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       Here’s a few new anime & manga motivational posters for the week of 9/18/2009. Feel free to share and enjoy these posters, but please at least give me a link or track back if you’re going to post them to a board or forum, Click on the poster to view at full size, enjoy.

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The fall anime season.

       Well, as the beginning of the fall anime season approaches, it’s time to give some thought to what series I should cover. I’m pretty certain that I’ll cover White Album II, and Winter Sonata. Letter Bee, and Kaidan Restaurant look very interesting. I’d like to cover Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) but I have this strange feeling that this series will win the most over blogged award, and I really don’t think that having fifty bloggers instead of fifty-one covering the series would hurt the anime community.

       I would like to know if any of my readers have any suggestions for any of the new series they’d like to see me blog in an episodic manner. Click on the graphic at the bottom of the post to see a list and description of the fall anime shows. 

Continuing projects, show droppage, and my blogroll.

        I’m going to continue working on covering all of the Candy Candy anime episodes, and I’ll also keeping doing my Japanese Idols posts, and my Weekly Anime Motivational Poster posts (many of the idol pics and motivational posters get downloaded several thousand times). I’m also thinking of adding another classic shojo anime series as a long term blogging project.

       I going to drop my episodic coverage of Emily of New Moon, while I loved this series, I just fell too far behind, and I see no point in continuing. I’m also dropping my episodic coverage of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, while I really love and enjoy this anime, covering the series in a episodic manner seems to suck all the joy out of watching the show, for a detailed review of the series read the Anime History Blog (he does a much better job covering the series than I ever did).

       When I started my blogroll, I linked to a few blogs that I really enjoyed reading, but the time has come to say goodbye to several of my former favorite blogs. I really can’t justify keeping links to blogs where the anime posting level has fallen to a post every 3-6 months, so goodbye Cinnamon Ass, Hop Step Jump, Lolitron, Memories are like the Wind, and Picture Perfect Paranoia.

Fall 2009 Anime Season Chart.

Urin is attacked 

       This episode begins with us seeing the last couple of minutes of the previous episode where Marin and Kanon slowly losing consciousness after discovering Sedna’s true nature and having been infected by the heart of darkness. As this is happening, Urin wonders what she’s has done? Sedna tells her that she’s obtained her power while she’s obtained Urin’s body and that the darkness has won out. Urin asks what will happen to her sister? Senda says that unless Marin embraces the darkness she’ll fade away with the light. Why don’t I feel sad? Because you’ve been released from the eternal sorrow. As Marin calls out to her sister we get the introduction animation, but this time everything is dark and there’s no living creatures in the sea or on land.

Dark Urin rises

       Urin goes to her sister and takes her hand and she tells her that she would have been better off if she’d never went to the sky, or became a shrine maiden. Marin struggles up and takes her sister’s hand, hugs her, and tells her it seems like its been so long since we did this. Urin then tells Marin that she’ll use her powers to turn her heart black too; Marin says no because she’ll lose her affections for Urin, and this seems to have some affect on Urin because she takes her sister in her arms and takes her away from the others.

It's been so long since we did this

        While Urin is holding Marin she asks Urin if she wants to see the coral again, and Urin tells her that it would be better if we had never seen them or we had never met. Urin tells her that it would have been better if she had never called to her, or met her, or that Urin had ever liked her right away. Marin begins to cry in Urin’s arms, and Urin says that way she never would have become sad. While Urin is holding Marin, she asks Urin if she wants to see the coral again, and Urin tells her that it would be better if we had never seen them or we had never met. Urin tells her that it would have been better if she had never called to her, or met, or Urin had ever liked her. Marin begins to cry in Urin’s arms, and Urin says that way she never would have become sad.

never 001never 002never 003

never 004

       After a few minutes, Kanon and the Turtle Elder wake up, and Kanon explains to him what exactly Sedna is, and how she was born. They both decided to try and find where Urin and Marin have gone off to.

