born on 1/28/1994 and her vital stats are H-143 (4′-8”) B70 W55 H76  (28”-21”-30”). Below are some pics of Jessica, click on pic to view at full size.









Don't say lazy 001

A few days ago I saw this cover of the K-On!’ song  “Don’t Say Lazy” and it’s done by the J-pop girl band Scandal, I don’t know much about them other than they’re pretty cute and sound alright. Click on the following link to download a copy of this video.

Don't say Lazy 002 

what will it be like when it happens

       This episode begins with Akira’s brother Shinobu driving all the girls (Kyoko, Fumi, Akira, Pon-chan,  Ya-san, and Mogi) out to Kyoko’s aunt’s summer house where they’ll be spending the holiday. Finally, all the girls get to meet Kyoko’s fiancee, Kou.

the van ride to the house 

        As the girls are watching a tennis match between Pon-chan and Kyoko, Kou and Shinobu play a round of golf where they talk about the date incident from a while back, Shinobu admits that he might be a bit overprotective of his sister but he realizes that someone will eventually come into her life, and Kou says he also understands how he feels.

watching the tennis matchsome one will come into her lifeI now how you feel

        After the tennis match, Kyoko shows the girls a hiking trail where long ago she became lost and was found by Kou, and Pon-chan and the others think this is very romantic. The girls take a stroll down memory lane even though Kyoko says that there’s nothing special down there. While walking down a slope Akira slips and is caught is Fumi, and they end up holding hands while walking. When the girls reach the spot where Kyoko and Kou met, Pon-chan and the others perform an over the top reenactment of the incident. The girls soon spot a patch of lilies growing in the marshy waters next to the stream.

the story is so romantic

Fumi catching AkiraFumi holding Akira's handthe hand holding episode

help me I'm lost

the lily patch near the river

         After dinner while Akira and Fumi are relaxing in their room, the other girls join them and want to tell ghost stories, Akira doesn’t want to do this but Fumi says it’ll be interesting. So, they spent the night telling ghost stories scaring the crap out of Akira.

lets tell ghost stories 

        The next day, it gets decided that everyone will go on a overnight camping trip at a nearby campground. At the campground all the kids enjoy a nice curry supper, and it’s decided that they’ll have a test of courage this evening. Everyone will breakdown into teams of two and have to head off to the spot when they saw the lilies growing and retrieve one of them, and the mention of the trail where Kyoko and Kou met triggers a flashback in Kou’s mind of their meeting.

the campground pinic tabletonight a test of courage

        Later that evening ,all the kids draw straws for their partners for the test of courage and they head off into the woods. Kyoko and Fumi talk about Kyoko’s painting and when she fell in love with Yasuko while they walk. Akira and Kou talk about his meeting with Kyoko where Akira lets it slip that Kyoko was rejected by the person she loves, and Kou tells her he wishes he was the person she’s in love with. Mogi and Shinobu gets paired off together, and the last pair is Pon-chan and Ya-san. Well, once everyone’s gotten back to the cabin we find out that Mogi  has a crush on Akira’s brother and the girls raze her about it. Akira asks her what’s good about her brother and all Mogi tells her is that she thinks  he’s cool.

drawing lots for the walk

I feel in love with yasukoKyoko was dumped by that personI want to be that person

I thought he was cool

meet your future sister in law

       Later, that night, Akira lies awake and thinks to herself that everyone but her has someone they like and she wonders what she’ll be like when she falls for someone. Akira’s stomach then growls and she finds that Fumi’s still awake and giggling at her, so the head downstairs to find some food for Akira. While they’re downstairs, Fumi notices the beautiful night sky and they both head outside to watch the stars. Well, that’s all for this episode.

everyone has someone they like

sharing the stars

        Well, I really loved the mellow, slow, and gentle pacing of this episode, and it was really nice seeing Kyoko and Kou getting some character development. I liked how the other girls found the story of Kyoko’s and Kou’s forest meeting very romantic and how they practically squealed with delight thinking about the possibilities. Also, it was nice seeing Kou admit to Akira how strong his feelings for Kyoko are. But, I do feel sorry for him, Kou’s & Kyoko’s story is like the fairy tale of prince rescuing the princess from the dark forest, or its close to the “prince on the hill” tale from Candy Candy but with the twist that the princess really doesn’t fall in love with the prince.


