Well, this episode begins with Lag renting Gauche’s old room from Sylvette, and we see that Sylvette has her hands full with getting Niche to do things like brush her teeth. Later, Lag thanks Sylvette for letting him rent the room, and Sylvette makes Lag promise that as long has he’s living here he’ll come home. Then Sylvette makes Lag and Niche her brother’s favorite dish, and it tastes just like that crappy soup Gauche fed him in the first episodes.


         Later, Lag is saved from having to eat more of Sylvette’s food by a knock on the front door; Aria Link has stopped by for Lag’s first work day. Aria gives Lag a bag and tells him to hurry up and change. Outside, we see Lag reappear in a Letter Bee uniform with both Aria and Sylvette waiting on him. Sylvette hands Lag her brother’s old gun and lunch for him and Niche, as Lag departs with Aria we see that Sylvette has tears in her eyes.


        Lag asks Aria where she’s taking them, and she tells them they’ll know when they arrive. During the ride, Lag finds out that Aria knows about Lag being a letter, and Aria finds out that Lag knows her because he was shot by Gauche.


       They finally arrive at an elevated part of the road where Lag and Niche are given a spectacular view of Amberground’s artificial sun.  Aria tells them that this is the Hill of Prayer, the place where you can feel closest to the sun. Aria goes on to tell them that Amberground was founded by the Empress who rules over the country and whom we worship, and this hill is a holy place where we pray to the Empress under the light. Lag asks Aria why she brought them here, and she says that Gauche loved this place since we were little.


         She tells them that she and Gauche would come here every day and pray for their safety until twelve years ago on day 311, called “The day of Flicker”, on that day Gauche lost a precious part of his heart. Lag asks what happened. On that day, while Gauche was on the hill, his mother went into labor and was in a very bad way, and Aria was sent to get him. As Aria was running up the hill the sun went out and only starlight was visible, Aria watched as a government airship crashed from the sky. When Aria reached Gauche the sun was back on but Gauche was in a trance/daze talking about the sun flickering on and off.


        Well, when Aria and Gauche return, Gauche’s mother is dead but his infant sister is born. Gauche grabs his sister and names her Sylvette shocking everyone around him. They ask him if he’s giving his sister the same name as his dead mother. It seems that Gauche has lost all memories of/feelings for his mother. Gauche promises to always be there for his sister, and he notices that something is wrong with her legs.


        Lags asks if the Flicker caused this, and Aria says the government announced that it was doing an adjustment/examination of the sun that day and they claim the airship crash was unrelated. Lag asks if that’s true, and Aria says that’s what the government claims and she doesn’t know. Aria gives Lag a bit of advice telling him that if you get to close to the sun darkness will grow in your heart, and that’s what it means to aim for the Head Bee position.


        Just then, Conner runs up to Lag and Aria and tells them that Zazie ran into trouble with a whole lot of Gaichuu and is requesting backup, Aria tells Lag to get going. Lag thanks Aria for the word of warning as he heads off, and he also tells Aria that he was also born on The Day of Flicker.


       Well, Lag arrives on the scene to help Zazie and he has to learn to control is Shindan energy levels. Lag and Niche work as a team with Zazie and his dingo to take care of the Gaichuu, and after the battle is over he joins Zazie and Conner for a snack from Lag’s canteen, oh no it’s Sylvette’s nasty soup. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, after watching this episode the mysteries only deepen and the connection between Gauche, Sylvette, Lag, and Lag’s mother only grow stronger. I sure wasn’t expecting to find out that Lag was born on the same day as Sylvette, and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that to be the day that Gauche’s mother died and the sun flickered.  It’s really going to be interesting to figure out why the Day of Flicker took from Gauche his memories of his mother, Sylvette the use of her legs, Gauche’s and Sylvette’s mother’s life, while giving Lag an spirit amber eye.  Also, this episode raises the question of why Gauche had to work hard at becoming a Bee if his family already lived on the “good” side of the river, doesn’t being a citizen have its bennies.

        Also, it was quite funny finding out the source of Gauche’s poor taste in soup, of course he’s goanna love his sister’s soup even if it tastes like shit. For me, Niche continues to be one of the best characters in the whole damn series, and for god sakes can Lag go more than a day without crying his eyes out.

“Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There’s no crying! THERE’S NO CRYING IN SHONEN ANIME!”

       All I can say is that it’s going to be an interesting ride watching Lag getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the artificial sun and finding out if/how Amberground’s government is corrupt. Another interesting note was Aria warning Lag about getting to close to the sun, and getting darkness inside your heart.  Her comments to Lag raise an interesting parallel between Gauche’s actions in attempting to become Head Bee and the myth of Icarus, and did he like Icarus fly to close to the sun?

Question; did the creators use Saaya Irie as Sylvette’s body model, both are twelve?