the darkness in our heartswe pour them into the seabecausw we're afraid

We're all Senda

        Then we see that Urin has taken Marin to the place of their memories where she wants to use her powers to make Marin hate her so she’ll turn to darkness and won’t die. As Urin unleashes her power memories of the two sisters come flooding back and Marin asks her to stop, and Urin says she has to hate her, or she’ll dies. Urin also tells Marin that it’s OK if she’s hated, and alone. Marin tells her no, she’s sure that they’ll be able to return to those days from before, and that someday she see her smile again. Marin’s words seem to have some affect on Urin.

this it the place of our memories

       While Marin makes her way toward Urin she tells her that nothing she could ever do would make her hate her, and that she could never think of anything more painful than hating her sister. When Marin gets to Urin, she hugs her and tells her that she always loved her and still does.

I can never hate Urin

       Sedna’s spell over Urin seems to be broken, but Sedna’s powers is inside Urin fighting for control. Urin screams in pain and pushes Marin away from her, she says she’s sorry, she won’t do bad things again, and that she still her heart of light inside of her. As Sedna assaults Urin’s body, Urin says that she loves her sister, and that every time she thinks of Marin it causes Sedna pain.

I love you too

      As Senda continues to assault Urin, she tells her sister to keep back, she tells Marin that she has the power to seal Sedna. Then Sedna’s voice tells Urin that if she goes, she’ll take Urin with her and that Urin will evaporate into bubbles of light and disappear, Urin tells Sedna she’s fine with that.

You will fall into darkness

       As Urin starts to be consumed by Sedna she says she’s alright with it but Marin yells that she’s not. Marin tells Urin that she loves her, and doesn’t want her to disappear. Soon, Urin also cries out for her sister saying she doesn’t want to disappear, and that she loves her. The turtle Elder tells the girls to keep back, but both Marin and Kanon enter the power bubble to reach Urin. Marin hugs Urin and tells her that she won’t let her go anywhere.

Embracing the darkness

       At that moment, the Turtle Elder notices that Sedna’s power is weakening. Sedna’s voice says that she’s doesn’t want to be alone, and that she wants to her I love you. Kanon says that she can feel Sedna’s heart, it’s all their hearts and feelings that were unable to be expressed, it’s not light or dark, and it’s just our weak hearts. Kanon, Marin, and Urin’s love embraces the darkness that is Sedna, and her power begins to transform and blend with the light, the darkness is melted by the light. Urin transforms back to her normal self and Sedna’s power begins to fade from the land and the sea.

the darkness and the light

     Then we see the island’s sea priestess over looking the transforming sea and she tells us that the darkness and the light now understand each other, and now it’ll return to the hearts of the people, and even if the darkness returns, we just have to remember to forgive.

embracing the light

       Back on land, Marin and Urin have to return to the sea with Warin and Sam, and they ask Kanon to come with them but the Elder says, no. He tells them that soon everybody except people born with sea or sky priestess blood will soon have their memories of this fade to a dream, plus they aren’t meant to live together. Marin tells Kanon that she loves her, and before Marin can fully return to the sea Kanon finally tells Marin that she loves her too.

I also love you

       Later, when summer break is over, we see Kanon finally tell Kojima that she loves him. This is overheard by a lot of other school kids including Ooshima who says the real competition begins now. Well, that’s all for this series, until the special DVD only episode comes out next year.

the battle starts now

       Well, this was a very sweet ending to a very enjoyable magic girl series where the power of love and understanding reigns supreme. Since Sedna’s was a creation of every one’s abandoned feelings the only real solution was to embrace all those hurtful and scary emotions, we don’t throw them away, we allow ourselves to be transformed and changed by our life experiences.

      If anything, Sea Story was a tale about growing up and learning to accept all the scary emotions that come along with being an adult. Kanon’s fear of being rejected, Marin’s fear of the darkness, Urin’s fear of loneliness, we shouldn’t hide these emotions, we need to share them with others who care for us, and forgive the weakness inside our hearts.