         I also liked how Akira is starting to get a little character development of her own, up until now Akira has been a pretty good listener to the love problems of Kyoko and Fumi and now she’s wondering what will happen when she falls for someone, will she cry like Fumi? Akira also thinks to herself that she’s the only one who hasn’t fallen for or at least likes someone, and it seems like she worried that she’s falling behind her friends in the growing up process.

Well, with only two episode left we’re left with many possible endings.

1. A Fumi /Akira hookup (probably the nicest outcome, but I don’t think that Akira’s a lesbian.)

2. A  Fumi/Kyoko hookup (unlikely, but we have two rejected lesbians who loved the same person.)

3. A Yasuko/Fumi or Kyoko hookup (it’s possible that she decides to pick either, but Yasuko still hasn’t resolved her own problems.)

4. A Kou/Akira hookup (it’s possible that Kou decides that Kyoko’s a lost cause and starts to get closer to Akira and their friendship turn into a real dating relationship.)

5. A Kou/Kyoko hookup (Its possible that Kyoko sees Yasuko as a lost cause and decides to turn to the one person who’s always been there for her and always supported her.)

6. A Mogi/Shinobu hookup (highly likely, Mogi already thinks he’s cool and Shinobu doesn’t seem to be exactly killing the girls in college, plus he needs something to take his mind off of worrying about his sister.)

       I also really liked the camping storyline because it brought back memories from my youth. When I was first in the Army we would get 3-4 guys and invite all the girls we knew for a Friday-Sunday camping trip, and we would do the whole ghost stories around the campfire thing along with the walk though the dark woods thing. It doesn’t get any better than sitting around a campfire next to a sweet girl while telling ghost stories on a slightly chilly fall night, hookup percentage 100%, those were the sweetest days of youth.

I'll believe in you too 

       This episode begins with Oogami having her animal followers begin a direct assault on Midori and Ran, and while Ran just stands there Midori throws up a barrier blocking the attacks. After Oogami realizes her animals won’t breach the barrier she turns around and summons a black hole like object saying that it’s time to cleanse the planet. Oogami also says that even if she didn’t choose direct involvement, humans would most likely destroy themselves.

Midori blocking the attack

Humans will destroy themselves 

       After a few minutes, Ran tries to talk with Oogami telling her that these animal were human once, and where her friends, what did they do to deserve this fate. Oogami again sends a wave of animals to attack the girl, and again Midori blocks the attacks. Midori tells Ran to help her fight but Ran grabs Midori and tells her to stop, causing Midori’s barrier to drop, and Ran and Midori are slightly injured. Midori tells Ran to fight, fight or die, Ran says no, if they hurt the animals they’d be no different than them.

we must no continue to fight 

        Midori starts to argue with Momoko, and while they’re arguing one of the animals goes to attack them. Ran pushes them out of the way at the last moment, taking the blow herself, and when Midori comes back to herself she finds that she and Momoko were transported to a future where all the humans are gone. Momoko tells Midori that this is paradise, and Midori says how so. Back with Ran and Oogami, the animals continue to attack Ran and she doesn’t fight back, Oogami asks Ran why she doesn’t fight back. All Ran says to Oogami is to return Midori, Momoko, and the rest of her friends.

you're a monsterthis is the end of the worldthis is paradise

bring back my friends

       Back with Midori and Momoko, they get in a debate about the destructive nature of humans, and Momoko tells Midori that she thought they would at least be able to get along since they’re both monsters. Midori tells Momoko that once she thought that way, but she’s no longer lonely and she has people who care for her, she calls Momoko a lonely person. Momoko gets angry and sort of merges her mind with Midori’s mind, and we see Momoko meet her grandmother, Tome-san, who turns out to be the old lady that Midori met in episode 21. We see Tome-san asks Momoko to forgive her for saying such horrible things to her, Momoko says it’s too late, but when Tome-san hugs Momoko and says she so sorry, Momoko breaks down in her grandmother’s arms. As Midori and Momoko separate they’re swept under water by a giant wave, and Midori calls out to Ran.

