the ring of power 

       The first episode begins with Kanon watching Urin playing with her ring so she takes the ring and puts it on a chain for Urin to wear around her neck, and Kanon also watched the interaction between Marin and her little sister. Then we see that the island is filling up with tourists for an upcoming total solar eclipse, and Kanon and her mother are able to make some money selling stuff to the visitors. We also see the local priestess make a appreance by greeting the docking cruise ship with a song.

 Urin with the ring 001Urin with the ring 002it looks pretty good on you

the island's preistess

       Later, the turtle elder takes the girls to where Sedna was unsealed and tells them that she’ll use the eclipse to gather evil energy, and he also tells Kanon to watch out or she’ll be unable to transform again. If the darkness in her heart grows it’ll shut out the light and all she’ll be left with is pain and hatred.  Kanon kind of relates the story of how she and her boyfriend broke up, but looking back at Kanon’s memories it seems that she more or less assumed she had been dumped when he actually never came right out and dumped her, he seemed more frustrated by her negative personality than not caring for her. The Turtle Elder tells Marin that she has too has to look out so Kanon doesn’t fall into darkness, and Marin agrees to protect Kanon’s heart.

do not fall into darkness 

      As they continue to talk about the eclipse Urin tries several times to tell Marin that she’ll help her but she kind of gets ignored, and when she hears Marin say she loves Kanon she starts to get depressed.  Then we see Tom and Warin searching under the sea for where Sedna’s other half is hidden and it looks like they might have spotted the place. Then on the beach we see the group getting ready for the ellipse when Kanon gets a call from her EX (Kojima), she decides to not take the call. Marin tells her to just call him and tell him she love him, you still do, don’t you? Kanon starts to give off her evil aura, and Urin jokes around with her about this. The upcoming eclipse seems to be having some affect on Marin and she says some very cruel things to Urin and she even tells her to go home, leave. Before Marin regains her senses Urin runs off in tears, then it’s too late to chase after her.

why did I have to say that 

      As Marin and Kanon search for Urin they run into Kojima’s new girlfriend, she sends some digs at Kanon about how she better in body and in personality than Kanon, and she’s quite proud of her large assets until she gets a look at Marin’s love pillows.

they can still grow larger 

      We see Urin wandering through the crowd and she starts crying, and when a woman knocks her over she refuses the help offered to her, Urin runs off saying she hates the sky and hates the sky dwellers. As the eclipse blocks out more and more of the sun it seems to weaken Marin more and more. Then we see Urin standing on some rocks thinking about the words Marin spoke to her and we see her break the chain off her neck and throw it into the sea. Urin then hold the ring up and looks through it to see the eclipse, and when Urin places the ring on her finger some power activates and gathers energy to Urin and the ring. After a few seconds, the power stops’ flowing into the ring and Urin finds out that she can’t remove it from her finger.

Urin is crying in the crowd

Urin is on the ground

looking at the ring 0001looking through the ring 0001the ring gives power 001

power gathering to the ring

       Marin and Kanon spot some rare black butterflies and Kanon wants to try and catch them for money but Marin refuses saying they have to find Urin. As Marin and Kanon continue to search for Urin the effects of the darkness of the eclipse seem to grow stronger on Marin, and the Turtle Elder now tells Kanon’s mother that he thinks the darkness will affect the light more. Finally, Sedna’s underling appears before the turtle elder and Kanon’s mother but she seems not ready to attack them yet, and they have no choice but to runaway. Then the woman appears before Kanon and Marin but they too have to runaway because Marin has lost the power to transform. We see that Urin is staring out towards the sea surrounded by the mysterious black butterflies, and soon her entire body is covered by them, the ring vanishes inside her finger, and then she disappears.  As Marin and Kanon continue to search for Urin they come close to the singing priestess, and their hearts are calmed by her song and they are both able to transform.

 Sedna's new follower

Urin vanishes in the dark

       After a little searching, the Turtle Elder and Kanon’s mother manage to hook up with Kanon and Marin, but Urin’s still missing. A few seconds later the group spots Urin, and Marin runs up to her sister and apologizes to her for everything. As they all head home, Kanon notices that something’s wrong with Urin and the ring is missing. Over lunch the group discusses what happened to Marin and the other events of the eclipse, all Urin does is say yeah to every question. Kanon gets a call from Suzuki telling her to turn on the TV, Suzuki is on TV and Kojima and his new girl walk across the background. When the Turtle Elder asks Urin what happened to the ring, Urin just says she’d lost it and leaves the table but Kanon notices a black marking on one of Urin’s fingers.

Are you girl alright

I always be your sister 

      As Marin is washing the Turtle Elder’s shell, he tells her that maybe she was too pure and the darkness affected her more than Kanon. He also tells her that since Urin shares the same blood as hers she might have power someday, but not now, so it might be better to send her to Sam and Warin for safe keeping, Marin flatly refuses to be separated from her sister.

 I won't leave Urin

       Later that night one of Sedna’s creatures (the girl from before) shows up at Kanon’s house and Urin confronts her and uses the power of the ring/butterfly marking to take her power and transform her back to her original form. When Kanon and Marin reach Urin’s side she tells her sister that it’s OK she can now protect herself because she now has her own power. Urin says that she can’t stand living with sky dwellers and it only turned out this way because of Kanon, so she’s returning to the sea. Urin runs out the door before Marin can stop her, and then we see Urin standing on a seaside cliff, she says change light into darkness and goodbye before she leaps into the sea. Well, that’s all for episode five and six.

I have power nowI won't live here any longerits all Kanon's fault

Urin returns to the sea

       Well, I knew it would come down to this after watching episodes three and four, Urin’s resentment and anger at Kanon for having the power she has and her constant bitching and moaning about it caused Urin to desire power she’s not entitled to. It must have been killing Urin to have to watch her sister put herself in danger many times while Kanon hesitates before entering the fight. While Sedna has limited herself to corrupting only minor creatures until now, she’s hit the mother lode with Urin. As the Turtle Elder told Marin, she and her sister share the same bloodline, so Urin might someday have the power of a sea priestess.

        While some might fault Urin for her falling under Sedna’s spell but I’m going to place very little blame on her, Urin’s a child after all, and it’s quite easy to see how she could feel resentment and anger over thinking that she’s losing her sister’s love. I’m going to place a lot of the blame on Kanon, it’s quite tiring to watch her constantly complain and bitch about her situation, a magic girl must accept her duty to protect the most important things in her life, and it’s what gives her power. The reason a magic girl can overcome even the most powerful enemies in the world is because their power is biased on strength of heart and love. So, as long as a magic girl’s heart remains true and loving she’ll be able draw on almost unlimited power to fight evil because an evil heart contains nothing but hatred.

       Overall, this is a great change of pace as magic girl series go, it’s nice to watch Sea Story break the monster of the day formula of at least a couple of episodes and go for a longer story arc. I look forward to seeing how Marin and Urin will get back together, and when Kanon will finally get her mojo as a warrior of the light.