November 2009

       This episode begins with the princes finding out that Ichigo has never made pudding before, and Kashino shudders at the possibility of having to team up with Miya. Well, there’s nothing to be done other than Ichigo taking a crash course in pudding making from Vanilla, and the other sweets spirits, Ichigo vows to do her best over the next two days.


      Well, Ichigo’s first batch turns out in typical Ichigo fashion, a complete failure. The sweets spirits and the princes offer Ichigo encouragement and good advice for her next try. While Ichigo is practicing, we see someone taking a hidden cell phone picture and sending it to Miya who mocks Ichigo for being a beginner.

      Then we see that Miya only uses the finest ingredients available to make her pudding, and she even has a high school oven installed in her practice area. We also get the names of Miya’s henchboys, Satou and Shiotani; they are there to serve their Lady. Then Shiotani asks Miya why go through so much trouble for Kashino, she tells them it’s none of their business and leaves.

       Then we see a flashback of the welcoming ceremony for first year students where Kashino told her that her pudding was terrible and he was surprised they let her in the school. Miya says that was the first time anyone told the rich girl what her cooking really tasted like, everyone else just showered her with false praise. Miya says that’s all in the past because she really trained hard and improved her skill and she wants to show Kashino that she’s changed.


       The next morning, the princes go to the kitchen to check on Ichigo and they find her and Vanilla sleeping on the floor. When Ichigo wakes up she tells them she spent the whole night making an incredible amount of pudding, and she even used up all the pots and pans in the entire kitchen. When everyone tastes Ichigo’s pudding they’re all pleased with the outcome, but Ichigo isn’t. Ichigo says that there are still flaws in the pudding even though she baked them exactly the same way. The princes tell Ichigo that each oven in the kitchen has its own quirks and you have to figure each one out. When Carmel says she likes a pudding that Ichigo thinks she made too sweet, Ichigo gets an idea and tells the princes that she has to do something tonight.


       Well, the next day, Ichigo and Miya are told they have two hours to make five servings of pudding and the chairman will judge the outcome. As the contest begins it really looks like Miya is cooking like a pro and will easily defeat Ichigo who seems to be making mistakes. Once the puddings are placed in front of the Chairman, he begins with Miya’s pudding, and he can tell that Miya used the best ingredients Next is Ichigo’s turn, when the Chairman tastes Ichigo’s pudding he gets a very surprised look on his face, Ichigo thinks she’s lost, and Kashino thinks that Ichigo’s made her pudding too bitter.


      When President Tennouji announces Ichigo as the winner Miya demands to know why. The Chairman shows Miya that her pudding had cavities while Ichigo’s didn’t, and the chairman tells Miya that her oven must have cooked hot. President Tennouji tells Miya that Ichigo came to the high school kitchen last night and practiced all night in the kitchen. Miya then tells him that Ichigo’s Carmel topping must be bitter, and Ichigo tells her she made it that way after seeing how the Chairman like to take his coffee and what snacks he likes, so she made it bitter.


       Miya says it’s not fair that Ichigo looked into what he likes, but the Chairman tells her that the single most important thing about cooking is understanding what makes people happy. Later, Kashino tastes Miya’s pudding and tells her she’s improved, and Miya gets pissed and tells Ichigo that she’ll defeat her in the Grand Prix and runs off.


       Later, the President comes up to Ichigo and the princes and tells them that she knew they’d be alright because they had sweets spirits with them, and they see that she has her own sweet spirit, Honey. Well, Ichigo is really happy but the princes tell her to not get too cocky, and review her pudding basics before she forgets. Ichigo says she’s OK now and she looks forward to entering the Grand Prix with them and winning. Kashino tells her sorry but at her level they won’t even make it past the first round and the others agree.


         As they walk off, Ichigo is saddened because she wonders why they won’t recognize her? Vanilla tells her that she must understand how they feel and they’re being tough on her for her own good. Ichigo yells at Vanilla that she’s supposed to be her partner and understand her, Vanilla gets mad at Ichigo and says she’s not her partner anymore and leaves. In the next episode preview it looks like Ichigo got so pissed that she left the school and returned home and goes to work with her grandfather, and it also seems that Vanilla and the princes soon follow. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, Ichigo won her first one on one battle and seems to have gotten a long term rival in Miya. I have to say that after episode eight I really didn’t like Miya, but after watching episode nine I like her a lot more, she really did work hard to perfect her skills. I think that Miya’s problem is that she’s just a little too pushy for Kashino, and she needs to let her cooking do her talking.