we're both monster

I have friends who believe in meyou called me a monsterI've regretted it my whole life

you are not alone 

       Back with Ran and Oogami, Ran hears Midori’s call and begins to pull herself off the ground. Oogami questions Ran on why she has power but refuses to use it? Oogami tells Ran that her powers are special, you could create something new, or do you want destruction? Ran tells Oogami that she’s never once thought about destroying something.

I don't think about destroying 

        Back in the real world, Rui makes his way to the tree in the school courtyard, he can’t find Ran and asks her to forgive him because he couldn’t protect her, soon Ran’s cats make their way to Rui. Back with Oogami, Ran asks Oogami if it’s alright if she says she can say that she understands her pain and the pain and suffering of the animals. Ran tells Oogami that she loves animals, and she loves plants & nature, she wants to protect them; no, she wants to live together with them and she’ll use her powers for that goal. Oogami says it’s too late for that.

I love plants and animals 

        Oogami sends the animals to attack Ran and suddenly Midori appears next to Ran. The animals attack them but the girls do nothing to stop them, and they tell the animals to vent their anger and hatred to them. Ran and Midori tell each other that they’ll believe in humans to the end, and soon the animals start to transform back to their human forms. After all the animals are back to their human forms Oogami says she doesn’t what happened. Just then, a tree sprouts from the ground near Ran, and when it reaches full size Rui emerges from it with Ran’s cats. When Rui and Ran reach each other it seems that Rui is about to tell Ran that he loves her but Midori steps in between them pulling a classic cock confession block.

this is a hell of a way to fighteveryone has returned to normalRan and Rui reunited

Midori's classic block move 

       Soon, all sorts of plants and trees start to bloom and we hear a voice telling the great mother that they’ve come to get her, it’s not time for them to reawaken yet, and to believe in humans. Just as Oogami tells Ran that she’ll believe in humans, a blinding light carries Oogami away and then Ran, Midori, and Rui awaken at dawn under the school tree with Rin rushing to meet them.

sleeping under the tree

       Flash forward, and a new school year has begun, Ran is depressed because Rui and her other friends are now in different class but Midori tells her to cheer up because she’s here. Well, we see that everything is going great; Ran and Rui are getting along fine, Midori is still crushing on and flirting with Rin, Momoko and her grandmother are getting along fine, and everyone hangs out at Ran’s lively house. Oh, we also see that Ran is still hearing voices that lead her and Midori on new adventures.

we're second year students nowRui's in another class nowI'm with you now

Rui she needs you

we'll just have to check it out

       Well, with this episode we’ve come to the conclusion of a highly enjoyable adventure series geared towards a younger viewing audience.  What I mean by when I say that this series is geared towards a younger audience is not that older viewers won’t enjoy this series but that there’s nothing objectionable in its content of viewers of all age groups. The basic premise of the entire series can be summed up as two junior high school girls with telepathic power  receive a call to adventure and have to solve supernatural mysteries, and going along of the ride is one boyfriend and one older brother.

       What I found so enjoyable in this series is how it differed from many current anime series. First of all, Ran, the main character, gets along with her family really well, in fact, she has two parents and a brother, what the hell are they trying to here I thought that most anime families are highly dysfunctional; missing or dead parents, kids hating their parents, older brother/younger sister complexes. Secondly, almost everyone acts accordingly with their real ages: Ran, Rui, and Midori act like the young teenagers that they are and not like mini adults; Ran’s older brother Rin actually acts like an older brother, no younger sister complex here, nor does he fawn over or develop a loli complex over Midori’s attempts at flirting; Ran’s parents actually act like normal parents, they’re not stupid and act more like children than the children do, they’re caring and kind and maintain proper ordered household.

