I want to be a letter bee

        Gauche and Lag continue their journey together, and Lag asks Gauche a lot of questions about the memories she saw after being healed by Gauche’s shot; like what the Head Bee is, how old his cute sister is (the same age as Lag [7]), has he smooched or rubbed the breasts of the cute female Letter Bee, Aria? While Lag is being an energetic and lively young boy Gauche still doesn’t seems to have warmed to him yet.

Sylvette's pretty cute

       Later, we get a little skit about how Lag’s so sick of Gauche’s soup that it forces Gauche to try and catch some food. But, after utter failure by both of them they give up only to see that Roda finally made the kill.

Roda's got the food

       Then Gauche asks Lag to write a letter to someone, and Lag refuses by  asking what’s a letter worth? Gauche says that a letter written to someone who will shed a tear for you contains a piece of your heart for them. Lag then begs Gauche to take him to the capital (Akatsuki) so he can track down his mother, and Gauche tells him  that it’s not that easy. Gauche tells him that unless you’re called into government service and issued a crossing pass you can’t cross the bridge into the Yuusari area.

a letter contain part of the heart

      But, Lag asks him to use his pass, and Gauche tells him that couldn’t he see from his memories how he needs to earn more point before he can move his sister to the capital and even now she has to live alone while he works. Lag asks him if he knows why his mother was taken, and he tells Lag that if his mother was taken to the capital it might not be as bad as he thinks. Gauche tells Lag that his situation is really none of his concern, and Lag asks him if that means they can’t be friends? Gauche tells Lag that his only concern is that he’s delivered safely to his address, Lag says he hates Gauche and all Letter Bees.

I can't be your friend

I hate you

       The next morning, Gauche awakens from a dream about his sister and Lag to find his gun missing along with Lag and Roda. Then we see Lag walking through the desert with Gauche’s gun saying that he’s going to fight his way across the bridge without a crossing pass. A short while later, Lag is ambushed by a Gaichuu that is like a ground spider, and Lag is in danger of falling into its pit and being killed. Soon, Gauche comes swinging down on a rope held by Roda to save Lag for the time being. Gauche is injured in the process and he asks Lag to aim the gun while he pulles the trigger, they miss. So, Gauche figures that their only chance is to jump towards the monster next time it fires its weapon.

fire the gun Lag

       When they jump, Gauche figures out why Lag and his gun reacts the way it does, it seems that Lag’s left eye is a spirit crystal, a protective charm from his mother. Gauche and Lag are separated while falling, and Gauche tells Lag to fire the gun. The shot kills the monster and Lag and Gauche’s memories resonates with each other, Lag experiences Gauche and his sister’s love, and Gauche experiences Lag and his mother’s love (Lag’s mother wanted him to live more than anything).

Lag's left eyeyour life is my giftStay by my side Gauche

       Later, we see Lag carrying an injured Gauche across the landscape saying I’m a letter, I’m a heart. When Gauche wakes up, he thinks that it’s Sylvette by his side, but it’s Lag. Lag has carried him all the way to Mary’s house. The first thing that Gauche does when he sees Mary is to ask for his delivery slip to be signed, and Mary tosses him out of the house for his rudeness after Lag nursed him for three days, get out government man.

Lag carrying Gauche

        As Gauche wanders the city, he finds that no one will rent him a room or sell him any supplies. Later, Lag finds Gauche and tells him that this is an illegal port city and the residents are afraid of outsiders finding out too much. Lag brings food and supplies for Gauche and before Gauche departs he hugs Lag and says that now that the delivery is over, Lag is my friend. He tells Lag that now he’s a man, and he did well, Lag cries as he hears Gauche’s words.

they're frightened of outsiders

You're now a man Lag seeing

       Before Gauche leaves, he tells Lag to keep his eye secret so he’s not targeted because of it, and he tells Lag that when he reaches the capital he’ll look for Lag’s mother. Gauche also tells Lag that now that a route to this city is know it won’t be long before other Letter Bees arrive carrying precious letters. As Gauche is walking away, Lag yells that someday he’ll become a Letter Bee.

I'll look for your mother

       We now flash forward five years into the future and we see Lag standing outside his city saying that now he can get closer to finding his Mother, and Gauche, because he can become a Letter Bee. Well, that’s all for this episode.

I'll find everyone

       Nice episode, I was just beginning to wonder if Gauche really was a cold bastard, but he showed that while on the job, he’s all business. It was also an interesting surprise to find out that Lag’s left eye is a spirit crystal placed there by his mother as a protective charm. I also found it pretty nice seeing both Lag and Gauche sharing precious memories after Lag fires that killing shot at the Gaichuu, and I think this was a critical point for Lag because he comes to understand that he needs to go with Gauche because his mother wanted him to live more than anything else. When Lag shared in Gauche’s memories he saw the reason why Gauche takes his job so seriously, Sylvette (damn, she’s cute). I, also liked how Gauche was able to make it alright with Lag at the very end by telling him that since the job is done they’re now friends, and he also tells Lag that he’s now a man. After Lag makes his vow to Gauche that he’ll become a Letter Bee in the future I wonder if my first episode prediction that Lag will hookup with Sylvette will come true?