       While Ichigo experienced the thrill of victory she also experiences the disappointment of not receiving the princes approval, while Ichigo tries hard she’s not up to their level and they let her know it. I really didn’t like how tough they were on my girl Ichigo, at least they could have gave her a little more props for winner her battle with Miya. The sweet princes should understand that Ichigo does bring something to the group that they lack, she has the ability to sense what people really need, and the princes in many ways are too reliant in their skills to think that they’re missing something.

      In many ways Yumeiro is very old fashioned when it comes to boy/girl relationships. In this modern day, I don’t understand why Ichigo and Miya have to base their self-worth on whether or not the boys acknowledge their abilities, I really don’t think that Kashino gives a shit whether or not Ichigo or Miya likes his cooking.

        This episode begins with Sylvette having a flashback of her brother vowing to work hard to become Head Bee so she can live better and walk again, Sylvette thinks to herself what did he accomplish by losing his heart. Lag walks in on Sylvette crying and they reach out to one another, and Lag spirit amber eye charges, so he fires the shot at Gauche’s gun.


        Then we get a flashback/vision of Lag talking with Gauche about his mother, Sylvette’s birth, his lack of previous memories from before Sylvette’s birth, and why he became a Bee. We Also see flashbacks of Gauche’s battles and his deliveries, and his fights seem to take a ever growing toll on him. Then we see Gauche asking the Head Bee for ever more work in order for him to get a job in the capital, and we also see Aria telling Gauche that she’s worried about his heart.

         Then the scene changes for a bit to Conner, Niche, and Steak where we see that Conner easing Niche’s worries about Lag. Back inside Sylvette’s house Gauche’s gun is still giving off memories where we see Gauche being followed by some suspicious characters. After giving them the slip we see Gauche buying a new custom revolver and being warned that the new gun will use more heart than his normal gun, and we also see that the seller telling Gauche that his old gun is worth a lot of money if he wants to sell it.


       After eating a meal with the merchant, Gauche tells him that he’s heading off to the capital this weekend, and Gauche refuses to sell his old gun. The merchant asks Gauche if he was followed. Yes. The merchant tells Gauche that they are rumors of a anti-government group called “reverse” forming that wishes to reform the current government, and he tells Gauche that the word is that they’re targeting Bee’s that work in the capital.


        Then we see Gauche giving his gun to Sylvette and telling her that if his good friend comes calling please give him this gun, Sylvette asks if it’s the crybaby boy her age? Yes, his name is Lag Seeing. As Lag reaches for the “memory” all the memories and illusions vanish.


       A tearful Lag tells Sylvette that no matter what happened to Gauche he’ll become a Bee and travel the world and find and return Gauche to her. Sylvette tells Lag that he’s first person she’s met that’s a bigger crybaby then her, and she give Gauche’s gun to Lag. She also tells Lag that she’s sorry for not giving it to him earlier because she was afraid of a flood of memories about her brother.


       Once Lag returns to the wagon he’s in better shape and thanks Niche for her help, and that he’s counting on her in the future. Inside the Bee Hive, the Head Bee informs Lag that having passed his exams he is hired as a full-fledged Bee, and that only he and Jiggy come from Yokada. Lag tells them that his dream is to deliver hearts and dreams, and his goal is the same as Gauche’s. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, while this episode answered some questions it also raised many more, like did Gauche lose his heart or did he find out that the government of Amberground is corrupt, or is he dead? Another interesting question is why Gauche felt it necessary to get a more powerful gun that drains even more heart than normal? Also, I would like to know why Aria didn’t go looking for Gauche after he disappeared if she was so close to him. 

       Regardless of the new questions, I’m glad that Letter Bee seems to be reaching the meat of its story; Lag finding and returning Gauche to his sister. Well, Letter Bee sure is a shonen series because every female except Niche is racked and stacked whether or not they’re thirteen or thirty. The only thing that separates this series from a normal shonen series is that our male protagonist cries more than any male lead I’ve ever seen, and for a while I couldn’t figure out who was supposed to be the girl, Lag or Sylvette?