       If you enjoy watching a good adventure story where most of the large issues can be solved and fixed with a “love conquers all” and a “can’t we all just get along” type solution then this is the anime of you, but if you expect a storyline line with a little more meat to it than you better leave this one alone.

you can't beat me Battler 

        This episode begins with Kinzo waking up in the morning to find out that he’s still alive and wondering who Beatrice chose as her first six sacrifices. Meanwhile, we see some of the others gathered in front of the blood sealed chapel, and we find out that Krauss, Eva, Rudolf, and their spouses are missing. Later, we see Rosa inside the guest house going through Marie’s handbag, and inside the envelope that Beatrice gave her Eva finds the key to the chapel. Battler awakens to see Rosa with the key, and Rosa tells him and the kids to stay in the guest house.

 which six pieces did you takethe blood sealed chapellooking inside Maria's purse

        Once Rosa returns with the key they enter the chapel to find the missing people seated at a dining room table, murdered. But this time, instead of their faces being mutilated they have massive damage to their chest areas, and soon George, Battler, Jessica, and Maria wander into the slaughterhouse. As the kids are screaming in horror, the scene freezes and Battler and Beatrice (the ghost/real ones) appear, Battler calls Beatrice tasteless but Beatrice says that this time she left their faces alone reducing the number of possible suspects for Battler to consider. Beatrice dares Battler to explain these killings logically, they both disappear, and time moves again.

now you can see their faces battler 

        Jessica yells that this is all Beatrice’s fault and runs out of the chapel to confront Beatrice, and Rosa sends Kanon and Gouda to follow her. Then George notices that there are some bars of gold inside the pumpkin located on the dining table, and Maria goes into her crazy girl mode saying that she wants Beatrice to take her to the golden land.

there's the gold bars 

        Jessica makes it to Beatrice’s room to find it locked, and she uses Kanon’s pass key to open the door. Once inside, Jessica finds Beatrice missing but she left a note taunting Jessica and mocking her parents. Jessica experiences an asthma attack and Kanon has to help her to her room where her inhalator is located. After Jessica starts to feel better, Kanon gets ready to leave but it seems like Jessica wants him to stay with her, and at that very moment Beatrice appears and starts mocking Kanon about not understanding women because he’s furniture.

Open up Beatrice, nowthe letter mocking JessicaJessica and her inhalator

you're supposed to stay by a woman's side

you can understand a human heart

        Beatrice tells Kanon to show his power to her, and she materializes several monsters. Kanon then summons an energy blade that covers his right arm, and he tells Jessica that he’ll protect her. Kanon easily defeats Beatrice’s minions, and Kanon goes after her but she easily dodges him. Beatrice tells him that furniture should know its place, Jessica sticks up for Kanon and tells Beatrice that he’s not furniture, he’s human. Beatrice laughs at her and summons One of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, a female creature called Lust. Beatrice tells Lust to carry out the second twilight and Lust goes to fight Kanon. It quickly become apparent that Lust is much too fast for Kanon and soon Lust transform into a dagger/stake saying she’ll pierce him. As the dagger flies all around Kanon, and is about to stab him, Jessica blocks the dagger with her back. As Jessica is dying in Kanon’s arms Beatrice mocks Kanon about not being able to protect his lady.

I'll protect miladyJessica dying in Kanon's arms 

        Then Beatrice summons another Stake of Purgatory called Wrath. When Wrath appears, Beatrice tells her to kill Kanon, and Wrath turns into a dagger and flies towards Kanon striking him the chest. As both Jessica and Kanon lay dying, Jessica reaches out to Kanon, and Kanon reaches out to her. Jessica tells Kanon he’s not furniture and she asks him is real name, and Kanon tells Jessica, thanks to her he’s not furniture, but he dies before he can tell Jessica his real name. Beatrice mocks Kanon telling him that she can still humiliate him even in death, and she uses smoke from her cigarette holder/pipe to make his body disappear.

