this is true joy

       This episode begins with all the kids at Pony Home being read a letter from Candy telling them how great of a time she had at the dance, she includes a drawing of her dress, and they think that Candy looks like a princess.

the Candy dress drawing

        Meanwhile, back at the Leagan’s house, Candy gets the news that since she’s not a member of the family they’re moving her from the house to the barn. While Eliza and Neil try to depress Candy, she vows to make friends with the horses and not let this action get her down.

From the attic to the barm

        Later, Candy spots Anthony outside the house and when he sees her she goes over and they talk. Candy offer to help him with some lifting, but when she trips and falls, Anthony notices the rough appearance of her hands and he doesn’t seem happy. Later, as Stear is driving his car down the road he almost runs over a little boy who’s walking down the road, and back at the barn, Candy is washing down the horses.

my rough hands

        When Stear arrives at the house, it turns out that the boy is none other than John who’s walked all the way from Pony Home to see Candy in her dress. Just as Candy is about to tell John about the barn, Dorothy comes out of the house and plays along with helping Candy pass off that everything is all right. While Candy isn’t too happy about this, she decides to go along with Dorothy by showing John Eliza’s room and passing it off as her own.

I'll remember it well

       While the Leagan’s weren’t supposed to be back until late it seems that they’re coming back earlier than expected. As Candy is modeling her dress for John, Eliza walks in the room and begins insulting both Candy and John, but before it can go too far the mother walks in and tells Eliza to cut it out. We then find out that Sister Lane has come to fetch John and the mother says that they need to keep up appearances for the honor of the Leagan household.

for the honor of the family

       Well, it seems that John felt that if he ran away it would force a meeting between Sister Lane and Candy, so they could check on her. Later, as John is playing with Kurin he finds out that candy is sleeping in the barn but Candy tells him not to tell the sisters. Candy tells him that the only way she’s not a princess is if she gives in to the real princess.

I'll be fine as long as I don't give in

        That evening, Sister Lane, Candy, and John share the same bedroom and Sister Lane tells Candy that now she can be a peace after seeing her. John tries to spill the beans about Candy’s treatment, but Candy stops him from doing it. We can see that Sister Lane knows something is terribly wrong here, but all she does is cry in silence.

tell them I'm happy

       The next morning, Mrs Leagan has Candy ride with Sister Lane and John halfway beck to Pony Home, and as they’re driving down the road Stear and Archie catches up with them in Stear’s car. After Stear and Archie introduce themselves and tell Sister Lane that they’ll look after Candy, Sister lane asks to speak to Candy in private. She tells Candy that she had come to take her back to Pony Home, and that she knew Candy was having a tough time here, but she feels better after knowing that Candy has friends that love her. She tells Candy that putting on a pretty dress and sleeping in a nice room is not happiness, but she also says that now that she knows Candy has so many friends she won’t force her home. She tells Candy that happiness is having a warm heart and good friends, and Candy agrees with her.

not happy 1

not happy 2

       After Sister Lane and John leave, Stear asks if anything happened between her and Anthony the other day, and Candy tells them it was her hands. Later, when Candy’s inside the barn Anthony stops by and gives Candy a rose and tells her that he didn’t know they were working her so hard. He tells Candy that next time they meet he’ll make that her birthday and he’ll give her a even nicer rose. Then, Anthony holds his arms out for Candy and when she takes his arms he promises her that next time they meet it’ll be her birthday. Well, that’s all for this episode.

its my handsI'm sorryI'll give you a prettier rosenext time we meet

next time we meet

        Well, every time something nice happens to Candy something equally bad or even worse come along to spoil it, ahhh…….such is life for our poor orphan. What I found very interesting was that even though Candy always sent nice letters to Pony Home Sister Lane knew that something was wrong with Candy. What was equally interesting was that Sister Lane had come to take Candy back  but decides to leave Candy there once she sees that while the Leagans treat her poorly she’s surrounded by other loving people.

       I liked the warning about false happiness that Sister Lane leaves Candy with that “putting on fancy dresses, and living in a beautiful room is not true happiness. Trues happiness is the warm hearts of your friends”.

        The meaner and crueler Eliza treats Candy the more Anthony, Stear, and Archie despises her for her actions, and while Eliza desires Anthony she’ll never have him because his heart belongs to Candy. I really look forward to watching Candy enjoy a moment of sweetness when Anthony gives Candy her birthday present.