        I also worry about Niche’s long term future, while she claims to be Niche’s dingo her feelings have to go deeper than that, Niche is a girl after all. While Niche may be the “child of Maka” she has to feel more than just loyalty towards Lag, and I wonder if she’ll get jealous or emotionally hurt if Lag becomes romantically attached to Sylvette. Maybe, we’ll see a Conner/Niche relationship develop or maybe Niche will be happy just being a dingo. 

       This episode begins with Ichigo seeing Rumi off for an overnight trip home, and on her way back from the bus stop she runs into Kashino who tries to put a little fear into her because she’ll be spending the night alone. During the night the only thing Ichigo ends up frightened of is a bad dream featuring, guess who, Kashino. The next morning Ichigo runs into some girls from group B who invite her to join them for walnut gathering, Vanilla tells Ichigo to be weary but Ichigo blows her off. Once the girls are deep in the woods they set Ichigo up by leading her to some walnuts then ditching her in the woods.

       Well, Ichigo doesn’t really know her way back, so she and Vanilla try to find their way back and Ichigo grows hungry. As Ichigo grows weaker she hears piano music in the distance, and after several encounters with forest creatures the music leads Ichigo back to the school. As Ichigo makes it to safety she passes out from hunger and exhaustion, and while she’s fading in and out of consciousness she dreams that she’s seeing the queen of the sweets spirits.

       When Ichigo wakes up she finds she’s in bed and that it’s not the queen of the sweets spirits that has rescued her, but none other than the President of St. Marie and Henri-san’s prize student, Tennouji-san. She tells Ichigo to rest, but Ichigo’s too nervous, and also too excited to rest. When Tennouji sees that Ichigo is still weakened by hunger she tells Ichigo that she was in the process of making a Souffle, and would she like to share some with her? As Ichigo watches Tennouji complete her souffle she marvels at her skills. Did I forget to mention that Tennouji has a complete mini kitchen in her room?

       As Ichigo looks around Tennouji’s room she sees that it contains a trophy case loaded with all the prizes that Tennouji has won in cooking competitions. Tennouji tells Ichigo that those are just ornaments, and that she only works hard for the acknowledgement of one person……..Ichigo assumes that it’s Henri. Once the Souffle is done, Ichigo and Tennouji dig in and Ichigo’s special sense of taste kicks in, and she is almost able to discern exactly what the ingredients are. Once Ichigo’s strength has returned she thanks Tennouji for her help and leaves, Tennouji wonders what hidden abilities Ichigo is hiding behind her innocent smile.

       Once Ichigo returns to her room she discovers that Rumi has returned from her trip home, and Rumi has a hard time believing that Ichigo spent time with the President. Rumi tells Ichigo about how Tennouji will be competing in St. Marie’s biggest contest, the cake Grand Prix, the winner gets to go study in Paris. Wow, Ichigo says that she wants to do something like that in high school, and Rumi says she can enter as a middle school student, the princes did last year. Rumi goes on to tell Ichigo that the princes entered the competition with a girl named Ojou-san who Kashino hates.

       As Ichigo is talking with the princes during cooking practice, Kashino is dogging her ass by calling her a fool for falling for the walnut thing, and Ichigo tells him to partner with Ojou-san. Kashino goes into shock over the mention of the name, and Ichigo asks the other princes what happened. Well, they tell her that Ojou-san is actually Koshino Miya-san, a third year middle school student and daughter of a large Japanese industrial cooking company that had the hots for Kashino and managed to get partnered with them for last year’s Grand Prix. She caused such problems for Kashino and them that despite their best efforts they couldn’t succeed, and now Kashino’s hatred for women has grown even larger. Hanabusa tells Ichigo that if they partnered with her they might be able to succeed, but Kashino says that they need to do an exorcism first.

       So, Kashino lead then to the school’s cafe for snacks, they suggest Ichigo try the President’s angel pudding, and Ichigo says since the President’s souffle was so good she’ll try her pudding. Well, the princes are quite shocked to find out that Ichigo got to eat a special creation cooked by the President. Soon, a waiter arrives with pudding for their table, and Ichigo digs right in while the princes wonder why they’ve gotten food even though they haven’t placed their orders yet? Well, Ichigo thinks the pudding tastes great, and Kashino agrees when none other than Koshino Miya-san arrives and asks Kashino what he thinks of her pudding?

