This episode begins with Sawako’s class continuing their practice for the upcoming sports festival, and Sawako shows noticeable improvement in her soccer skills. We then get a flashback of Sawako’s and Kazehaya’s practice session where more than a soccer ball gets kicked back and forth. Later, we see that watching Kazehaya practicing with the other boys still causes blushing and heart fluttering in Sawako.

        When Sawako heads back to the empty classroom Kurumi (AKA the French Doll) walks up to Sawako asking for Kazehaya. When Sawako tells her that the boys aren’t back yet Sawako is kind of smitten by Kurumi’s easy and natural way she talks to her. Sawako thinks to herself that Kurumi is the kind of girl she would want to be like. Just as Sawako is thinking that Kurumi looks like a doll Kurumi tell Sawako she looks like a doll, Sawako is shocked that she was called by her real name and that she was told she looks like a doll. As Kurumi is walking away she thinks to herself that Sawako is a voodoo doll.

        Inside the classroom, Chizu and Ayane notice Sawako’s spaced out mood and ask her about it, and she tells them about the doll comment, and they assume that Sawako is taking the comment the wrong way. When Kazehaya return to the class Sawako continues to feel the effects of her attraction to him, and she mentions to him that Kurumi was looking for him. The mention of Kurumi’s name gets Chizu’s attention and she asks Sadako if she met her.

      A little later, Ayane decides to have some fun by trying to get Kazehaya to call Sawako by her first name. Well, Kazehaya gets really nervous and stressed, and Ayane’s really enjoying the show. Kazehaya stresses out and can’t through with it, and Sawako realizes that she really nervous and her hearts pounding and she’s been like this since the other day. While a flushed Sawako is gazing at Kazehaya he has to turn away when he catches her eye.

       Later, as Sawako is carrying some class papers down the hall she sees Kurumi and Kazehaya talking and she overhears comments about how nice they look together. Sawako thinks to herself that she should use Kurumi as a model and even goes as far as asking Ayane and Chizu if she would look good with a perm. Well, this soon sets off some not quite pleasant visuals in Ayane’s and Chizu’s mind as they try to imange Sawako with a perm or different hair colors. Well, they asks Sawako why she wants a perm and she tells them that she thought fluffier hair made you cute, oh so you want to be cuter.

     Later, Sawako admits to herself that she was jealous of Kurumi and she wanted to be cuter even though she knew she couldn’t be as cute as Kurumi.

       As Sawako is waiting on Ayane and Chizu she runs into Ekko and Tomo and she soon notices Kazehaya talking with someone and overhears him refer to Kurumi by her first name. Sawako is sent into over thinking mode when she assumes that Kazehaya and Kurumi are close friends, and she says she’s never bothered to ask him if he has a girl he likes.

       While Sawako is deep in thought about her feelings and thoughts about Kazehaya he walks up on her and asks her about practice. Sawako goes into full blush mode just looking at him, and it sort of causes the same reaction in Kazehaya until he faces her and begins to call her by her first name. But, Kazehaya is interrupted by Kurumi showing up before he can finish and the mood is spoiled. Well, Kazehaya is sweating, Sawako is sweating, and Kurumi decides to dry off Sawako’s face for her. Sawako jumps to the conclusion that Kurumi is a really nice person, and Kazehaya assumes they’re good friends.

         When Kazehaya asks Kurumi if she wants him for something she says she just wanted to talk with Sawako, and she grabs Sawako’s hands and says they’re friends now, right. At that very moment we’re left with a shocked and somewhat star struck Sawako staring at Kurumi with Kazehaya staring at them, and also Ayane and Chizu have stumbled across this stunning scene. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this was quite an interesting episode and not exactly what I had expected. Episode 8 showed us that Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s feelings for each other run very deep even though they are unable or unwilling to express them directly. While they both assume their feelings for each other are pretty much under wraps they’re quite noticeable to Ayane, and most importantly, Kurumi.

         I think episode 9 highlights what Kurumi’s two prong attack on Sawako will be, and this episode also shows how she’ll most likely be Sawako’s greatest enemy. Kurumi witnessed the earlier failure of Yuuka’s and her friends’ crude attacks on Sawako and saw how it only served to bring Kazehaya closer to Sawako. So, I think that Kurumi will take advantage of Sawako’s lack of social skills by befriending her for no apparent reason; A normal person having a stranger, or a person you’ve only met in passing telling you that they’re your friend would draw suspicion, but Sawako’s not normal in a social sense. 

         So, Kurumi’s assault against Sawako will take a similar form to Kaworu’s attack on Shinji in the NGE anime series.  In many ways Sawako is similar to Shinji, she has a low sense of self-esteem, and is/was very lonely, so Kurumi will use Sawako’s longing for connection/human contact to get closer to Kazehaya and try and slip into Sawako’s role as Kazehaya’s girl friend; she is following Woody Allen theory that “Eighty percent of being successful in life is showing up.”

          One thing that Sawako hasn’t figured out yet is that expressing your feelings won’t clear up all misunderstandings and not everyone will like you if you’re nice to them. In the episode where Sawako, Ayane, and Chizu finished their confrontation with Yuuka and her girls, Sawako was left with the impression that her misunderstanding with Yuuka was cleared up, but what Sawako failed to realize was that Yuuka only backed down because she was afraid of getting her ass kicked by Chizu, and nothing was really settled between her and Sawako. So, I think that Ayane and Chizu have to give Sawako some warning that Kurumi’s intentions might not be so pure, and that she just might be a rattlesnake waiting to strike.

        How I’d like to see the whole Kurumi/Sawako/Kazehaya love triangle resolve itself would be having by having Sawako and Kazehaya continuing their after school soccer practices where after a exceptionally sexually charged moment Kazehaya calls Sawako by her first name, then Sawako calls him Shota, they embrace passionately then proceed to rip off each other’s school uniforms and have hot animal sex while a frustrated Kurumi looks on from a classroom window, war over, Kurumi loses.