you call yourself a man

       This episode begins with Candy finding out from the gardener that Mr. Brighton will be visiting the Leagans, and this means that Candy will see Annie again. But, when Mrs. Brighton and Annie arrives at the house,  Annie refuses to acknowledge Kurin’s presence, and when Mrs. Brighton see’s Candy she asks for a private room to speak with Annie. Later, we see Mrs. Brighton telling Candy, in Annie’s presence, that it must not come out that Annie came from an orphanage, so if Candy values Annie she’ll act like she doesn’t know Annie, with much sadness Candy agrees.

Candy and Annie as sisters

If you like Annie 

       When Candy returns to her barn she sees Neil messing around with something, and it turns out that he’s hiding a broken spur. Later, we see Eliza and Neil invite Annie for a horse ride even though she’s frightened of the idea. Outside the barn, Candy drops to her knees and lifts Annie on to the horse. When Annie mounts the horse, Neil scrapes its backside with the broken spur causing the horse to run off in terror with Annie screaming for help. As Neil and Eliza place the blame on Candy she mounts the other horse and gives chase to Annie.

it was all Candy's fault 

        When Candy catches up with Annie they tie the horses up and sit down for a talk, and while Candy talks about Pony Home, Sister Lane, and John, Annie says nothing. Candy tells Annie that they’re alone so she can talk. Annie breaks down in tears telling Candy that she had to/was forced to forget everything; Pony Home, Candy, John, and everyone else, she has to be a Brighton, she has to do this to protect her future happiness. Just as Candy is about to say something to Annie, a car from the Leagan’s shows up and tells Annie they came to her, and that Candy’s in trouble.

I had too forget 

        When Candy and Annie return to the house, Mrs. Leagan and Eliza blame the whole thing on Candy saying that she was the one who caused the horse to bolt. Candy denies everything and says Neil was the one who did it, Candy rushes into the other room and tells Neil to be a man and tell the truth, and Neil refuses. Candy assaults Neil and tells him if he ever goes near Annie again she’ll make him pay. After the other servants save Neil from Candy, Mrs. Leagan and Eliza try to get Annie to say that this was Candy’s fault. Annie looks from Candy to the others and she begins to cry and tells her mother she can’t take this. Mrs. Brighton defuses the situation by saying that if Candy did this she never meant to hurt Annie, so an apology should do. Candy looks around the room and sees Annie in tears. Candy then apologizes to the group and runs off in tears back to her barn.

if she says sorry 

       While Candy is crying in the barn, the gardener tells Candy that he’s sorry because he saw everything and didn’t have the courage to say anything. Candy tells him that she’s sad not because people tried to blame her, but she’s sad because she lost someone she considered to be her sister. The gardener tells Candy that she didn’t lose Annie, because when Annie screamed in terror, she didn’t call for her mother or father, she called for the person that she loved and trusted the most, Annie called for Candy to save her. When Candy stops crying she sees Mrs. Brighton and Annie leaving, so when Candy rushes from the barn to chase after them she sees that Annie has tied her beautiful hair ribbon to a tree near the barn where Candy is living. Candy takes the ribbon inside and says that this is a token of the friendship that Annie still feels for Candy. Well, that’s all for this episode.

she called your name

the ribbon of emotion

Candy I'm sorry

       Well, Candy finally gets to see Annie after about three years have passed since she left Pony Home and Annie refused to acknowledge either Kurin or Candy. Annie left Pony Home to find her happiness and in exchange for a nice house and a “mother” and a father, she’s sold her soul.

       While Annie was at Pony Home she was a quiet and shy girl, but now Annie is not only quiet and shy, she’s now a broken and unhappy child. Sister Lane reminded Candy about the promise of false happiness by telling her that nice dresses and a nice room is not true happiness, but she should have saved the speech of Annie. Sister Lane also told Candy to not let herself be broken, and while Candy suffers at the hands of the Leagan’s, she is still Candy and she still owns her soul. Annie is a broken and unhappy girl, and while she may sleep in peace she has to live the nightmare of renouncing her true self.

       While Annie was forced to renounce Candy and her own self-worth she did manage to leave Candy a small message that she still loves her. Maybe this gesture is a small flicker of hope that Annie can one day come to terms with her identity and her own heart’s desire, but until that day comes, Annie will be just a bird inside a gilded cage.