       Well, Kashino goes into shock, and Miya tells him that she’s worked hard at improving so they can enter the Grand Prix and win the study trip to Paris. Kashino tells her that he’s sorry but they’ll be partnering with Ichigo this year. 

        Miya insults Ichigo and her skills, Vanilla jumps to her defense, and we see that Miya can somewhat hear Vanilla. The princes offer Miya a sample of their cake and she again insults Ichigo and Henri’s judgement.

       Ichigo can’t take it any longer, and Miya to take it back, and she tells Miya that she’ll make a pudding that tastes even better than her’s. Miya says fine, if Ichigo succeeds she’ll take it back, but if Ichigo loses she gets to partner with princes. Ichigo says, fine, and Kashino and the other princes try to stop her bet.

       Just as all hell breaks loose, President Tennouji shows up and tells them to stop their foolishness, but Miya demands the contest. Tennouji is about to refuse the contest when the Chairman of the school intervenes saying that he likes determination in his students and he’ll judge, so Tennouji tells them that they’ll make a basic custard pudding and be judged using high school standards and have only three days. Miya tells Ichigo that it’s natural she’ll lose, and Ichigo reaffirms her vow to win. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, I was wondering how long it was going to take for Ichigo to get a true rival, and it looks like she’s finally here. While Ichigo has received a little ongoing mean treatment from the girls in group B it hasn’t too serious, but the appearance of Miya heralds Ichigo’s first real test.  What I found really funny about the Ichigo vs Miya challenge is that while they’re fighting for the right to work with the princes this is really a battle over Kashino. So, it seems that in the past Miya had no talent and all she did was fawn over Kashino and screw stuff up, but for some mysterious reason she’s suddenly had a vast jump in talent. While Miya claims that she’s undergone special training with skilled Patissieres I’m not buying it, she’s either having her “boys” doing the baking, or she’s somehow managed to get a sweets spirit of her own, remember she sort of heard Vanilla. 

       I’m really getting the feeling that Kashino’s tsundere behavior towards Ichigo stems from his bad experiences with Miya and sooner or later Kashino will fall victim to Ichigo’s sweetness. I also found President Tennouji to be an interesting character, loaded with tremendous talent but also having a infatuation with Henri. Tennouji seems to understand like Henri that Ichigo is hiding huge future potential. I just hope that she doesn’t view Ichigo as a rival that would make her seem childish, so what I’m hoping for is that Tennouji becomes sort of role model for Ichigo.

         Well, this episode begins with Kurumi (Ume Kurumizawa/AKA the French Doll) talking with some of her school friends about whether or not Sadako is dating Kazehaya. While the other girls find the idea silly, Kurumi asks them why they find it strange that he might have fallen in love? They just laugh it off and tease Kurumi about being in love with Kazehaya since she went to middle school with him.

         Also, at school, Sawako notices that students are no longer avoiding her, and, are in fact, trying to get her attention. Later, Sawako finds out from Hirano and Endo that a new rumor is flying around the school saying that if you can get Sadako to smile you’ll recieve good fortune.

        When Yano and Yoshida arrive at class they tell Sawako that it’s nice that she is good friends with Hirano and Endo, and Sawako is very happy knowing that she has more friends. Yoshida and Yano tells the girls that it’s a pain using full names so they agree to use Chizu, Ayane, Ekko, and Tomo. Well, they have Sawako practice calling them by their first names, and she needs the practice.

        After Tomo and Ekko leave, Ayane and Chizu tells Sawako that part of her problem was she was way too formal and she needs to start calling girls by their first names. When Kazehaya walks in the room, Ayane gets the idea that Sawako needs to practice on Kazehaya. Well, Sawako’s way too nervous to go through with it, but she does add -kun to his last name. Sawako tells herself that she’ll work on this with girls first and continue to address guys the same as always even though she notices that Kazehaya, Ayane, and Chizu have no problem with the issue.

        Later, Pin shows up and tells the class about the upcoming sports festival, Kazehaya gets “volunteered” into helping, and Pin tries to fire up the class. Chizu gets pretty worked up, and Pin suggests that Sawako might want to skip class that day since he assumes she’s not very good at sports. Kazehaya suggests that the class begin practice sessions during lunch and everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

       Later, Kurumi finds out that Kazehaya is on the committee, and her friends suggest that she also join the committee. Well, Kurumi says it’s not like that with her and Kazehaya but she’s not opposed to being on the committee, so they agree to nominate her.

