I'll believe in you too 

       This episode begins with Oogami having her animal followers begin a direct assault on Midori and Ran, and while Ran just stands there Midori throws up a barrier blocking the attacks. After Oogami realizes her animals won’t breach the barrier she turns around and summons a black hole like object saying that it’s time to cleanse the planet. Oogami also says that even if she didn’t choose direct involvement, humans would most likely destroy themselves.

Midori blocking the attack

Humans will destroy themselves 

       After a few minutes, Ran tries to talk with Oogami telling her that these animal were human once, and where her friends, what did they do to deserve this fate. Oogami again sends a wave of animals to attack the girl, and again Midori blocks the attacks. Midori tells Ran to help her fight but Ran grabs Midori and tells her to stop, causing Midori’s barrier to drop, and Ran and Midori are slightly injured. Midori tells Ran to fight, fight or die, Ran says no, if they hurt the animals they’d be no different than them.

we must no continue to fight 

        Midori starts to argue with Momoko, and while they’re arguing one of the animals goes to attack them. Ran pushes them out of the way at the last moment, taking the blow herself, and when Midori comes back to herself she finds that she and Momoko were transported to a future where all the humans are gone. Momoko tells Midori that this is paradise, and Midori says how so. Back with Ran and Oogami, the animals continue to attack Ran and she doesn’t fight back, Oogami asks Ran why she doesn’t fight back. All Ran says to Oogami is to return Midori, Momoko, and the rest of her friends.

you're a monsterthis is the end of the worldthis is paradise

bring back my friends

       Back with Midori and Momoko, they get in a debate about the destructive nature of humans, and Momoko tells Midori that she thought they would at least be able to get along since they’re both monsters. Midori tells Momoko that once she thought that way, but she’s no longer lonely and she has people who care for her, she calls Momoko a lonely person. Momoko gets angry and sort of merges her mind with Midori’s mind, and we see Momoko meet her grandmother, Tome-san, who turns out to be the old lady that Midori met in episode 21. We see Tome-san asks Momoko to forgive her for saying such horrible things to her, Momoko says it’s too late, but when Tome-san hugs Momoko and says she so sorry, Momoko breaks down in her grandmother’s arms. As Midori and Momoko separate they’re swept under water by a giant wave, and Midori calls out to Ran.

we're both monster

I have friends who believe in meyou called me a monsterI've regretted it my whole life

you are not alone 

       Back with Ran and Oogami, Ran hears Midori’s call and begins to pull herself off the ground. Oogami questions Ran on why she has power but refuses to use it? Oogami tells Ran that her powers are special, you could create something new, or do you want destruction? Ran tells Oogami that she’s never once thought about destroying something.

I don't think about destroying 

        Back in the real world, Rui makes his way to the tree in the school courtyard, he can’t find Ran and asks her to forgive him because he couldn’t protect her, soon Ran’s cats make their way to Rui. Back with Oogami, Ran asks Oogami if it’s alright if she says she can say that she understands her pain and the pain and suffering of the animals. Ran tells Oogami that she loves animals, and she loves plants & nature, she wants to protect them; no, she wants to live together with them and she’ll use her powers for that goal. Oogami says it’s too late for that.

I love plants and animals 

        Oogami sends the animals to attack Ran and suddenly Midori appears next to Ran. The animals attack them but the girls do nothing to stop them, and they tell the animals to vent their anger and hatred to them. Ran and Midori tell each other that they’ll believe in humans to the end, and soon the animals start to transform back to their human forms. After all the animals are back to their human forms Oogami says she doesn’t what happened. Just then, a tree sprouts from the ground near Ran, and when it reaches full size Rui emerges from it with Ran’s cats. When Rui and Ran reach each other it seems that Rui is about to tell Ran that he loves her but Midori steps in between them pulling a classic cock confession block.

this is a hell of a way to fighteveryone has returned to normalRan and Rui reunited

Midori's classic block move 

       Soon, all sorts of plants and trees start to bloom and we hear a voice telling the great mother that they’ve come to get her, it’s not time for them to reawaken yet, and to believe in humans. Just as Oogami tells Ran that she’ll believe in humans, a blinding light carries Oogami away and then Ran, Midori, and Rui awaken at dawn under the school tree with Rin rushing to meet them.

sleeping under the tree

       Flash forward, and a new school year has begun, Ran is depressed because Rui and her other friends are now in different class but Midori tells her to cheer up because she’s here. Well, we see that everything is going great; Ran and Rui are getting along fine, Midori is still crushing on and flirting with Rin, Momoko and her grandmother are getting along fine, and everyone hangs out at Ran’s lively house. Oh, we also see that Ran is still hearing voices that lead her and Midori on new adventures.

we're second year students nowRui's in another class nowI'm with you now

Rui she needs you

we'll just have to check it out

       Well, with this episode we’ve come to the conclusion of a highly enjoyable adventure series geared towards a younger viewing audience.  What I mean by when I say that this series is geared towards a younger audience is not that older viewers won’t enjoy this series but that there’s nothing objectionable in its content of viewers of all age groups. The basic premise of the entire series can be summed up as two junior high school girls with telepathic power  receive a call to adventure and have to solve supernatural mysteries, and going along of the ride is one boyfriend and one older brother.

       What I found so enjoyable in this series is how it differed from many current anime series. First of all, Ran, the main character, gets along with her family really well, in fact, she has two parents and a brother, what the hell are they trying to here I thought that most anime families are highly dysfunctional; missing or dead parents, kids hating their parents, older brother/younger sister complexes. Secondly, almost everyone acts accordingly with their real ages: Ran, Rui, and Midori act like the young teenagers that they are and not like mini adults; Ran’s older brother Rin actually acts like an older brother, no younger sister complex here, nor does he fawn over or develop a loli complex over Midori’s attempts at flirting; Ran’s parents actually act like normal parents, they’re not stupid and act more like children than the children do, they’re caring and kind and maintain proper ordered household.

       If you enjoy watching a good adventure story where most of the large issues can be solved and fixed with a “love conquers all” and a “can’t we all just get along” type solution then this is the anime of you, but if you expect a storyline line with a little more meat to it than you better leave this one alone.