only sadness and loneliness awaits you 

       This episode begins with us seeing Urin and Marin playing a game of hide & seek when they were little, and then we’re treated to a pre-opening animated clip of Marin and Urin frolicking under the sea as kids set to music.

Urin I love you 001Urin I love you 0002Urin and Marin 0001

Urin and Marin 0002

      After the opening song we see that the blast has knocked Marin out cold, and when she revives she wants to go to Urin again. The Turtle Elder and the others counsel against this course of action. The Turtle Elder speculates that Urin was brought under Sedna’s influence when the ring she was wearing reacted to Sedna’s vibrations and because Marin can’t transform right now the Turtle Elder suggests that the Sky Maiden return to the surface world for the time being.

I'm sure Urin is waiting for me 

        While this is going on we see that Kojima has stopped by Kanon’s house to check on her, and her mother says that Kanon must be out training. Kojima begins to get worried about Kanon and tell Ooshima that they should split up and search for her; needless to say, Ooshima isn’t too happy about hearing the phrase “split up” being mentioned, or having to look for her rival in love, Kanon.

I'm worried about Kanonhow Ooshima thinks Kojima sees Kanonlets search for Kanon again

what us split up 

        As Warin escorts Kanon back to the surface she tells Kanon about how the sea dwellers are born and about their family relationships; sea dwellers are born from sea shells and both Marin and Warin where born from extremely pure shells. Sea dwellers don’t know their parents or siblings when they’re born, but, both Marin and Urin where attracted to each other from the beginning. Back at Urin’s location we hear Marin tell the Turtle Elder that she’s sure that Urin is waiting for her to come save her just like before. Back with Warin and Kanon, Warin tells Kanon a story about how when she, Sam, Marin, and Warin were on a trip, Urin became lost. While they were searching for Urin, Marin hears Urin’s cries and she rushes to find and embrace a tearful Urin, and a short while later Urin calls Marin sister for the first time, so that’s how Urin and Marin became sisters.

Marin seeing Urin being born

Marin saving Urin 

       When Kanon finally returns home, her mother tells her that Kojima stopped by looking for her, and she tells Kanon that they seem close. Later, in her room, Kanon checks her cellphone to find that Kojima has left her several messages, and when she goes to reply to his messages she gets a angry call from Ooshima. Kanon hangs up on Ooshima, but she calls back a few seconds later, and this time she takes the call. After listening to Ooshima’s angry call Kanon meets with her by the ocean, Ooshima tells Kanon to just dump Kojima instead of leaving him hanging. Kanon tells Ooshima that she was the one being dumped, and she says that she thought that Ooshima was going out with Kojima to which Ooshima says that if that was the case she would have never called her. Kanon tells Ooshima that she thought that she was dumped because Kojima spent less and less time with her and called her less often but when Kanon thinks back on her and Kojima’s last meeting she just assumed that she was being dumped.  Ooshima yells at Kanon calling her a fool, and saying she doesn’t understand why Kojima likes this girl. Then it all comes out, Ooshima and Kojima aren’t really dating, and when they’re together all Kojima talks about is Kanon this, and Kanon that. Ooshima asks Kanon if she still likes him? When Kanon says nothing, Ooshima says this has to be a bad joke; am I not good enough? Ooshima starts crying and asks why does it have to hurt so much because you like someone? Soon, Kanon starts crying, and Ooshima tells Kanon that she’ll tell Kojima that Kanon is back to her old self. But, Ooshima says that she won’t lose to her as she walks away.

I found Ooshima’s facial expression so great I just had to add lots of caps.

die swimsuit girlwe were worried about youare you stupid Kanon

are you not listing Kanonthe huh expression

you're a fool Kanon

why do I have to go through all of this

I've never liked someone so much 

       Meanwhile, under the sea, Marin goes towards Urin saying that if she can get Urin to remember the time when she got lost she’s sure that Urin will come back to her. When Marin gets close to Urin she finds a barrier surrounding her, and Marin attempts to break through. Urin can sense her sister, and calls her name. Marin tries to break through the barrier but gets stuck, Warin rushes to her aid but also gets stuck, and finally Sam is able to pull them free. Later, Marin wants to try again, but Warin warns against it saying she needs to get her powers back, and the Turtle Elder tells her that since the eclipse the Sea Maiden’s heart has been blinded by darkness. Warin suggests that they return to Kanon’s place because Kanon’s heart is surrounded in darkness and she can still transform, so Marin might be able to learn from her how to transform again. The group soon heads off towards Kanon’s place leaving Urin behind.

your heart is blinded by darkness

I'm sure you'll be able to transform again 

       As the group departs, we hear Sedna’s voice telling Urin that they left her, Urin says that they came for her, and Sedna tells her that no one is ever coming back. Urin says she hates being alone, Sedna tells her that sadness follows loneliness, and she tells her that no one is worthy of forgiveness. Well, the episode ends with Urin trapped, alone, in the energy cocoon with Sedna whispering to her.

I hate being alone

no one is worthy of being forgiven 

        Well, I found this episode very interesting for several reason. First of all it seems that we’ve come to the conclusion of the Kanon, Kojima, and Ooshima love triangle with Kanon finally figuring out that her relationship problems were all in her mind or at least created in her mind. When Kanon thinks back to the day she thought Kojima dumped her she realizes that she assumed that Kojima dumped her when he never came out and dumped her. This goes back to the problem I pointed out about Kanon a couple of episodes ago, and ever her mother told her several times that her evil aura was going to cause her problems. Well, it seems that Kanon’s feelings about how she perceived Kojima’s feelings toward her were tainted by her self-loathing and the delusion that she didn’t deserve to be loved.

      I also felt a great deal of sympathy towards Ooshima for all the effort she put into trying to get Kojima to feel some attraction for her; it’s a real bitch loving someone that you know doesn’t love you back.

        This episode really tore me up having to watch Urin helplessly call for her sister, and having Marin be unable to help her. Since Sedna has been dead/sealed for a long time she needs a physical vessel to transfer all her powers into and she has to totally break Urin’s mind to make the process complete. I found watching Sedna slowly twist and pervert Urin’s spirit about as painful as getting some teeth pulled, Urin’s only sin was wanting some power so she could fight along side her sister. In many respects this part of the story arc reminds of the black lady arc from Sailor Moon R, after all,  Junichi SATO was involved in the Sailor Moon series.

       In the end, Marin is the only one who can save Urin, but she has to get her heart right first. Marin must forget about the present and fill her heart with all the love and happy memories she has for her sister then she’ll be able to transform once more and bring the child of light back from the darkness that surrounds her.