       Once practice begins, we quickly see that Sawako isn’t very good at soccer, and Chizu tries to help Sawako but their lunch break soon runs out. Just then, Sawako notices Kazehaya practicing with the other boys and she becomes mesmerised watching him. Kazehaya looks over and notices that Sawako has her hair in braids, and Sawako’s attraction level grows to monumental proportions. Chizu has to snap Sawako out of her trance, and Sawako wonders what just happened, she wasn’t even close to him, just looking at him caused this happened.

        After class is over, Chizu and Ayane ask Sadako to go shopping and have some ramen with them but she begs off making an excuse, she’s really heading off to practice and doesn’t want to tie them up. Later, Sawako finds herself staring at Kazehaya in the hallway, she tries to look away but she’s still drawn to him. Then Sawako tries to borrow a soccer ball from a teacher but no dice, and she wonders if she needs to buy her own, so much for her practice. While watering the flowers, Sawako thinks back to her first conversation with Kazehaya.

       When Kazehaya walks into the sports committee meeting Kurumi sees him and calls him over, and he takes a seat in front of her. Kurumi tries to make small talk with him about a borrowed CD but she soon notices that he’s watching Sadako practice soccer with a rock from the window in a daze.

        Later, as the school chime sounds, a soccer ball rolls up to Sawako and when she looks over she see that Kazehaya brought the ball for her, long silent stares ensue. Kazehaya says “this way”, and Sawako follows. As Sawako and Kazehaya stand across from each other, not a world is spoken, Sawako kicks the balls to Kazehaya and says she reaches out to him. Then we see that Kurumi is taking in the whole scene from the upstairs classroom window. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this was a very nice episode that showcased Sawako growing integration into normal school society, while it hasn’t been easy for Sawako her journey has been made easier by Ayane’s and Chizu’s help. Chizu and Ayane, other than being good friends with Sawako also serve as her instructors in how normal social interactions should take place between other kids. For most people the saying “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten” or at least “in elementary school” usually applies, but as we saw in the other episode Sawako separation from normal kid society started at a very early age so she’s lacking in basic social knowledge that most kids take for granted.

       What I thought the best part of the whole episode was when Sawako came to the understanding, at least on a physical level, that her attraction to Kazehaya has moved beyond mere admiration. I think at one time or another we’ve all had the  “Sawako moment”  where we look at that certain member of the opposite sex and see them differently; it might be the way the sun shines off their hair, or it could be the way you see their smile, or it could be that one day their voice sounds like music to you. Who the hell really knows why this happens, but one day that special person changes in your mind from just another person to an object of sexual attraction, while you might deny this in your head your body doesn’t lie, and Sawako has reached this point with Kazehaya. Sawako’s drawn to Kazehaya like a moth to a flame, and while getting too close can cause burns some burns feel good. I look forward to watching Sawako’s and Kazehaya’s relationship progress, and seeing how Kurumi will try and snatch Kazehaya from her.

        This episode begins with Lag questioning Zazie about Gauche no longer being a Bee, and Zazie tells him that Gauche had worked his way up to being a candidate for Head Bee and then must have had a nervous breakdown or something that caused him to quit. Lag is so upset that he tells Zazie to stop lying about Gauche.

        Later, Connor and Zazie take Lag to visit Sylvette, and Lag doesn’t respond to Connor’s apology about not telling him about Gauche. After Lag has left the wagon, Connor tells Zazie about what Gauche meant to Lag. Zazie heads back to the Bee Hive leaving Connor to wait for Lag’s return.

         When Lag enters Sylvette’s house he encounters a strange doll and a gun toting woman who at  first mistakes Lag for a bill collector. Lag then realises that the woman is none other than Gauche’s sister Sylvette, and Sylvette also figures out that he must be Lag Seeing.

        Sylvette makes some tea with milk for Lag and Niche, and Niche doesn’t drink the tea until Sylvette makes a comment about Niche staying small (Niche does a comparison between her and Sylvette’s tomato’s).

        Well, Sylvette tells Lag that he’s just like Gauche described him, and Lag tells Sylvette that he met her through the Shindan that Gauche shot him with. Well, Sylvette tells Lag to stop, and she tells him that Gauche isn’t here and points him towards a letter.

