look how far I've come

now I'm here

       This episode picks at the point where Choco, Kashino’s sweet spirit  jumps out and tells Ichigo to not get full of herself after a little praise from Kashino. Choco starts digging on Ichigo when Vanilla pops out and starts to get into it with Choco, and Ichigo grabs a bowl and covers up Vanilla and Choco. The princes tell Ichigo it’s OK because only students with a sweet spirit of their own can hear other sweet spirits.

Choco is on the scene

The Vanilla and Choco faceoff

       Later, after class, Ichigo introduces Vanilla to the princes, and Choco and Vanilla soon start fighting again. Then Caramel, Andou’s sweet spirit pops out and tries to stop Vanilla and Choco from fighting, and soon Hanabusa’s spirit, Cafe joins the group. After each boy goes over their dream, they hold a welcoming party for Ichigo and Vanilla featuring treats created from each of their specialities.

Andou's spirit CaramelHanabusa's spirit CafeWe're here for training

what we want

      Later, we see three girls spying on Ichigo and the princes. They all comment on what an eyesore Ichigo is, but she’s surrounded by the three princes who seem to be enjoying themselves.

she's surrounded by the princes

       The next day, students from St. Marie pay a visit to the local kindergarten where they all get mobbed by the kids. At first, Ichigo has to calm down Kashino after some kids piss him off then Kashino has to return the favor when some boys get more personal with Ichigo then she expected. When the students pass out birthday cakes to the little kids Ichigo notices a little girl sitting by herself. Ichigo goes up to Ringo and tries to get her to join her classmates, but it doesn’t work.  Rumi then tells Ichigo that Ringo is Koizumi’s little sister (another student at St. Marie Academy), and that she’s quiet so she  has a hard time making friends. When Ichigo makes another attempt at talking with Ringo some of the boys start teasing both of them. After Ichigo chases the boys off, she finds that Ringo has left the classroom.

surrounded by the kidsholding Kashino backnon approved panty flash

they know where the cake is

shouldn't you be with the others

       Ichigo then follows Ringo outside where she has a little talk with her, Ichigo finds out that Ringo loves cake that has lots of apples and cream, so Ichigo vows to make her a special cake for her birthday. While Ringo is happy about this she tells Ichigo that she can’t eat it with the others because they tease her about her rosy cheeks, and that Ringo has just joined this school and misses her old school. Ichigo can relate with how it feels to come to a new school where everything can seem depressing and lonely.

they always tease me

      Ichigo tells the princes about her idea, and says she’ll design an exciting cake for Ringo because Ringo’s just like her when she came to St. Marie.

Ringo is just like me

      When Ichigo gets back to her room, she struggles to come up with a idea on how to incorporate apples, cream, and friends into a cake for Ringo. After Ichigo returns from Ringo’s school (field research) she presents the three princes with her cake design, and they agree to attempt the design tonight. The girls who have been complaining about Ichigo decide to attempt something against her.

the plot against Ichigo thickens

       After Ichigo and the princes finish the cake they decide to head to the store for some snacks, and Caramel decides to stay behind with the cake. As Caramel is hanging out with the cake the evil girls come inside the room and put down Ichigo’s creation, and they also take pictures of the cake and plan on embarrassing her when she delivers the cake. As Ichigo is walking back from the store with the princes, she thinks to herself that before she only got sweets when her mom treated, and now she making sweets with her friends.

spying on the cake

      When the day finally comes to make Ringo’s cake, Ichigo and the princes think that they’ve practiced this so many times that they could do it in their sleep until they notice a group of girls carrying the exact same cake that they’re been working on. When they question the girls about the cake they claim that Ichigo copied the cake from them and say that Ringo will be teased if they bring her the same cake that their group made. Well, Ichigo wonders why they’d do such a thing but she’s also happy that the princes believe her, and they figure the girls must have seen their design at some point.

seeing their cake stoldenthat's our cakedon't say weird things

copycat ringo

      Then Caramel pops out and starts crying, saying that she thought that the other girls were just taking a picture of the cake because it was so beautiful. Well, Ichigo thinks it’s unforgivable, and Kashino says they have one hour to come up with a new design. As the clock winds down, the group wonder what they’ll do for a new design in only one hour until Ichigo says she has an idea for a even better design. Well, that’s all for this episode.

those girls took pictures

it's their fault Caramel

       Well, this episode was really too sweet by half. After Choco makes her appearance to berate Ichigo we discover that each of the princes also has their very own sweets spirit, and each spirit has some sort of personality trait that matches their partner: Vanilla is a little bit of a slacker like Ichigo, and she loves sweets almost as much as her; Choco seems to be a bit of a tsundere like Kashino; Cafe seems be as well mannered and slightly vain like Hanabusa; Caramel seems to have very deep emotions like Andou. 

      After the princes discover that Ichigo also has a sweets spirit I think that her credentials are now established and she a full member of group A. Also it seems that Ichigo’s relationship with the princes has drawn the ire of some of the other girls, and they decide to strike a mean blow at Ichigo. The funny thing about these types of attacks is that they always backfire on the attackers, while attacking the sweet girl seems to be a good idea the boys always see through the charade and only look down on the attacker, in shoujo, sweet always wins over the boys.