This episode begins with Lag questioning Zazie about Gauche no longer being a Bee, and Zazie tells him that Gauche had worked his way up to being a candidate for Head Bee and then must have had a nervous breakdown or something that caused him to quit. Lag is so upset that he tells Zazie to stop lying about Gauche.

        Later, Connor and Zazie take Lag to visit Sylvette, and Lag doesn’t respond to Connor’s apology about not telling him about Gauche. After Lag has left the wagon, Connor tells Zazie about what Gauche meant to Lag. Zazie heads back to the Bee Hive leaving Connor to wait for Lag’s return.

         When Lag enters Sylvette’s house he encounters a strange doll and a gun toting woman who at  first mistakes Lag for a bill collector. Lag then realises that the woman is none other than Gauche’s sister Sylvette, and Sylvette also figures out that he must be Lag Seeing.

        Sylvette makes some tea with milk for Lag and Niche, and Niche doesn’t drink the tea until Sylvette makes a comment about Niche staying small (Niche does a comparison between her and Sylvette’s tomato’s).

        Well, Sylvette tells Lag that he’s just like Gauche described him, and Lag tells Sylvette that he met her through the Shindan that Gauche shot him with. Well, Sylvette tells Lag to stop, and she tells him that Gauche isn’t here and points him towards a letter.

        The letter is a termination letter stating that Gauche is fired because of his absences from the Bee Hive and his failure to appear at a hearing, so his crossing pass is terminated and his residence in the capital is revoked. Meanwhile, back at the Bee Hive, we see Aria looking over an old picture of her and Gauche and thinking back to when the Head Bee had her deliver Gauche’s termination notice to Sylvette.

        Sylvette tells Lag that soon after Gauche crossed into Akatsuki he lost his heart and disappeared. Well, Lag asks about Sylvette’s gun (Gauche’s old gun) and she says that Gauche had a new gun made once he arrived at the capital and that this gun doesn’t contain spirit amber, she uses it to bluff people. Sylvette tells Lag that over the last 4 1/2 years she’s seen no report of her brother or heard from him, so she’s given up hope, he’s dead to her. Lag tells her that Gauche was doing everything for her, but Sylvette says he reaped what he sowed and that she never asked for anything other than to be with her brother. She goes on to say that he pushed himself to ruin by taking the most difficult deliveries. Sylvette tells Lag that she was glad to met him and apologies for the bad new, and she also tells Lag to leave and never come back.

       On the wagon ride back, Lag asks Niche what she’d do if he lost his heart and forgot her. Well, Niche tells him that she’d drop him, bite him, and lick him. But, she also tells him that she’s his dingo and she would never forget him, so they’ll always be together.

       At that point, Lag tells Connor to stop the wagon because he’s going back to see Sylvette. When Lag leaves the wagon, Niche tries to follow, but Connor grabs her and says that Lag should see Sylvette alone. Soon, Niche comments of Connor’s squishy waist, and she also asks Connor if you need nice breasts to be beautiful? Before Connor can give her a answer he needs a little help with Steak who’s decided to taste Connor’s head.

       As Lag rushes to Sylvette’s house he thinks that she gave up hope because it was too sad to bear, and he also thinks that Gauche is still alive somewhere, he vows to become Sylvette’s hope and he’ll search for Gauche. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, as Letter Bee has progressed Lag’s done a lot of crying over other people’s troubles. But, in this episode Lag’s tears come from his own sadness. Since the beginning of the series Gauche has always served as Lag’s standard for judging his manhood; Gauche would never quite so I won’t, Gauche works hard for his sister so I’ll work hard for my mother, and Gauche is a Letter Bee so I’ll become a Letter Bee. So, when Lag is confronted with the knowledge that his idol wasn’t perfect it really rocked his world. It must have really shocked Lag to see how Gauche’s dream and Sylvette’s reality conflict with each other; Gauche’s dream was to get his sister to Akatsuki so her life would be better, and all Sylvette wanted was to be with her brother. So, while Gauche achieved his dream, Sylvette’s life isn’t any better in Akatsuki, and it could be argued that her life is even more lonely and sad in Akatsuki. By the end of the episode, Lag’s decided to take on the maybe impossible task of becoming Sylvette’s light of hope, I guess it’s time for him to payback what Gauche did for him.

       I also found it quite interesting that while Niche considers herself Lag’s dingo, she’s now comparing herself to other girls in terms of looks and attractiveness. Sorry, Niche, I don’t think you’ll grow much in the tomato department because I think that operating those golden swords uses up a lot of energy that normal girls might have used in other areas. Also, I wish that the girls in my high school would have drank some of Sylvette’s tea with milk, for her being only slightly older than Lag she got better equipment than many of the girl’s I dated while in the Army and in college.