Kanon comes to the truth of the matter 

       This episode begins with us hearing an internal dialog between Urin and Sedna with Urin saying her sister will return to her, and Sedna telling that no one will every come for her or love her again. Then we see Kanon thinking about what it means to be sisters, be friends, and how she now feels lonely with Marin gone. As Kanon is looking out at the sea, the Turtle Elder and Marin return and Marin begs her to help her to regain her power to transform, and Kanon agrees to help her.

my sister will love me

no one will ever love you again 

       Kanon takes Marin to see her friend Suzuki to practice the art of Yoga where Marin also learns how they became friends, and of Kanon’s lonely childhood.  Later, while Kanon and Marin are practicing Yoga on the beach they run into Ooshima, she tells Kanon that she told Kojima that she’s alright, Ooshima asks Kanon not to make Kojima worry about her. Ooshima then tells Kanon that she’s made up her mind and will confess to him so she wants Kanon to make a decision and face her head on.

I understand how you feel

this is the standing treeanother yoga poseno one can play with Kanon-chan

Kanon and Suzuki together

stop being half-hearthed and face me

        Kanon admits to Marin that she did a bad thing to both Ooshima and Kojima by being half-hearted and not honest about how she feels, and Marin says that she also said some cruel things to Kanon. At that moment, Kanon hugs Marin and says that she’ll find away to save Urin.

 we've lost our ways

        While it has begun to rain, Kanon is off by herself doing some thinking, and Marin runs into Kojima at a bus stop where they begin to talk about things. How he and Kanon first met, how he struggled to get to know her better, and Kanon’s thinking the same things off on her own. Kojima tells Marin that he’s been uncomfortable with the part of Kanon that feels she needs to be alone, and Kanon thinks to herself that she senses danger in letting people get to close to her, like Kojima and Marin. Kojima tells Marin how he became fond of Kanon and confessed to her, and Kanon thinks to herself that if people get too close that they’ll eventually have to split. Kanon thinks that the more Kojima liked her the more unsafe she felt, and Kojima tells Marin that their hearts gradually grew apart and eventually he was dumped. Marin asks Kojima if he still likes her and Kojima brings up the island song and the meaning behind it, and while Kojima’s telling Marin about it, we see Kanon singing it. Kojima tells Main that the song is about sadness and separation, light and darkness, and about the shadow that lives in every one’s heart, but also say how he feels that someday everything will come together, hearts linked as one. Over by Kanon, she comes to the conclusion that she’s a coward, even though she likes Kojima and Marin she’s never had the courage to tell them that.

Marin talking with KojimaKanon is smilingthe more I feel unsafe

the seperation and pain

I've never said my feeling outloud 

       After it finishes raining, Marin and Kojima walk down towards the beach, and Kanon makes her way towards them. Kojima see Kanon and starts to leave but Kanon tells him to wait, and as she’s in the process of confessing her feelings to him he’s snatched into the sea. At that moment, Kanon discovers that Marin has regained her transformation powers and they vow to save Kojima together. Just then, two of Sedna’s creature appear holding Kojima captive and they ask Kanon if they kill him will her heart turn dark again. Then we hear a voice that sounds like Urin’s saying that by killing the most important person to the Sky Maiden she can get back her most important person. Well, that’s all for this episode.

now I have to say my true feelings

Kojima is captured and in danger

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

        Well, another great episode of Sea Story, in this episode both Kanon and Marin had to look deep inside their hearts and come to grips with their inner feelings and fears. One of the great self-discovery moments of the series came when both Marin and Kanon come to the full understanding of the meaning of the island song;  Kojima told Marin that basically the song means that we all harbor some aspects of light and darkness inside all our hearts and it’s our responsibility not to let the darkness consume us, let the hope of us coming together keep the darkness at bay.

Kanon finally battled with the source of her evil aura and found that it was herself, it’s Kanon that feared personal connection, it’s Kanon that felt that it was better to be alone than risk the sadness of separation, and the darkness was all her own creation. Yes, Kanon understood that she was the coward, and it was her own fear that closed her off to other people and now she has the courage to tell the people she cares for that she doesn’t want to be alone.

        In Marin’s case, she now understands that while the eclipse did affect her it was her own fear and weakness that allowed her to say mean things and treat Kanon and Urin unkindly, the darkness was always hiding in the back of her heart.

         It pained me greatly to see Sedna working towards the complete destruction of Urin’s psyche; Urin is the innocent girl who’s always basked in the unconditional love of her sister and felt that she was being torn from the center of her sun because she felt that she had no power to help her sister fight and that’s how Sedna trapped her. Now, Sedna assaults Urin’s Ego, Urin’s mind tells her that her sister loves her but if she’s assulted often enough by Sedna she just might be able to crack her. Once, Sedna cracks Urin’s Ego then it’s only a matter of time, and it might have already, that Sedna can force Urin’s Super-ego to give in to the urges of her Id. Even though Urin’s only been a prisoner of Sedna for a short time it must feel like an eternity if every time Urin thinks that her sister loves her and will come for her that Sedna tells her that no one loves her and she’ll never feel love again, to me it would be worse than physical pain.

        This the classic magic girl puzzle and mystery, the understanding of the links between  power and passion, light and darkness, love and hate. While magic girls might fight with rods, crystals, bows, and any other assorted silly objects, they are, in the end, just a conduit through which the power of the magic girl really comes from, her heart. Because the girls fight with their hearts, as long as their hearts remain true they can access unlimited power, if the heart doesn’t break they can’t break, so that’s why the most effective attacks against a magic girl have always been attacks their hearts. If Kanon and Marin can remain true, they can rescue Urin from the darkness, they can touch the love that will be buried, no matter how deep in her inner darkness, and they can destroy Sedna because love is limitless and hate eventually destroys itself.