        The letter is a termination letter stating that Gauche is fired because of his absences from the Bee Hive and his failure to appear at a hearing, so his crossing pass is terminated and his residence in the capital is revoked. Meanwhile, back at the Bee Hive, we see Aria looking over an old picture of her and Gauche and thinking back to when the Head Bee had her deliver Gauche’s termination notice to Sylvette.

        Sylvette tells Lag that soon after Gauche crossed into Akatsuki he lost his heart and disappeared. Well, Lag asks about Sylvette’s gun (Gauche’s old gun) and she says that Gauche had a new gun made once he arrived at the capital and that this gun doesn’t contain spirit amber, she uses it to bluff people. Sylvette tells Lag that over the last 4 1/2 years she’s seen no report of her brother or heard from him, so she’s given up hope, he’s dead to her. Lag tells her that Gauche was doing everything for her, but Sylvette says he reaped what he sowed and that she never asked for anything other than to be with her brother. She goes on to say that he pushed himself to ruin by taking the most difficult deliveries. Sylvette tells Lag that she was glad to met him and apologies for the bad new, and she also tells Lag to leave and never come back.

       On the wagon ride back, Lag asks Niche what she’d do if he lost his heart and forgot her. Well, Niche tells him that she’d drop him, bite him, and lick him. But, she also tells him that she’s his dingo and she would never forget him, so they’ll always be together.

       At that point, Lag tells Connor to stop the wagon because he’s going back to see Sylvette. When Lag leaves the wagon, Niche tries to follow, but Connor grabs her and says that Lag should see Sylvette alone. Soon, Niche comments of Connor’s squishy waist, and she also asks Connor if you need nice breasts to be beautiful? Before Connor can give her a answer he needs a little help with Steak who’s decided to taste Connor’s head.

       As Lag rushes to Sylvette’s house he thinks that she gave up hope because it was too sad to bear, and he also thinks that Gauche is still alive somewhere, he vows to become Sylvette’s hope and he’ll search for Gauche. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, as Letter Bee has progressed Lag’s done a lot of crying over other people’s troubles. But, in this episode Lag’s tears come from his own sadness. Since the beginning of the series Gauche has always served as Lag’s standard for judging his manhood; Gauche would never quite so I won’t, Gauche works hard for his sister so I’ll work hard for my mother, and Gauche is a Letter Bee so I’ll become a Letter Bee. So, when Lag is confronted with the knowledge that his idol wasn’t perfect it really rocked his world. It must have really shocked Lag to see how Gauche’s dream and Sylvette’s reality conflict with each other; Gauche’s dream was to get his sister to Akatsuki so her life would be better, and all Sylvette wanted was to be with her brother. So, while Gauche achieved his dream, Sylvette’s life isn’t any better in Akatsuki, and it could be argued that her life is even more lonely and sad in Akatsuki. By the end of the episode, Lag’s decided to take on the maybe impossible task of becoming Sylvette’s light of hope, I guess it’s time for him to payback what Gauche did for him.

       I also found it quite interesting that while Niche considers herself Lag’s dingo, she’s now comparing herself to other girls in terms of looks and attractiveness. Sorry, Niche, I don’t think you’ll grow much in the tomato department because I think that operating those golden swords uses up a lot of energy that normal girls might have used in other areas. Also, I wish that the girls in my high school would have drank some of Sylvette’s tea with milk, for her being only slightly older than Lag she got better equipment than many of the girl’s I dated while in the Army and in college.

       This episode begins with Keita and his two sisters celebrating at a karaoke parlor, and it just so happens that his sisters have gone to the trouble of making Santa outfits for the occasion.  The reason that the sisters give for the occasion is shake Keita out of his depressed emo mood. After the sisters take a break from singing they try to get Keita to sing.

        After drinking some Oolong tea, Riko asks Keita if the tea tastes strange, then Riko suddenly passes out.  Ako then realizes that this must be the adult Oolong tea, and concludes that Riko must be really bad with alcohol. Ako tells Keita that they might as well just enjoy the tea, and after they’re both nice and toasty Ako tells Keita that she needs to pee. Keita tells her to just hurry up and go, but Ako’s legs won’t work properly. Keita offers to help Ako to the bathroom but she would rather crawl, so she crawls off to the bathroom.