I want to pierce you're chest

 the dying lovers

I can still torment you in death

       Kinzo having been informed by Shannon and Genji about the six deaths tells Shannon to get the stuff ready for him to prepare his will. Back with Battler and the others they find out that they are unable to reach the police or authorities. As Battler and the others are trying to figure out how the murderer got into and out of the locked chapel while the key was in Marie’s purse, the scene freezes and Battler and Beatrice appear on the scene again. Battler says not another locked murder scene again, and Beatrice tells Battler to explain how the locked door was opened and closed with out the key. Battler tells her that’s there’s not enough information, there could be a extra key or a hidden door, and Beatrice makes a rule saying that every time she speaks the truth her words will appear in red letters. After Battler tries to make some additional arguments Beatrice amends the rule by saying if her words speak the truth Battler has to take them at face value and not ask for proof, he reluctantly agrees to this.

explain the chapel door

this way you have no excuses battler 

       After a little question and answer between Beatrice and Battler, he comes to the conclusion that during the night the murderer took the key from Marie’s purse and put the bodies inside the chapel and then returned the key to Maria’s purse, so he refuses to affirm that magic exists. Beatrice laughs at him saying if it wasn’t magic then he’s fingering one of the remaining living people, prove it. Time flows again, and we see the group continuing to discuss Beatrice’s letter, and George wonders if she wants them to find the gold. Maria goes creepy again saying Beatrice wants them to solve the riddle, Battler asks her if she can solve it, and Maria says who cares, she just wants to go to the golden land. Soon, Rosa, Genji, and Shannon enter the room with Rosa carrying the gun saying she’ll protect everyone. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the murdered snuck in and took the key

I don't need magic

      Well, I found the format where Battler and Beatrice watch events unfold as invisible observers and then argue back and forth about whether or not these crimes could have occurred with or without the use of magic very interesting. But, I wonder if anything will ever be settled since Beatrice has the ability to rewind events and replay them in a different order so I wonder if it would be possible of Battler to catch her in a mistake? I also found the fight between Kanon and Beatrice’s minions pretty strange, I never would have thought that Kanon would have been able to materialise a energy blade, so what the hell was Kanon supposed to be, a magical butler? I found Beatrice’s stealing of Kanon’s body to be a great move, now the suspicion will probably fall of Kanon since he’s missing. Oh-well, all I know is that I’m really engrossed with this tale and can’t wait for the next episode.

Rainy day Marika 

        This episode begins on a rainy day with Marika wondering how long it will continue to rain, Gali tries to read some of a scientific manga to Marika but she says she wants a shojo manga. As soon as Marika mentions the word shojo, the rain stops, the sun returns, and Newton shows up bringing some of his apples for Madame Curie. As Marika, Newton, Gali, and Madame Curie are sharing some drinks outside, Marika asks Newton about the term spectrum.

what caused these lightsNewton is on the scene 

       Newton goes on to explain to Marika that light is not made up of a single color but many combined colors, and if you shine light through glass or other object that acts like a prism you can break down light into its other colors, Newton uses the example of a rainbow to explain this principle to Marika. Gali tells Newton to stop bragging about his old glories and Newton shoots back at Gali asking him why he’s still bragging about his heliocentric theory.

 spectrum is lightthis is the spectruma rainbow has seven colors

       Soon, their argument ends up in an insult contest taking place in a boxing ring with both sides taking shots at each other with Newton landing a hard blow on Gali when he mentioned that Gali caved to pressure and recanted his heliocentric theory. Just as then fight is getting hot and heavy, Madame Curie shows up and forces a piece of apple pie on both Gali and Newton bringing their fight to a close. As Marika is commenting on how much she loves apple pie Newton is upset over the loss of his beloved apples. Well, at the end of the episode we get today’s science lesson; Newton is the one who discovered that light is made up of several colors, and a rainbow is made up of seven colors. Well, that’s all for this episode.

newton defending his rainbowyou wimped out galinow its on Newton

newton and galie all worn out

marika checking out the rainbow

       Well, this was another strange and interesting episode with Marika learning about the spectrum of light. Not much else to say other than I wonder how long it’s going to take Marika to learn to love science, after all, Madame Curie told her this world was created to help children to learn to love science?