       While our nature might be good, we all  harbor some darkness inside our hearts, it waits, quietly, until we become fearful, uncertain, lonely, and depressed, then it slowly grows, and can cause us to say cruel thing, and to be unkind to others. But, with the knowledge of its existence we can fight to keep it in check, and when we do slip up, we ask for forgiveness. 

you call yourself a man

       This episode begins with Candy finding out from the gardener that Mr. Brighton will be visiting the Leagans, and this means that Candy will see Annie again. But, when Mrs. Brighton and Annie arrives at the house,  Annie refuses to acknowledge Kurin’s presence, and when Mrs. Brighton see’s Candy she asks for a private room to speak with Annie. Later, we see Mrs. Brighton telling Candy, in Annie’s presence, that it must not come out that Annie came from an orphanage, so if Candy values Annie she’ll act like she doesn’t know Annie, with much sadness Candy agrees.

Candy and Annie as sisters

If you like Annie 

       When Candy returns to her barn she sees Neil messing around with something, and it turns out that he’s hiding a broken spur. Later, we see Eliza and Neil invite Annie for a horse ride even though she’s frightened of the idea. Outside the barn, Candy drops to her knees and lifts Annie on to the horse. When Annie mounts the horse, Neil scrapes its backside with the broken spur causing the horse to run off in terror with Annie screaming for help. As Neil and Eliza place the blame on Candy she mounts the other horse and gives chase to Annie.

it was all Candy's fault 

        When Candy catches up with Annie they tie the horses up and sit down for a talk, and while Candy talks about Pony Home, Sister Lane, and John, Annie says nothing. Candy tells Annie that they’re alone so she can talk. Annie breaks down in tears telling Candy that she had to/was forced to forget everything; Pony Home, Candy, John, and everyone else, she has to be a Brighton, she has to do this to protect her future happiness. Just as Candy is about to say something to Annie, a car from the Leagan’s shows up and tells Annie they came to her, and that Candy’s in trouble.

I had too forget 

        When Candy and Annie return to the house, Mrs. Leagan and Eliza blame the whole thing on Candy saying that she was the one who caused the horse to bolt. Candy denies everything and says Neil was the one who did it, Candy rushes into the other room and tells Neil to be a man and tell the truth, and Neil refuses. Candy assaults Neil and tells him if he ever goes near Annie again she’ll make him pay. After the other servants save Neil from Candy, Mrs. Leagan and Eliza try to get Annie to say that this was Candy’s fault. Annie looks from Candy to the others and she begins to cry and tells her mother she can’t take this. Mrs. Brighton defuses the situation by saying that if Candy did this she never meant to hurt Annie, so an apology should do. Candy looks around the room and sees Annie in tears. Candy then apologizes to the group and runs off in tears back to her barn.

if she says sorry 

       While Candy is crying in the barn, the gardener tells Candy that he’s sorry because he saw everything and didn’t have the courage to say anything. Candy tells him that she’s sad not because people tried to blame her, but she’s sad because she lost someone she considered to be her sister. The gardener tells Candy that she didn’t lose Annie, because when Annie screamed in terror, she didn’t call for her mother or father, she called for the person that she loved and trusted the most, Annie called for Candy to save her. When Candy stops crying she sees Mrs. Brighton and Annie leaving, so when Candy rushes from the barn to chase after them she sees that Annie has tied her beautiful hair ribbon to a tree near the barn where Candy is living. Candy takes the ribbon inside and says that this is a token of the friendship that Annie still feels for Candy. Well, that’s all for this episode.

she called your name

the ribbon of emotion

Candy I'm sorry

       Well, Candy finally gets to see Annie after about three years have passed since she left Pony Home and Annie refused to acknowledge either Kurin or Candy. Annie left Pony Home to find her happiness and in exchange for a nice house and a “mother” and a father, she’s sold her soul.