       Just as Ako crawls off to the bathroom Riko finally wakes up and tells K that she also has to go to the bathroom but can’t hold it in. Well, Keita tells her the owners will be mad if she goes inside the room, then Riko and asks Keita if he’ll drink it? Well, Riko settles for asking Keita for an empty plastic bottle. Well, he says it’s impossible so Riko says she’ll just go here, and she says she hasn’t wet her pants since preschool.

     Keita decides it’s better to carry Riko to the bathroom instead of letting her pee her pants, and when Ako sees Keita carrying Riko past her she envies the princess carrying style.

      When Keita finally gets Riko inside the bathroom she plays up her intoxication getting Keita to remove her panties so she can pee, and once they’re off she tells Keita that is thing has gotten big. Keita finally gets her to go and when she’s finished she gets on Keita’s case for staying in the bathroom when he could have left and as punishment she tells him to hurry up and wipe her off.

       Keita starts to get really flustered and confused and she asks him what the problem is since she’s his sister. Riko tells him to remember back to when they were young and he was still pissing his bed and Riko and Ako had to take care of him, so he can return the favor this one time. Keita asks Riko if she’s sure it’s just pee down there and she tells him to hurry up and find out. Just as Keita begins to wipe her off Ako knocks on the door wondering what’s taking so long, breaking Riko’s moment of exaltation.

      As Keita is leaving the bathroom Ako gets a glimpse of the situation and Keita says she has it wrong but one glance at Keita’s pants confirms her worries and Riko says it’s exactly what it looks like.

       Back inside the karaoke booth, Riko’s fallen back asleep with a very nice smile on her face. Well, Keita is bummed out because Ako thinks something happened inside the bathroom so he starts to drinks heavily and Ako apologies to him. Then Keita places Ako on his lap and tells her to share some of her cheerfulness with him by mouth to mouth. After a few seconds thought, Ako thinks it’ll be alright for her to enjoy Keita by herself, and after a few minutes of kissing Keita wants Ako to work on his tongue then he returns the for her.  After a little while, the drunken Keita pulls Ako’s top down and tells her that he’s going to see how excited she gets when doing these things and proceeds to go to work on her twin peaks. He starts off a bit rough, but after a hint from Ako he gets gentle and asks her if it’s OK for a brother and sister to do this?

       Well, Ako tells Keita that she’s a sister Santa for now. Keita eventually works the rest of Ako’s outfit off and is about to go to work on her lower half when she gets a telephone call from the front desk saying that their time is up in five minutes, Ako asks for an extension, but the front desk tells her they’re booked solid so they have to leave, and when Ako looks over to Keita she sees that he’s asleep.

      When Ako returns to Keita’s side she bops him upside the head for falling asleep then she heads to the bathroom to take care of a moisture problem lamenting that if she knew it would have turned out like this she would have brought some spares.

     On their way back from the karaoke bar, Keita tells his sisters that he doesn’t remember a thing but he doesn’t feel stressed out anymore, and he thanks them for their help. As the episode ends, Ako and Riko bicker over what the other sister did with Keita, and Ako is still dealing with her moisture problem. Well, that’s all for this OAV.

       Well, I’ve always liked Kiss x Sis because of its playful execution of the wincest trope. While Keita relationship with Ako and Riko isn’t truly incest because they’re his step-sisters and it’s about as close as you can get without stepping into the creepy territory of Koi Kaze (real incest). In the previous two episodes of Kiss x Sis I’ve ripped on Keita for his lack of a man card, his parents say go for it, his step-sisters say go for it, his male classmates say go for it, even his own body says of it, and what does he do? Nothing. Well, in this episode he finally decides have a little taste of forbidden fruit, but only because he’s drunk, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t remember anything. I almost wish that I could swap Keita with Touya (the scumbag from White Album), Keita would make a better boyfriend for the pure and virginal Yuki, and Touya would have already passed his twin entrance exams and both Ako and Riko would be worring about buying diapers instead of making cosplay outfits. Eventhough I hate weak male leads in harem and love triangle anime, I like both Riko and Ako because those girls know what they want and they actualy go for it. What makes Kiss x Sis frustrating is that Ako and Riko offer Keita the perfect male fanstay of hot willing girls and he doesn’t have the sack to take advantage of a situation that could never exist but you wished it could.

       This episode on Saturday with Sawako cooking a meal for her parents and remembering her experiences with Yano and Yoshida when her mother answers a call from  Sawako’s friends. Yano and Yoshida ask her if she can meet them for further adventures in ramen. When Sawako asks her parents if she can skip out on cooking to meet her friends, and her parents seem so overjoyed at the prospect of Sawako having friends they tell her to go ahead. Sawako’s father wonders if one of her new friends might include a boy?

