do you truely love her 

      This episode begins with Kou giving Kyoko and Akira getting a ride back home where we see how Kyoko found out about Yasuko’s tears and her reaction to Yasuko’s tears. Then back at Fumi’s house, we see that Fumi’s still mulling over Yasuko’s confession that she had feelings for someone else and it didn’t work out.  The next morning, Fumi skips school and decides to hangout with Akira who has the day off. Akira and Fumi spend the day window shopping and just hanging out, and we see that Fumi stood up Yasuko. Akira can tell that something bothering Fumi, so when Fumi asks to spend the night she says sure. As they’re getting ready for bed Fumi tells Akira that she did something bad. To Yasuko? Well, Akira says she might be too popular, so I’m on your side. Before the head off to sleep Akira tells Fumi to reconcile with Yasuko. Yes, I should have confronted her directly, I’ll talk with her tomorrow and if we can’t work it out then it wasn’t meant to be.

Yasuko started cryingFumi wondering about YasukoAkira and Fumi hanging out

it's a girls day out

Akira and Fumi having a laugh

       The next day at school, Akira finds out from Kyoko that Yasuko has three older sisters and one of them was a teacher at this school. Also, we see that Fumi sends Yasuko multiple text messages, one saying she’s sorry, and another one asking to meet with her after school if she can forgive her. Well, Fumi and Yasuko meet after class, Yasuko doesn’t say much other than asking her if she’s free this Saturday. Fumi tells Yasuko that she’s free, then Yasuko says it’s a date, and she’s going to take Fumi to visit her family. later that night Fumi calls Akira and tells her about getting to meet Yasuko’s family and Akira tells her that Yasuko has three sisters.

the four sister are pretty famous 

      When Saturday comes Fumi waits at the station for Yasuko, and Fumi gets a little nervous about being stood up. Yasuko surprises Fumi by showing up in a chauffeured car to take her to the house, and when they get there Fumi’s shocked by the size of her house. Well, as Yasuko takes Fumi through the house she meets Yasuko’s sisters; Shinako-the eldest sister, Kazusa-the next oldest, and Kuri-the one closest in age to Yasuko. When the four sisters, Fumi, and Yasuko’s mother all sit down for some tea, Yasuko makes the statement that she’s dating Fumi. Shocked looks travel around the table with one of Yasuko’s sister asking you mean like a lesbian? Kuri asks Yasuko some pretty tough questions like do you love her, or do you just love her now, so are you bi-sexual, and Yasuko gets offended and tells Fumi that they’re going to her room.

the car ride to Yasuko's houseShinako-Yasuko eldest sister 001Yasuko's mother and her sister Kuri

Kazusa-Yasuko's second eldest sisterI'm going out with this girlis she your girlfriend

are you a lesbian

so are you bi-sexual Yasuko

      As Yasuko gets up to leave, Kuri tells Fumi to stay and let Yasuko go, she says that Yasuko will pout and expect someone to console her, and that she’s such a princess. A short while later, Fumi heads up to Yasuko’s room and they talk. Yasuko says it’s always the same because she lets them manipulate her, and Fumi says that she’s envious of her because she has no siblings. Then Fumi starts to tell her about her previous relationship, saying that she loved someone, but her relationship with Fumi was probably just fooling around. Yasuko butts in, asking Fumi if she doubts her? Yasuko also suggests that maybe Fumi just fell for her after being dumped, or maybe they both just thought they fell for each other at first sight?

Lets go to my room FumiI need a damn smokeare you still doubting

maybe I just appeared at the right time

      At that moment, Shinako comes into the room and tells Yasuko that it’s not nice to switch the blame to Fumi, and she grabs Fumi and takes her downstairs. Fumi sits down with the other sisters and their mother to play a game, and they invite Fumi to stay for the night. After a little bit, Fumi offers to take some food up to Yasuko. While Fumi’s away, Kuri jokes about whether or not Yasuko will take this to the next level tonight, and one of the other sisters says that maybe they’ve already been to the next level.  Kazusa says maybe that’s enough, and Kuri asks her if she’s feeling guilty?

your not being fair to her

I wonder if they'll go to the next level

what if they already went to the next level

      Upstairs, in Yasuko’s room, Yasuko tells Fumi that she was cruel and she’s sorry, it happened because she can’t sort out her own feelings. After a short pause, she tells Fumi that in her current state that she can’t be Fumi’s girlfriend. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I can't sort out my own feelings

I can't be your girlfriend right now

       Well, basically this episode consisted of two parts with the first part showing Akira and Fumi hanging out and Akira being a good & supportive friend. But, the real meat of the episode was watching the interactions between Yasuko and her sisters, and seeing Yasuko’s uncertainties about her relationship with Fumi. I think that it’s pretty safe to say that Yasuko was/is love with Kagami but he refused her confession because he hooked up with the middle sister, Kazusa. This is pretty much confirmed when Kuri asks Kazusa if she’s feeling guilty after Kazusa tries to get the other sisters to stop talking about whether or not Fumi and Yasuko are going to/or already have had sexual relations. I also felt that Kuri’s tough questions directed Yasuko were perfectly appropriate since she knows about the Yasuko/Kazusa/Kagami mess; So, are you bi-sexual, and do you love her, might sound really tough but they need to be asked. Also, Shinako’s intervention on Fumi’s behalf was needed, Yasuko’s moody behavior isn’t about Fumi, it’s all about her.

       Now, the biggest issues in this episode are all Yasuko’s. As the last two episodes have shown, Fumi has been much more forth coming about her feelings, emotions, and her past than Yasuko has been. While Fumi is very willing to tell Yasuko about loving her cousin and being dumped by her, Yasuko is closed off. Shinako and Kuri asked Yasuko some tough questions and when she stormed off it showed that Yasuko is still pretty uncertain about her real feelings; Yasuko should have been able to answer whether or not she lesbian or bi-sexual and if she loves Fumi, very tough questions, but they need answering. I think that before Fumi and Yasuko move to the sexual phase of their relationship Yasuko needs to be honest with herself and Fumi about whether she still loves Kagami, and if she’s even a lesbian. If the answer yes, then any further relationship with Fumi will only be a distraction from her pain and she’ll only end up hurting Fumi and herself. If her answer is no, then Yasuko should feel free to snuggle up next to Fumi and let nature take its course.