the dark power surrounds Urin 

     This episode begins with the Turtle Elder telling Marin that maybe it’s better that Urin returned to the sea because both her and Kanon are still lacking something. When they all return to the house we see that the woman that Urin defeated and returned to her original form is the Turtle Elder’s daughter, Ichikawa. Later, they hold a great feast in celebration for the Elder and his daughter being reunited, and when Urin’s name gets mentioned Marin says she going after Urin. Kanon catches Marin and tells her that she thinks that she saw a black butterfly mark on Urin’s hand. The Turtle Elder says that this is very bad, Urin could have been attacked and taken over by Sedna, and if that happened Urin could have tremendous powers because of her shrine priestess blood.

the turtle elder's daughter

she loves pickles 

      Later, we see Urin at the location where Warin and Sam felt the evil energy, and we watch Urin activate her power and send pulses of energy to attack the location.

Urin unlocks her poweer 

      When the Turtle Elder tells them that the reason that Sedna might have attacked Urin is because she need her power to unseal her body Marin rushes to the sea saying she has to find Urin. Kanon tries to follow but the Elder stops her saying that she needs to stay behind and find something called the Porterius ring; Since her mother has to have shrine priestess blood the ring might be in the house. The elder leaves his daughter behind to help Kanon while he returns to the sea to aid Marin.

you will stay here 

       As Kanon and Ichikawa try out any item in the house that might have some power, Marin and the Elder travel to the place where Sedna’s other half is located. As Marin and the Elder look over Sedna’s shrine Sam and Warin hook up with them. While Kanon and Ichikawa continue to try out items we see that Urin is inside Sedna’s shrine. Urin uses her power and unseals Sedna’s crypt releasing her dark energy into the sea, and the black power begins to leave the sea in the form of black butterflies.

Kanon and the daughterUrin unlocking the cryptthe black butterflies return

      Everyone standing outside Sedna’s shrine can feel the power spiking, and Warin asks where Kanon is? The Elder tells her that until she finds the Porterius ring she can only fight on land. Marin begins to head towards the shrine, and the Elder tells her it’ll be dangerous going alone, but Marin tells him she’ll be OK alone. As Marin heads towards the shrine, Warin and the others decide to also join her. As Kanon is about to give up on the ring she remembers to check inside the pickle urn where she finds the Porterius ring.

I've found the ring 

      Then we see Ooshima and Kojima out on a sight seeing boat having a date where Ooshima tries to use all her female charms to get him to forget about Kanon. Just as Kojima’s dumping Ooshima he sees Kanon and Ichikawa diving into the ocean depths, he declares that it’s very beautiful, and Ooshima curses Kanon for daring to use a swimsuit in this kind of fight.

using her body 003using her body 001using her body 002001

how dare you

     As Marin and her group approach the shrine entrance a giant octopus attacks them, and the fight goes badly for them because Marin can’t transform. Just as they’re about to be killed Kanon shows up and uses her power to save them and she manages to trap the giant octopus and transform it back to it’s original form.

returned to its form 

     Marin and the group makes their way inside Sedna’s shrine to find Sedna’s crypt unsealed and over flowing with energy. Inside the maelstrom of energy Marin sees her sister Urin, and as Marin tries to reach her, Urin tells her to stop and don’t come any closer. Urin tells her sister that in a little while she’ll be able to protect herself and be able to win her back from Kanon, but Marin tells her that she has to refuse this power and she’ll save her. As Marin tries to approach Urin, she again tells her to stay back and activates her power blasting Marin and the other away from the shrine, Urin’s energy release is so powerful that the shrine is blasted away. We see a tearful Urin wrapped in a cocoon of energy telling her sister that she only needs a little longer to make the power hers. Well, that’s all for this episode.

come to me urinthe blast 0001the blast 0002

it'll only be a little while longer

      Well, even though I saw this coming several episodes ago I can’t say that it didn’t make my heart sick to see Urin’s fall into darkness. Urin and Marin, sisters, but more than that, two halves of a whole, sharing a love so strong that one is willing to embrace the darkness that dwells inside all of our hearts to preserve that love. As sad as I found Urin’s fall, it’s completely understandable, many times Urin had to watch her sister go into battle and risk her life while Kanon hemmed and hawed on the sidelines, it had to just eat at her soul to watch her sister risk her life while Kanon did nothing with the great power she was granted for free.

      In a magic girl anime the onset of the magic girl’s powers usually coincides with the onset of puberty linking the great trans-formative stage of changing from a girl to a young woman to the change that occurs when the girl changes from a normal girl to a magic girl. So, in this aspect, Urin is still a girl who desires to be more than she is at that moment, and Senda senses her desire and an offers her a deal with the devil. Senda offers Urin a chance to advance faster than nature is allowing her and Urin accepts her offer. No matter how much Kanon desires to help in this situation the matter will only be settled by a battle for Urin’s heart and soul. Marin must be able to touch the goodness that still lives inside Urin’s heart and have her reject her desire to be more than what she should be at this moment. While Senda may think that she has the upper hand, bad guys always underestimate the power of love because they can’t imagine caring for something more than they value their own goals.