        When Sawako meets up with Yano and Yoshida they head off to the ramen shop that happens to be owned and operated by Ryuu’s family. After they finish eating they head up to Ryuu’s room where Yano gets a call from her boyfriend, and she tells Sadako that she’ll soon discover the wonderful world of adults. Later, when Ryuu finishes work he joins them, and Sawako asks if Ryuu and Yoshida are lovers? Well, Ryuu just smirks while Yoshida flips out, and after a few minutes Ryuu tells Sadako that they more like brother and sister.

        After hanging for a while, the girls decide that they should call up Kazehaya so Ryuu doesn’t get to enjoy a harem night. Yoshida gets Ryuu to hand over his cell and she tosses it to Sadako saying it’ll be fun to hear Kazehaya’s reaction when he hears a girl calling him from Ryuu’s phone.

         After a bit of indecision on her part, Sawako finally pushes the call button and when he answers the phone Yoshida’s idea has the desired affect, at first he’s confused, and then he’s happy. Sawako tells him that they’re all at Ryuu’s place and having a good time so it’ll be more fun if he stops over, Kazehaya hops on his bike and heads over to Ryuu’s place.

        Before Kazehaya arrives, the four of them look over photos from middle school, and Sawako wishes she could have met the middle school Kazehaya.

         Then Sawako notices a picture of the “French doll” and asks about her, Yano doesn’t say much but you can tell she not pleased by her mention. The girls then shows her picture to Ryuu and asks what he thinks? Not my type. Wow, Yoshida didn’t know he had a type, and then she asks him about Sadako? Casual like, and Sawako tells him she likes him too. Yano and Yoshida asks her about them? Love. Then they ask her about Kazehaya? Well, Sawako manages to stammer out the word, love. As Yoshida is about to really question Sadako about her answer Yano pulls her back a little.

        Well, Kazehaya arrives just as they’re poking fun at him by calling him a pervert or emo. So, when he says he’s not a pervert he notices Sawako looking  at him and they exchange glances and blushes.

       Once Yano notices how Kazehaya is acting with Sadako she calls Sadako over to sit between her and Yoshida, she and Yoshida start hugging Sawako telling Kazehaya how soft and girly Sawako feels. Yano really seems to be enjoying making Kazehaya feel uncomfortable, and it’s all fun and games until Pin who was eating downstairs barges in on the fun.

       Well, it turns out that Kazehaya’s dad was Pin’s little league coach, so he’s known Kazehaya since he was a kid. Well, once all the fun is over, Kazehaya and Sawako walk off together to the girls’ amusement, Pin head off with Yano to her annoyment, and Yoshida and Ryuu are left together where he tells her she didn’t have to go this far to show him that everything is now alright. As Sawako and Kazehaya walk together under the stars she tells him she was glad she came to this school where she met everyone, and he asks if that includes him? Of course. As they walk together Sawako thinks to herself that she’s glad she got a peek at the Kazehaya she never knew and it makes her happy. Well, that’s enough warm and fuzzies for one episode.

        Well, this was a very nice and relaxing episode watching Sawako hanging out with her new friends, and it was a nice no drama change of pace from the previous episodes. Sawako’s parents’ reaction to their finding out she now has friends was priceless, and even though her father seemed overjoyed it was pretty funny watching him wonder if their might be a boy. I really enjoyed watching Sawako discover the simple joys of just hanging out and goofing around with friends. It was really cute watching Yano and Yoshida pull Kazehaya’s chains with their whole Sawako is so soft and girly bit. Yano realised Sawako’s and Kazehaya mutual attraction and her light hearted ribbing reminded me that we did some of the very same things to my friends back in the day.

         Also, Yano’s reaction to Sawako’s mention of the “French doll” was quite susprising because it seems that she had some extra knowledge about her that she chose not to share with Sawako. Oh, it was also very interesting hearing Ryuu tell Yoshida what his type of girl is, and while she thought that he was refering to Sawako he was really saying that his type of girl is her. In future episodes I look forward to meeting Yano’s yet unnamed boyfriend (older guy?), watching Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s relationship progress, and seeing if childhood friends manage to hook up.

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