that's your goal Lag

        This episode begins with Lag, Niche, and Steak passing the guardian of Bifrost’s test, and they are allowed to cross the bridge. Once on the other side, Niche, Lag and Steak again face another guardian, the twin of Signal (the guardian from the other side) before being allowed to exit. While they were crossing the bridge, Lag accepts Niche as his Dingo causing her to put her pants back on, and Lag also gets wet because he had to rescue Steak from the water.

Lag and Niche 1

Lag and Niche 2Lag and Niche 3Lag and Niche 4

       On the other side, Lag finds Connor waiting for him and he introduces Niche as his Dingo. Connor takes them by wagon to Yuusari Central, the capital city, Yuusari Central is very lively and vibrant. Lag asks Connor if Gauche’s sister Sylvette lives here, and he says yes but he’s also very quiet whenever Gauche’s name come up.

I've finally made it

        When they arrive at the main post office (the Bee hive) Lag’s rush to make a good impression cause quite a stir, and soon Lag meets the sub-master who happens to be Gauche’s friend Aria Link. After Lag is fully dressed he is taken to meet the master (Largo Lloyd), who happens to be none other than the rare anime collector from the last town. When Lag first notices who Lloyd is, he tells him he can’t have his friend and dingo, Niche. Lloyd tells Lag that he intended to use the child of Maka as his own dingo on business trips (OK, I really buy that). Aria sends Lag to wait at an apartment complex to begin his interview.

Meeting Aria

so we meet againNiche is my friendI won't let you sell her

        Once Lag arrives at the apartment, he’s introduced to Macky Gee (age 17) and his dingo Resia, they’re each given a letter and told that their sole task is to deliver their letters to the proper address, no time limit and they are both told that all 22 of the previous test takers have failed the exam. Each is offered a Shindanjuu gun and amber, Macky chooses the largest gun, but Lag tells Aria that he has his own gun and amber.

everyone has failed so far

the other letter bee wanabeethe exam maybe stopped

       Outside, Macky is very cocky towards Lag and about the task, he decides to take the carriage while Lag chooses to go by foot. As the two head off, we see Aria watching Lag from above and wondering if Lag is the silver haired Albisian child that she heard about?

Is Lag that child

       When Macky reaches the encounter with the Gaichuu (they were basically told they would encounter one), he and his dingo are worthless, his dingo runs away and he starts crying for help. Finally, Lag, Niche, and Steak arrive on the scene, and after a tough battle they destroy the Gaichuu but Lag is covered with mud and his letter is missing. The entire battle was observed by a Bee (Zazie) who is serving as exam proctor, and who’s job is also to prevent the test takers from being killed.

Coming throughfrom above Lagaiming point here

the blast 001

the blast 002

        When Lag delivers his letter the woman goes all “postal” on Lag because the letter is very soiled unlike the clean letter Macky delivered. As Lag is saying his apologies, Zazie shows up and gives the lady some stamps for the inconvenience and asks to see the other letter. Once Zazie has the letter he has Lag shoot it with his Shindan revealing to everyone that Macky forged the letter to pass the test, Zazie tells Macky to train his heart and try again.

my letter is dirty

shooting the letter

       Later, Zazie tells Lag that he did a great job, and almost got the all time speed record, faster than him, Conner, and Jiggy. He tells Lag that since Gauche is no longer a Bee he’s really the new record holder, Lag stops in his tracks and asks Zazie if Gauche is really no longer a Bee? Well, cliffhanger time, that’s all for this episode.

Gauche is no longer a bee

say that again

       Well, I think that we’ve reached the real beginning of Letter Bee with Lag seeming to be well on his way to becoming a full fledged Bee. In the next few episodes it seems that Lag’s got quite a bit of work ahead of him, he’ll have to discover why Gauche gave up his dream of becoming head Bee, and he’ll have to discover who kidnapped his mother, and why. I really don’t trust Largo Lloyd because there has to be more to his interest in the Child of Maka/Niche than his needing a dingo excuse he feed to Lag, and I get the feeling that there’s corruption somewhere in the Letter Bee management. Also, I thought that Niche and her dingo bait stole the show in the fight with the Gaichuu, Steak rocks!