A meeting of the broken hearted 

      This episode picks up with Fumi wanting to leave Yasuko’s house after being told by Yasuko that she can no longer be her girlfriend. The family is concern about Fumi because it’s raining really hard, Fumi finally accepts a ride home from Kuri. During the ride, Fumi’s suspicions are confirmed that Yasuko was/is in love with Kagami, and she also finds out that Kazusa is marrying Kagami.

Kagami is with Kazusa 

       The next school day, Akira tries to quiz Fumi  about her visit to Yasuko’s house during their ride to school, but Fumi’s is extremely quiet, and Fumi invites Akira to a movie after school. Meanwhile, at Akira’s school, Kagami and Kazusa’s engagement makes the newspaper and the news spreads like wildfire throughout the school. Later, Kyoko figures out the Kagami -Yasuko/Kazusa triangle and confronts Kagami in the hallway. Kyoko tells him that he lied to her about not knowing Yasuko, and asks him if Yasuko loved him? He tells her she has to ask Yasuko if she loved him, and why do you care about Yasuko so much? Kyoko tells Kagami that she loves Yasuko, and she asks him if he finds that strange?

you know how girls areWhy do you care so much about herI'm in love with her

is that very strange to you 0001

       After Akira and Fumi watch the movie, Fumi tells her that she got dumped by Yasuko. Later, Akira confronts Yasuko on the way to school, and after a tense couple of minutes Yasuko grabs Akira and they leave the train. Yasuko takes Akira to a sweet shop where Yasuko tries to dodge the subject at hand, but Akira won’t let her off the hook. Akira demands to know why she dumped Fumi. Yasuko’s says that’s not what happened. Then Akira drops the bombshell on her, she asks Yasuko if she was in love with Kagami? Yes. Akira then asks Yasuko if she stills loves Kagami to which Yasuko says, “everybody asks that question”, and Yasuko tells Akira that she’s scary. Yasuko goes on to say that she fell for her sister’s boyfriend, and when they got engaged she never thought it would hit her so hard.

Fumi took the day off please don't be mad at mewhy did you dump Fumi

do you still love himI fell for my sister's BFIt hit me very hard

       After Akira finishes her meeting with Yasuko she sits alone for a long time thinking and decides to skip school and pay a visit to Fumi who also cut school. When Akira goes inside Fumi’s room she rushes up to and hugs Fumi, and she tells her she’s so sorry. As they’re hugging, Fumi asks Akira why should she be sorry? Akira tells Fumi that she confronted Yasuko because she felt what Yasuko did to Fumi was mean and cruel. Later, Akira laments about how she got involved in this problem, and Fumi tells her she’s too kind for her own good.

I hate myself Fumi

You're too kind for your own good 

      As the days pass, we see everyone seeming to be getting along with their normal routines; Fumi hangs out with Akira and seems to be getting along nicely with her classmates, Yasuko continues to practice basketball and be surrounded by her mob, and Yasuko’s family continues to prepare for Kazusa’s wedding.

Fumi hanging out at schooFumi and Akira hanging out after school

      As summer vacation approaches, all the girls talk about what they’re going to be doing, Kyoko invites Akira to hang with her and Kou at their summer place. When Akira seems uncertain about how to respond to the offer, Kyoko tells Akira to invite Fumi and the other three girls that helped with the play. By mistake Akira lets it slip that Fumi and Yasuko broke up to which Kyoko says that it might be uncomfortable for she and Fumi to see each other. Well, Akira says she’ll run it by Fumi anyways.

the girls talking about summer vacationinvite Fumi and the others if you wantI have a really big mouth

