Rainy day Marika 

        This episode begins on a rainy day with Marika wondering how long it will continue to rain, Gali tries to read some of a scientific manga to Marika but she says she wants a shojo manga. As soon as Marika mentions the word shojo, the rain stops, the sun returns, and Newton shows up bringing some of his apples for Madame Curie. As Marika, Newton, Gali, and Madame Curie are sharing some drinks outside, Marika asks Newton about the term spectrum.

what caused these lightsNewton is on the scene 

       Newton goes on to explain to Marika that light is not made up of a single color but many combined colors, and if you shine light through glass or other object that acts like a prism you can break down light into its other colors, Newton uses the example of a rainbow to explain this principle to Marika. Gali tells Newton to stop bragging about his old glories and Newton shoots back at Gali asking him why he’s still bragging about his heliocentric theory.

 spectrum is lightthis is the spectruma rainbow has seven colors

       Soon, their argument ends up in an insult contest taking place in a boxing ring with both sides taking shots at each other with Newton landing a hard blow on Gali when he mentioned that Gali caved to pressure and recanted his heliocentric theory. Just as then fight is getting hot and heavy, Madame Curie shows up and forces a piece of apple pie on both Gali and Newton bringing their fight to a close. As Marika is commenting on how much she loves apple pie Newton is upset over the loss of his beloved apples. Well, at the end of the episode we get today’s science lesson; Newton is the one who discovered that light is made up of several colors, and a rainbow is made up of seven colors. Well, that’s all for this episode.

newton defending his rainbowyou wimped out galinow its on Newton

newton and galie all worn out

marika checking out the rainbow

       Well, this was another strange and interesting episode with Marika learning about the spectrum of light. Not much else to say other than I wonder how long it’s going to take Marika to learn to love science, after all, Madame Curie told her this world was created to help children to learn to love science?