       While Annie was at Pony Home she was a quiet and shy girl, but now Annie is not only quiet and shy, she’s now a broken and unhappy child. Sister Lane reminded Candy about the promise of false happiness by telling her that nice dresses and a nice room is not true happiness, but she should have saved the speech of Annie. Sister Lane also told Candy to not let herself be broken, and while Candy suffers at the hands of the Leagan’s, she is still Candy and she still owns her soul. Annie is a broken and unhappy girl, and while she may sleep in peace she has to live the nightmare of renouncing her true self.

       While Annie was forced to renounce Candy and her own self-worth she did manage to leave Candy a small message that she still loves her. Maybe this gesture is a small flicker of hope that Annie can one day come to terms with her identity and her own heart’s desire, but until that day comes, Annie will be just a bird inside a gilded cage.

this is true joy

       This episode begins with all the kids at Pony Home being read a letter from Candy telling them how great of a time she had at the dance, she includes a drawing of her dress, and they think that Candy looks like a princess.

the Candy dress drawing

        Meanwhile, back at the Leagan’s house, Candy gets the news that since she’s not a member of the family they’re moving her from the house to the barn. While Eliza and Neil try to depress Candy, she vows to make friends with the horses and not let this action get her down.

From the attic to the barm

        Later, Candy spots Anthony outside the house and when he sees her she goes over and they talk. Candy offer to help him with some lifting, but when she trips and falls, Anthony notices the rough appearance of her hands and he doesn’t seem happy. Later, as Stear is driving his car down the road he almost runs over a little boy who’s walking down the road, and back at the barn, Candy is washing down the horses.

my rough hands

        When Stear arrives at the house, it turns out that the boy is none other than John who’s walked all the way from Pony Home to see Candy in her dress. Just as Candy is about to tell John about the barn, Dorothy comes out of the house and plays along with helping Candy pass off that everything is all right. While Candy isn’t too happy about this, she decides to go along with Dorothy by showing John Eliza’s room and passing it off as her own.

I'll remember it well

       While the Leagan’s weren’t supposed to be back until late it seems that they’re coming back earlier than expected. As Candy is modeling her dress for John, Eliza walks in the room and begins insulting both Candy and John, but before it can go too far the mother walks in and tells Eliza to cut it out. We then find out that Sister Lane has come to fetch John and the mother says that they need to keep up appearances for the honor of the Leagan household.

for the honor of the family

       Well, it seems that John felt that if he ran away it would force a meeting between Sister Lane and Candy, so they could check on her. Later, as John is playing with Kurin he finds out that candy is sleeping in the barn but Candy tells him not to tell the sisters. Candy tells him that the only way she’s not a princess is if she gives in to the real princess.

I'll be fine as long as I don't give in

        That evening, Sister Lane, Candy, and John share the same bedroom and Sister Lane tells Candy that now she can be a peace after seeing her. John tries to spill the beans about Candy’s treatment, but Candy stops him from doing it. We can see that Sister Lane knows something is terribly wrong here, but all she does is cry in silence.

tell them I'm happy

       The next morning, Mrs Leagan has Candy ride with Sister Lane and John halfway beck to Pony Home, and as they’re driving down the road Stear and Archie catches up with them in Stear’s car. After Stear and Archie introduce themselves and tell Sister Lane that they’ll look after Candy, Sister lane asks to speak to Candy in private. She tells Candy that she had come to take her back to Pony Home, and that she knew Candy was having a tough time here, but she feels better after knowing that Candy has friends that love her. She tells Candy that putting on a pretty dress and sleeping in a nice room is not happiness, but she also says that now that she knows Candy has so many friends she won’t force her home. She tells Candy that happiness is having a warm heart and good friends, and Candy agrees with her.

