Kanon's burning ring of fire 

      This episode begins under the sea with Warin arming herself because she wants to head to the surface to find Marin and Urin, she’s worried how the surface dwellers are treating them. Meanwhile, topside, a large storm is hitting the island, and when Marin and Urin ask Kanon to open the window to hear the sea, she goes off about how she hates the sea, the island, and everything about them. Kanon keeps  thinking back to being dumped by her boyfriend, and when she sees the ring she gives it to Marin for safe keeping, Marin refuses, but Urin grabs the ring and says she’ll keep it safe. While sitting out in the storm, the turtle elder says that he has to purify Kanon ASAP, if it’s even possible.

Warin arming herself for the surfaceNothing good ever happened to meI'll keep the ring for you

         The next morning, the turtle elder hands Kanon a treasure map and tells her that the hidden treasure will purify a evil heart if. Kanon asks if he’s telling her to do this? It’s your choice. Just as Kanon is about to leave, Marin says she’s going too, and Urin says it can’t be helped.  Later, we see that Urin had to stay behind because she’d just slow them down, and Urin looks at the ring and wonders why she can’t go along too.

It'll make a heart purethe treasure mapUrin looking at the ring

          Kanon and Urin follow the Turtle Elders’ map and stumble and fumble the way through the maze inside the cave. As Urin’s about to sneak off after them Kanon’s mom catches her, Urin manages to keep it secret from the Turtle Elder but she warns Urin that the cave might be dangerous and you could get cursed from the rumored pirate treasure. Once the Turtle elder finds out about the curse he chases after the girls with Urin trying to keep up with him. After wandering around for a while, Kanon and Marin find the hidden pirate treasure, but when Kanon looks at the map and sees that this isn’t the treasure the Turtle Elder showed her. Soon, Kanon’s thoughts turn to how she and relax and enjoy the money, and this certainly isn’t purifying Kanon’s spirit.

be careful not to get cursed

the treasure will be all mine

           When Marin calls Kanon up to the pirate ship to share a bento lunch, Kanon asks Marin if it’s alright if she doesn’t return to the sea, and Marin tells her as long as she has her ring she’s OK. While they’re enjoying their lunch, a shadowy figure is about to attack them, but it turns out that the figure is Warin and she came looking for Marin, and Warin also brought Tom with her. Warin doesn’t trust or like Kanon, she feels that Kanon is tricking or using Marin, and just as they’re about to fight, Tom says that even though Kanon has a evil aura such a cute girl can’t trick Marin. Tom touches Kanon’s hair and asks her if she wants to eat sea grapes with him, Kanon goes off on him saying he’s like all the other guys, using sweet words of love to ask girls out. While Kanon’s on an epic rant, her evil aura maxes out and begins to revive the pirate remains. The pirate leader says that she’ll present that girl’s evil aura to Sedna as a gift, and she revives all the other pirate remains and orders them to attack Kanon. Marin transforms and jumps to Kanon’s aid; Kanon tries to transform but finds she can’t. Warin seeing what’s happening and joins the battle, and even though Warin fells all the pirate remains the just return to life a short time later.

 Kanon and Marin eating lunchWarin and Tom have arrivedthe reunion with Marin

How can such a cute girl trick Marin 0001Kanon is at max levelthe pirate hoard is back

Warin in action

         Kanon begins to transform but her anger causes her orb of light to turn to stone, and the ceiling of the cave begins to collapse letting ocean water inside. Most of the group is washed overboard and Warin tells Marin to escape because she dropped her breathing ring but Marin tries to  rescue Kanon causing herself to be put into danger from the pirates. Warin again jumps into to the fight and saves Marin while Kanon watches helplessly from above, finally Kanon gets it, she understands that Warin fights so hard because she loves her friend. Kanon is now able to transform, she calls to the Turtle Elder for the fire, and she is able to blast away the bad guys. The force of the explosion causes a total collapse of the cave’s roof, as the sea water rushes in, Kanon grabs the ring that Marin dropped in battle and joins the group for a sea escape.

Marin is in real troubleWarin likes MarinKanon can finally transform

the gift of fireKanon's blast of fire

          When the group surfaces, Kanon returns the ring to Marin, and Marin hugs Kanon in thanks. Once everyone is back on dry land Kanon asks the Turtle Elder about the treasure, and he tells her that it was an exchange diary he shared with his first love, but he also tells Kanon that she found a better treasure. Warin tells Kanon that she’s leaving Marin and Urin in her care right before she and Tom return to the sea, and we see that Urin is angry with Kanon for her behavior. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Marin seeing Kanon 0001Kanon seeing Marin 0001the underwater hug

Marin and Urin are in your care

         Let’s get to it, this being a magic girl show, Sea Story has its transformation scenes, its monsters of the day, its attack gestures, and its pure hearted magic girl, or does it? I find it quite annoying to constantly watch Kanon bitch, complain, whine, and makes a general pain in the ass of herself before doing what she knows she has to do. Hell, almost all the monsters that Marin and Kanon have had to battle have been summoned to the island by the evil aura that Kanon projects when she gets angry. Urin is totally right about Kanon not deserving the power that she has due to her right of inheritance, and Kanon’s bad behavior puts her sister in danger. I feel real pity for Urin having to watch her sister give it her all and put herself at risk due to Kanon, I know it sucks, but those are the magic girl rules.

         I know that Kanon’s evil aura problem is going to cause a real mess in a few episodes; Urin’s anger and resentment at having to put up with Kanon’s attitude is only going to grow. So, sometime in the near future Urin’s going to want power to help her sister and she’s going to get it from Senda without knowing it, and I think that if this happens there’s gonna be hell to pay. All the monsters up until now have been things like small corrupted fish and pirate bones, but if Senda manages to corrupt Urin, her power level will be many times stronger than anything Marin or Kanon seen before. What I’d really like to see happen is either Marin, Kanon’s mother, or the Turtle Elder smack some common sense into the whiny Kanon.