This episode on Saturday with Sawako cooking a meal for her parents and remembering her experiences with Yano and Yoshida when her mother answers a call from  Sawako’s friends. Yano and Yoshida ask her if she can meet them for further adventures in ramen. When Sawako asks her parents if she can skip out on cooking to meet her friends, and her parents seem so overjoyed at the prospect of Sawako having friends they tell her to go ahead. Sawako’s father wonders if one of her new friends might include a boy?

        When Sawako meets up with Yano and Yoshida they head off to the ramen shop that happens to be owned and operated by Ryuu’s family. After they finish eating they head up to Ryuu’s room where Yano gets a call from her boyfriend, and she tells Sadako that she’ll soon discover the wonderful world of adults. Later, when Ryuu finishes work he joins them, and Sawako asks if Ryuu and Yoshida are lovers? Well, Ryuu just smirks while Yoshida flips out, and after a few minutes Ryuu tells Sadako that they more like brother and sister.

        After hanging for a while, the girls decide that they should call up Kazehaya so Ryuu doesn’t get to enjoy a harem night. Yoshida gets Ryuu to hand over his cell and she tosses it to Sadako saying it’ll be fun to hear Kazehaya’s reaction when he hears a girl calling him from Ryuu’s phone.

         After a bit of indecision on her part, Sawako finally pushes the call button and when he answers the phone Yoshida’s idea has the desired affect, at first he’s confused, and then he’s happy. Sawako tells him that they’re all at Ryuu’s place and having a good time so it’ll be more fun if he stops over, Kazehaya hops on his bike and heads over to Ryuu’s place.

        Before Kazehaya arrives, the four of them look over photos from middle school, and Sawako wishes she could have met the middle school Kazehaya.

         Then Sawako notices a picture of the “French doll” and asks about her, Yano doesn’t say much but you can tell she not pleased by her mention. The girls then shows her picture to Ryuu and asks what he thinks? Not my type. Wow, Yoshida didn’t know he had a type, and then she asks him about Sadako? Casual like, and Sawako tells him she likes him too. Yano and Yoshida asks her about them? Love. Then they ask her about Kazehaya? Well, Sawako manages to stammer out the word, love. As Yoshida is about to really question Sadako about her answer Yano pulls her back a little.

        Well, Kazehaya arrives just as they’re poking fun at him by calling him a pervert or emo. So, when he says he’s not a pervert he notices Sawako looking  at him and they exchange glances and blushes.

       Once Yano notices how Kazehaya is acting with Sadako she calls Sadako over to sit between her and Yoshida, she and Yoshida start hugging Sawako telling Kazehaya how soft and girly Sawako feels. Yano really seems to be enjoying making Kazehaya feel uncomfortable, and it’s all fun and games until Pin who was eating downstairs barges in on the fun.

       Well, it turns out that Kazehaya’s dad was Pin’s little league coach, so he’s known Kazehaya since he was a kid. Well, once all the fun is over, Kazehaya and Sawako walk off together to the girls’ amusement, Pin head off with Yano to her annoyment, and Yoshida and Ryuu are left together where he tells her she didn’t have to go this far to show him that everything is now alright. As Sawako and Kazehaya walk together under the stars she tells him she was glad she came to this school where she met everyone, and he asks if that includes him? Of course. As they walk together Sawako thinks to herself that she’s glad she got a peek at the Kazehaya she never knew and it makes her happy. Well, that’s enough warm and fuzzies for one episode.

        Well, this was a very nice and relaxing episode watching Sawako hanging out with her new friends, and it was a nice no drama change of pace from the previous episodes. Sawako’s parents’ reaction to their finding out she now has friends was priceless, and even though her father seemed overjoyed it was pretty funny watching him wonder if their might be a boy. I really enjoyed watching Sawako discover the simple joys of just hanging out and goofing around with friends. It was really cute watching Yano and Yoshida pull Kazehaya’s chains with their whole Sawako is so soft and girly bit. Yano realised Sawako’s and Kazehaya mutual attraction and her light hearted ribbing reminded me that we did some of the very same things to my friends back in the day.

         Also, Yano’s reaction to Sawako’s mention of the “French doll” was quite susprising because it seems that she had some extra knowledge about her that she chose not to share with Sawako. Oh, it was also very interesting hearing Ryuu tell Yoshida what his type of girl is, and while she thought that he was refering to Sawako he was really saying that his type of girl is her. In future episodes I look forward to meeting Yano’s yet unnamed boyfriend (older guy?), watching Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s relationship progress, and seeing if childhood friends manage to hook up.