you're better off with a smile

      This episode begins with Ichigo and the princes working on a chocolate cake project in class. While Ichigo fails at the decorating process, Hanabusa and Andou tell her she’s did the baking well and she’s improved a great deal since her first day, but Kashino continues to pull her strings causing Ichigo to vow that she’ll shut him up.

I want to make this cakenever in a million years

the devil Kashino

      Later that night, Ichigo and Vanilla practice making a chocolate roll cake for Ichigo’s upcoming exam, everything comes out great but the chocolate flavor doesn’t seem quite right. Try as they might, Ichigo and Vanilla can’t get the chocolate topping to taste right, Vanilla says she’s sorry because chocolate isn’t her strong suit. Vanilla mentions something about chocolat(?) and then freaks out, after calming Vanilla down Ichigo suggests that they call it a night.

Vanilla is out of commission

      Early the next morning, As Ichigo is heading back to the kitchen she spies Kashino practicing. Ichigo is quite surprised that Kashino would be practicing at 5am, and Kashino tells Ichigo he’s conditioning his body for the work. So, Kashino asks Ichigo if she gave up already, and Ichigo gets angry because if he knew all along that she was working late nights at least he could acknowledge her efforts, this drives Ichigo back to her spot for more practice.

Kashino also works lateyou also train lateKashino knew I worked late

I wish he'd give me credit

      As Ichigo begins to work on her chocolate, Kashino chews her out for using too high of a melting temperature on her chocolate and he tells her what temperature not to exceed. While yelling at Ichigo, Kashino gives her good advice on the proper preparation of chocolate. After following Kashino’s advice and using some books he gave her, Ichigo’s next chocolate roll cake turns out good. Ichigo thanks Kashino for his help but he tells her that he’s only helping her so she doesn’t lower the group’s grades, he also chews her out for wasting too many ingredients. Kashino lets Ichigo taste his creation and she loves it, but he won’t let her have another taste telling her she can create it herself.

don't go higher than 60Don't lower our gradesI'll get the devil back

      When Vanilla finds Ichigo in the kitchen, she sees Ichigo reading a really advanced French chocolate recipe book, and Ichigo tells her that she needs to up the level if she’s going to compete with the devil Kashino. Well, Ichigo works really hard at making her cake, Vanilla falls asleep from exhaustion but Ichigo soldiers on. When Ichigo is getting ready to melt the chocolate she passes out from exhaustion and Kashino catches her before she hits the floor. Ichigo tries to blow off this incident when Kashino notices she’s trying to make a very complicated cake and he tells her it’s impossible. Ichigo says she’ll make it because she’s in group A, and either emotion or exhaustion gets to Ichigo and she begins to cry even though she doesn’t want to cry in front of him.

I tasted his cakehis cake was shockingI need more than this kiddy cake

are you OK IchigoI'm OK nowyou can't make this

Ichigo in tears

      Kashino tells Ichigo that when he was a very little kid he used to hang out at his uncle’s chocolate shop and watch him work, and eventually he began to learn from his uncle, so that’s why he’s here now. Kashino calms Ichigo down with some hot chocolate and he tells her not to stress out about it because sooner or later she’ll find her magic. Later, Vanilla notices that Ichigo’s in a better mood, and Ichigo tells Vanilla that she won’t stress about chocolate because it’s supposed to relax you.

Kashino and his unclehere drink thisI'm here because of my uncle

Kashino looks like an angel

      The next day is the big test, Ichigo decides to make the chocolate roll cake after all but Ichigo modifies the recipe to make it both bitter and sweet, like Kashino.

Ichigo's cake

       When the tasting comes, Andou and Hanabusa thinks it’s great, and while Kashino has a small criticism he tells Ichigo that it’s delicious and the best she’s created so far. Just Ichigo’s is basking in Kashino’s praise, a sweet spirit name Chocolat pops out of Kashino’s pocket and tells Ichigo to not get carried away with herself. Well, that’s all for this episode.

It's the best so far

don't get too full of yourself Ichigo

      Well, in this episode we get to see how Kashino became motivated in his quest to become a great worker of chocolate, like Hanabusa and Andou, Kashino was motivated by family. Hanabusa was motivated by his mother’s and father’s love of roses, Andou was motivated by his desire to mix his family’s Japanese sweets tradition with cake, and now we see that Kashino was motivated by his uncle’s love of chocolate.

       I really like the love/hate relationship Ichigo has going with Kashino, while he infuriates her, he also drives Ichigo to become a better patissiere. If anything, Kashino just might be a tsundere when it come to Ichigo. Also, I had wondered how long it would take us to finally meet the sweet spirits that I thought belonged to the three princes, well we finally meet Kashino’s sweet spirit, Chocolat. I wonder if we’ll see the other two spirits in the next episode or will we have to wait for a few more episodes? Overall, a nice episode; Kashino you’re such a meanie!