Well, this episode begins with Kurumi (Ume Kurumizawa/AKA the French Doll) talking with some of her school friends about whether or not Sadako is dating Kazehaya. While the other girls find the idea silly, Kurumi asks them why they find it strange that he might have fallen in love? They just laugh it off and tease Kurumi about being in love with Kazehaya since she went to middle school with him.

         Also, at school, Sawako notices that students are no longer avoiding her, and, are in fact, trying to get her attention. Later, Sawako finds out from Hirano and Endo that a new rumor is flying around the school saying that if you can get Sadako to smile you’ll recieve good fortune.

        When Yano and Yoshida arrive at class they tell Sawako that it’s nice that she is good friends with Hirano and Endo, and Sawako is very happy knowing that she has more friends. Yoshida and Yano tells the girls that it’s a pain using full names so they agree to use Chizu, Ayane, Ekko, and Tomo. Well, they have Sawako practice calling them by their first names, and she needs the practice.

        After Tomo and Ekko leave, Ayane and Chizu tells Sawako that part of her problem was she was way too formal and she needs to start calling girls by their first names. When Kazehaya walks in the room, Ayane gets the idea that Sawako needs to practice on Kazehaya. Well, Sawako’s way too nervous to go through with it, but she does add -kun to his last name. Sawako tells herself that she’ll work on this with girls first and continue to address guys the same as always even though she notices that Kazehaya, Ayane, and Chizu have no problem with the issue.

        Later, Pin shows up and tells the class about the upcoming sports festival, Kazehaya gets “volunteered” into helping, and Pin tries to fire up the class. Chizu gets pretty worked up, and Pin suggests that Sawako might want to skip class that day since he assumes she’s not very good at sports. Kazehaya suggests that the class begin practice sessions during lunch and everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

       Later, Kurumi finds out that Kazehaya is on the committee, and her friends suggest that she also join the committee. Well, Kurumi says it’s not like that with her and Kazehaya but she’s not opposed to being on the committee, so they agree to nominate her.

       Once practice begins, we quickly see that Sawako isn’t very good at soccer, and Chizu tries to help Sawako but their lunch break soon runs out. Just then, Sawako notices Kazehaya practicing with the other boys and she becomes mesmerised watching him. Kazehaya looks over and notices that Sawako has her hair in braids, and Sawako’s attraction level grows to monumental proportions. Chizu has to snap Sawako out of her trance, and Sawako wonders what just happened, she wasn’t even close to him, just looking at him caused this happened.

        After class is over, Chizu and Ayane ask Sadako to go shopping and have some ramen with them but she begs off making an excuse, she’s really heading off to practice and doesn’t want to tie them up. Later, Sawako finds herself staring at Kazehaya in the hallway, she tries to look away but she’s still drawn to him. Then Sawako tries to borrow a soccer ball from a teacher but no dice, and she wonders if she needs to buy her own, so much for her practice. While watering the flowers, Sawako thinks back to her first conversation with Kazehaya.

       When Kazehaya walks into the sports committee meeting Kurumi sees him and calls him over, and he takes a seat in front of her. Kurumi tries to make small talk with him about a borrowed CD but she soon notices that he’s watching Sadako practice soccer with a rock from the window in a daze.

        Later, as the school chime sounds, a soccer ball rolls up to Sawako and when she looks over she see that Kazehaya brought the ball for her, long silent stares ensue. Kazehaya says “this way”, and Sawako follows. As Sawako and Kazehaya stand across from each other, not a world is spoken, Sawako kicks the balls to Kazehaya and says she reaches out to him. Then we see that Kurumi is taking in the whole scene from the upstairs classroom window. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this was a very nice episode that showcased Sawako growing integration into normal school society, while it hasn’t been easy for Sawako her journey has been made easier by Ayane’s and Chizu’s help. Chizu and Ayane, other than being good friends with Sawako also serve as her instructors in how normal social interactions should take place between other kids. For most people the saying “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten” or at least “in elementary school” usually applies, but as we saw in the other episode Sawako separation from normal kid society started at a very early age so she’s lacking in basic social knowledge that most kids take for granted.

       What I thought the best part of the whole episode was when Sawako came to the understanding, at least on a physical level, that her attraction to Kazehaya has moved beyond mere admiration. I think at one time or another we’ve all had the  “Sawako moment”  where we look at that certain member of the opposite sex and see them differently; it might be the way the sun shines off their hair, or it could be the way you see their smile, or it could be that one day their voice sounds like music to you. Who the hell really knows why this happens, but one day that special person changes in your mind from just another person to an object of sexual attraction, while you might deny this in your head your body doesn’t lie, and Sawako has reached this point with Kazehaya. Sawako’s drawn to Kazehaya like a moth to a flame, and while getting too close can cause burns some burns feel good. I look forward to watching Sawako’s and Kazehaya’s relationship progress, and seeing how Kurumi will try and snatch Kazehaya from her.