Yasuko broke up with Fumi 

      As Yasuko is leaving the school she sees Kyoko waiting for her, Kyoko tells her that she heard about her break up with Fumi, and Yasuko guesses Akira must have let it slip. Well, Yasuko walks over to Kyoko and asks her if she thought that she’d date her next? Yasuko blows her off by saying, forget that, and see you later. Kyoko begins to follow Yasuko and tells her that yes, she’d thought that Yasuko would date her next, and Kyoko asks the same question that Fumi did, do you still love him? Well, Yasuko gets angry and tells Kyoko that no one likes a pushy girl and is quite forceful in rejecting her once more.

did you think I would date you next 

      Later, that night, Akira tells Fumi about the invitation to Kyoko’s place, and after some goofing around Fumi tells Akira that she’ll go. Akira tells Fumi don’t start a rejected by Yasuko club with Kyoko, and Fumi claims that she barely has feelings for her anymore, Akira claims that Fumi’s just putting on a act. Later, that night, Fumi thinks to herself that the reason she was able to get through this was because of Akira.

don't start a rejected by Yasuko club

I barely have feelings for her 

      A few days later, Akira, Fumi, and Kyoko are at a cafe talking about the upcoming vacation and Akira excuses herself from the table leaving Fumi and Kyoko alone to talk. Kyoko asks Fumi if she still loves Yasuko, but before she can answer Yasuko says not only does she love Yasuko but Yasuko now hates her.  Kyoko calls herself an idiot, and Fumi tells her she’s not, and soon both Fumi and Kyoko share a cry-fest together. Well, that’s all for this episode.

she hates me now 0001Kyoko crying 0001Fumi crying 0001

        Well, even after seeing the cliffhanger ending to the previous episode I really didn’t see the Yasuko/Fumi breakup coming. I thought that Yasuko would have come to the realization that her sister is marrying her unrequited love and there’s nothing she can do about it, so she decides to get on with her life. But, it looks like it’s going to take Yasuko a lot longer to get over her first love than it took Fumi to get past her first love. Hell, it should be alot easier for Yasuko to get over Kagami than it was for Fumi to get over her lover because as far as we can tell Kagami never returned Yasuko’s affections with anything other than kind words and a smile while Fumi relationship reached the sexual phase before their breakup.

       Also, I found Yasuko’s behavior towards Kyoko to be quite mean and cold, I had figured Yasuko to be the quiet, strong, and mature type but in the end I guess she’s as much a broken hearted schoolgirl as Fumi was when she got dumped by her first lover.

       I really like how Fumi is starting to mature and gain confidence as the series is progressing, if her breakup with Yasuko would have happened at the beginning of the series she would have been depressed for weeks. Even if Fumi still has feelings for Yasuko she’s matured enough to tell herself that there’s nothing she can do to fix the current situation other than give Yasuko time and space.

       One thing I have to mention is that Akira rocks in this episode; Akira really knows how to comfort and stick up for a friend. I have to agree with Yasuko that at times Akira can be downright scary when she thinks a friend is getting a raw deal. I also have to point out that Akira’s relationship skills have improved greatly. At the beginning of the series she knew nothing about relationships, and now she almost like counselor. Akira knows the right time to give a hug, and she now understands when she should get two people together to talk out a problem in private.

Now to some smart-assed comments about the next episode.

      Well, we’re going to have one hell of an interesting summer vacation episode. One summer house, six girls, maybe seven girls if Yasuko shows up, with two of them being broken hearted lesbians + maybe one lesbian/bi-sexual girl (maybe she’ll figure out what she is someday) add to the mix four straight girls plus one college guy who doesn’t know his future waifu is a lesbian and we could get one heck of a H-dojin.

       But, seriously, the only thing that would make me want to pull my hair out is if Yasuko keeps trying to pawn off Kou off on Akira; it’s almost like she’s too much of a coward to just tell Kou that she’s a lesbian, and she would rather be dumped by Kou leaving her guilt free. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yasuko show Akira to her room, and when Akira looks around she sees a couple of bottles of Saki on the nightstand, some chocolate kisses on the pillows along with a couple of condoms, and Yasuko tells her by the way you’re sharing the room with Kou, so enjoy.