not happy 1

not happy 2

       After Sister Lane and John leave, Stear asks if anything happened between her and Anthony the other day, and Candy tells them it was her hands. Later, when Candy’s inside the barn Anthony stops by and gives Candy a rose and tells her that he didn’t know they were working her so hard. He tells Candy that next time they meet he’ll make that her birthday and he’ll give her a even nicer rose. Then, Anthony holds his arms out for Candy and when she takes his arms he promises her that next time they meet it’ll be her birthday. Well, that’s all for this episode.

its my handsI'm sorryI'll give you a prettier rosenext time we meet

next time we meet

        Well, every time something nice happens to Candy something equally bad or even worse come along to spoil it, ahhh…….such is life for our poor orphan. What I found very interesting was that even though Candy always sent nice letters to Pony Home Sister Lane knew that something was wrong with Candy. What was equally interesting was that Sister Lane had come to take Candy back  but decides to leave Candy there once she sees that while the Leagans treat her poorly she’s surrounded by other loving people.

       I liked the warning about false happiness that Sister Lane leaves Candy with that “putting on fancy dresses, and living in a beautiful room is not true happiness. Trues happiness is the warm hearts of your friends”.

        The meaner and crueler Eliza treats Candy the more Anthony, Stear, and Archie despises her for her actions, and while Eliza desires Anthony she’ll never have him because his heart belongs to Candy. I really look forward to watching Candy enjoy a moment of sweetness when Anthony gives Candy her birthday present.

      When I got home from work today, I checked in on some of my favorite anime blogs, and I got the best laugh I’ve had in the last week or so watching a Meme being born. This Meme saw its birth occur in 21stcenturydigitalboy’s anime blog inside the comment section of this post courtesy of Ghostlightning, the owner of the anime blog, We Remember Love.  When I first read the whole comment section I laughed so hard I almost spit soda all over my notebook. So, if you need a good laugh, check it out.

This one’s for you Digitalboy, and Ghostlightning. You must click on image to view at full size.

Really get into the bones of it Motivator

the Bakemonogatari Harem

      About every year or so, a harem type anime series , or at least a anime series that is loaded with girls comes along that makes me wish that I was about the main character’s age and had my choice of those girls. Examples of anime from the past where I would have wanted to have my choice of the girls are; Love Hina, Kanon, Clannad, KimiKiss, Ai Yori Aoshi, Shuffle, Azumanga Daioh, Da Capo, Lucky Star, and now my newest favorite Bakemonogatari.

      I think that the reason why I like these kind of series is that in my younger days, me and my friends were kind of like those harem leads; a little clueless and confused about the fairer sex. But, unlike those Japanese male harem leads we were horny dogs, and any fairly nice looking girl was a target of opportunity, almost nothing was off limits. I think that this phase lasted up until about age 20 when I finally realized that was more to an relationship than getting a girl to jump in the sack with me. But, these harem type anime make me long of those good old days, and what makes these series interesting is that the girls are ready for the taking if the lead would just get off his ass and go for it.

     So, this brings me to Bakemonogatari, I find the cast of girls surrounding Koyomi to be quite an interesting bunch and tasty bunch. Now, I’ll go down and describe each girls in detail, and at the end, I’ll make my choice.

The girls of Bakemonogatari.

Karen and Tsukihi Araragi

Karen and Tsukihi Araragi (Koyami’s younger sisters)

Pluses: Well, they’re both young and cute, and they live in the same house as you making them highly available.

Minuses: If you even consider them you must be crazy, they’re your sisters for god sakes.

Conclusion: While his sisters are really cute, they’re totally off limits for you. I think that the best thing to happen would be if Koyomi had some males friends that found his sisters attractive then maybe they’d stop riding his ass if they got a little loving.

Senjougahara Hitagi

Hitagi Senjōgahara (the star of the fascination movement)

Pluses: She’s very attractive, and she one of the very few tsundere girls to even admit to having that trait, she’s straight forward, and hell, she’s even undressed in front of you. She’s told you that she loves you, and she’s agreed to be your GF.