A meeting of the broken hearted 

      This episode picks up with Fumi wanting to leave Yasuko’s house after being told by Yasuko that she can no longer be her girlfriend. The family is concern about Fumi because it’s raining really hard, Fumi finally accepts a ride home from Kuri. During the ride, Fumi’s suspicions are confirmed that Yasuko was/is in love with Kagami, and she also finds out that Kazusa is marrying Kagami.

Kagami is with Kazusa 

       The next school day, Akira tries to quiz Fumi  about her visit to Yasuko’s house during their ride to school, but Fumi’s is extremely quiet, and Fumi invites Akira to a movie after school. Meanwhile, at Akira’s school, Kagami and Kazusa’s engagement makes the newspaper and the news spreads like wildfire throughout the school. Later, Kyoko figures out the Kagami -Yasuko/Kazusa triangle and confronts Kagami in the hallway. Kyoko tells him that he lied to her about not knowing Yasuko, and asks him if Yasuko loved him? He tells her she has to ask Yasuko if she loved him, and why do you care about Yasuko so much? Kyoko tells Kagami that she loves Yasuko, and she asks him if he finds that strange?

you know how girls areWhy do you care so much about herI'm in love with her

is that very strange to you 0001

       After Akira and Fumi watch the movie, Fumi tells her that she got dumped by Yasuko. Later, Akira confronts Yasuko on the way to school, and after a tense couple of minutes Yasuko grabs Akira and they leave the train. Yasuko takes Akira to a sweet shop where Yasuko tries to dodge the subject at hand, but Akira won’t let her off the hook. Akira demands to know why she dumped Fumi. Yasuko’s says that’s not what happened. Then Akira drops the bombshell on her, she asks Yasuko if she was in love with Kagami? Yes. Akira then asks Yasuko if she stills loves Kagami to which Yasuko says, “everybody asks that question”, and Yasuko tells Akira that she’s scary. Yasuko goes on to say that she fell for her sister’s boyfriend, and when they got engaged she never thought it would hit her so hard.

Fumi took the day off please don't be mad at mewhy did you dump Fumi

do you still love himI fell for my sister's BFIt hit me very hard

       After Akira finishes her meeting with Yasuko she sits alone for a long time thinking and decides to skip school and pay a visit to Fumi who also cut school. When Akira goes inside Fumi’s room she rushes up to and hugs Fumi, and she tells her she’s so sorry. As they’re hugging, Fumi asks Akira why should she be sorry? Akira tells Fumi that she confronted Yasuko because she felt what Yasuko did to Fumi was mean and cruel. Later, Akira laments about how she got involved in this problem, and Fumi tells her she’s too kind for her own good.

I hate myself Fumi

You're too kind for your own good 

      As the days pass, we see everyone seeming to be getting along with their normal routines; Fumi hangs out with Akira and seems to be getting along nicely with her classmates, Yasuko continues to practice basketball and be surrounded by her mob, and Yasuko’s family continues to prepare for Kazusa’s wedding.

Fumi hanging out at schooFumi and Akira hanging out after school

      As summer vacation approaches, all the girls talk about what they’re going to be doing, Kyoko invites Akira to hang with her and Kou at their summer place. When Akira seems uncertain about how to respond to the offer, Kyoko tells Akira to invite Fumi and the other three girls that helped with the play. By mistake Akira lets it slip that Fumi and Yasuko broke up to which Kyoko says that it might be uncomfortable for she and Fumi to see each other. Well, Akira says she’ll run it by Fumi anyways.

the girls talking about summer vacationinvite Fumi and the others if you wantI have a really big mouth