Minuses: I don’t know, but something just bothers me about her, while I find her an extremely interesting girl, she still has major issues.

Conclusion: While I wouldn’t mind hitting that, I’d always have to keep one eye open in case she snaps.

Nadeko Sengohu

Nadeko Sengoku (friend of your sisters)

Pluses: Nadeko is young and cute, you see her quite often because she’s your younger sisters’ friend, and she’s clearly crushing on you.

Minuses: Nadeko is about three or four years younger than you, and she’s a friend of your younger sisters. If you dated Nadeko you would be accused of robbing the cradle, and your sisters might think that you’re an asshole.

Conclusion: Nadeko is clearly attracted to you, and you’ve know her for a longtime, so this could be a high risk/reward relationship.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Tsubasa Hanekawa (Koyomi’s long time friend)

Pluses: Tsubasa is very attractive,  intelligent, quiet and thoughtful, and she’s your long time friend. You also know that Tsubasa struggles with her inner nature to be a completely good girl, and that deep down inside she wants to be a little wild.

Minuses: Tsubasa has a terrible family life, and you know that she’s the subject of occasional physical abuse and maybe even worse things.

Conclusion: For all her problems Tsubasa is literally the girl next door type, and even better she harbors a hidden wild side. This is almost the perfect situation; with you, Tsubasa could unleash her hidden wild child and let off all her hidden desires to your benefit making for some rewarding study sessions.

Suragu Kanbaru

Suruga Kanbaru (you stole her crush)

Pluses: Suruga is very athletic, strong, and attractive.

Minuses: Suruga is a raging lesbian who’s attracted to your GF.

Conclusion: Are you crazy, leave this one alone because she tried to kill you once before.

Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino (the loli vampire)

Pluses: She was once a smoking hot vampire, and now, well……..she’s quite a loli.

Minuses:  Shinobu’s a almost totally catatonic loli vampire, and she’s not good for much interaction.

Conclusion: While it’s only a small step to take from sharing your blood with her to sharing other personal fluids I don’t see this relationship being very rewarding.

Mayoi Hachikuji

 Mayoi Hachikuji (the lost snail)

Pluses: Mayoi, literally is the true eternal loli, while you get older she stays the same.

Minuses: Well, first of all, she’s dead, and secondly while never getting older might be a plus, it would be kind of weird having a ghost loli as a GF as you got older.

Conclusion: While having a ghost loli for a GF might be fun and safe since I don’t think that statutory rape laws apply to dead girls that no one else can see, I think having Mayoi appear and disappear would be quite annoying. Plus, don’t piss her off, because she’s got one hell of a bite, ouch!

The winner of my Bakemonogatari harem prize goes to……………………….

My winner is Nadeko

      While it was a tough choice picking what girl I would want if I was Koyomi, it came down to a three way race between Nadeko, Tsubasa, and Hitagi with me choosing Nadeko as my winner.

      One of the biggest deciding factors came down to the simple fact that out of all the girls Nadeko seemed to be the most normal of the whole bunch, and that her supernatural problem was a result of other peoples problems with her, and not her having a major personal/family issue.

        Another factor in this decision was one of the emotional age/maturity level between Nadeko and Koyomi (and boys and girls in general). So, while Koyomi is several years older than Nadeko he’s really at about the same maturity level as she’s currently at. Koyomi’s a virgin boy who’s clearly attracted to Nadeko, and she’s a virgin girl who clearly is attracted to him, so I thinks it’s a perfect match. All they have to do is keep their relationship on the QT for a year or so, and then after another year or two when Koyomi’s a college junior and Nadeko’s a high school senior all people will say is that they make a cute couple and wonder if they’ll be invited to the wedding in a year or so.

      Plus, if I was Koyomi’s age, I wouldn’t mind it a bit to come home to find  Nadeko waiting for me dressed as below, Sweet!

Welcome home Koyomi

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