Yasuko broke up with Fumi 

      As Yasuko is leaving the school she sees Kyoko waiting for her, Kyoko tells her that she heard about her break up with Fumi, and Yasuko guesses Akira must have let it slip. Well, Yasuko walks over to Kyoko and asks her if she thought that she’d date her next? Yasuko blows her off by saying, forget that, and see you later. Kyoko begins to follow Yasuko and tells her that yes, she’d thought that Yasuko would date her next, and Kyoko asks the same question that Fumi did, do you still love him? Well, Yasuko gets angry and tells Kyoko that no one likes a pushy girl and is quite forceful in rejecting her once more.

did you think I would date you next 

      Later, that night, Akira tells Fumi about the invitation to Kyoko’s place, and after some goofing around Fumi tells Akira that she’ll go. Akira tells Fumi don’t start a rejected by Yasuko club with Kyoko, and Fumi claims that she barely has feelings for her anymore, Akira claims that Fumi’s just putting on a act. Later, that night, Fumi thinks to herself that the reason she was able to get through this was because of Akira.

don't start a rejected by Yasuko club

I barely have feelings for her 

      A few days later, Akira, Fumi, and Kyoko are at a cafe talking about the upcoming vacation and Akira excuses herself from the table leaving Fumi and Kyoko alone to talk. Kyoko asks Fumi if she still loves Yasuko, but before she can answer Yasuko says not only does she love Yasuko but Yasuko now hates her.  Kyoko calls herself an idiot, and Fumi tells her she’s not, and soon both Fumi and Kyoko share a cry-fest together. Well, that’s all for this episode.

she hates me now 0001Kyoko crying 0001Fumi crying 0001

        Well, even after seeing the cliffhanger ending to the previous episode I really didn’t see the Yasuko/Fumi breakup coming. I thought that Yasuko would have come to the realization that her sister is marrying her unrequited love and there’s nothing she can do about it, so she decides to get on with her life. But, it looks like it’s going to take Yasuko a lot longer to get over her first love than it took Fumi to get past her first love. Hell, it should be alot easier for Yasuko to get over Kagami than it was for Fumi to get over her lover because as far as we can tell Kagami never returned Yasuko’s affections with anything other than kind words and a smile while Fumi relationship reached the sexual phase before their breakup.

       Also, I found Yasuko’s behavior towards Kyoko to be quite mean and cold, I had figured Yasuko to be the quiet, strong, and mature type but in the end I guess she’s as much a broken hearted schoolgirl as Fumi was when she got dumped by her first lover.

       I really like how Fumi is starting to mature and gain confidence as the series is progressing, if her breakup with Yasuko would have happened at the beginning of the series she would have been depressed for weeks. Even if Fumi still has feelings for Yasuko she’s matured enough to tell herself that there’s nothing she can do to fix the current situation other than give Yasuko time and space.

       One thing I have to mention is that Akira rocks in this episode; Akira really knows how to comfort and stick up for a friend. I have to agree with Yasuko that at times Akira can be downright scary when she thinks a friend is getting a raw deal. I also have to point out that Akira’s relationship skills have improved greatly. At the beginning of the series she knew nothing about relationships, and now she almost like counselor. Akira knows the right time to give a hug, and she now understands when she should get two people together to talk out a problem in private.

Now to some smart-assed comments about the next episode.

      Well, we’re going to have one hell of an interesting summer vacation episode. One summer house, six girls, maybe seven girls if Yasuko shows up, with two of them being broken hearted lesbians + maybe one lesbian/bi-sexual girl (maybe she’ll figure out what she is someday) add to the mix four straight girls plus one college guy who doesn’t know his future waifu is a lesbian and we could get one heck of a H-dojin.

       But, seriously, the only thing that would make me want to pull my hair out is if Yasuko keeps trying to pawn off Kou off on Akira; it’s almost like she’s too much of a coward to just tell Kou that she’s a lesbian, and she would rather be dumped by Kou leaving her guilt free. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yasuko show Akira to her room, and when Akira looks around she sees a couple of bottles of Saki on the nightstand, some chocolate kisses on the pillows along with a couple of condoms, and Yasuko tells her by the way you’re sharing the room with Kou, so enjoy.  

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