This episode begins with Sawako continuing her preparation for the upcoming sports festival with Ayane and Chizu, and Kurumi keeps popping up at random moments to talk to Sawako. We see that Kurumi’s presence still causes Sawako to go into a daze, and we also see that Chizu doesn’t like Kurumi. Later that night, Sawako thinks about making a new friend while trying to fall asleep when for no particular reason Kazehaya pops up in Sawako’s thoughts, and now she can’t fall asleep.


        The next day, in class, the sexual tension between Sawako and Kazehaya continues with neither of them being able to talk normally with each other, Chizu wonders what’s up, but Ayane got it figured out. Then Kurumi makes an appearance to drop off some committee paperwork for Kazehaya. Later, Sawako has another encounter with Kurumi and she even calls her by her first name, and Sawako wishes to be more like Kurumi. Then Kurumi tells Sawako if there’s anything that’s ever bothering her she’ll listen to her problems, and Sawako feels she can tell her new friend anything.


        Later, we see Sawako telling Kurumi about her problem talking to Kazehaya, and she gives her some pretty self-serving advice that it might be better if she talked with someone who is more like her. Well, her general gist goes something like me and Kazehaya have known each other for a long time and have many things in common while you and Kazehaya are very different, so you need to find someone you have things in common with.


        Well, things sort of backfire on Kurumi with Sawako taking her advice the opposite way she intended it to affect Sawako when Sawako vows to find the right words to be able to communicate with Kazehaya casually.


        Then we see Chizu explaining to Ayane what happened between Kurumi and her back in middle school; Kurumi used Chizu’s friendship with Kazehaya to get her to introduce tons of girls to Kazehaya only to be rejected. Then out of the dissension between the girls, Kurumi formed the whole “Kazehaya belongs to everyone” rule. Chizu goes on to say that she doesn’t really think that Kurumi’s that bad of a girl but she doesn’t like being around her, and then Ayane says that Kurumi did a pretty good job of manipulating her. Ayane says that she pretty sure she knows what kind of girl Kurumi really is and wonders if things are going to work out the way she has planned.


        When Kazehaya takes a break from baseball practice he has a run in with Sawako who is watering the flowers, and again the tension builds. He lets it slip that he’s nervous around her lately, and this eases the tension because now Sawako understands that he’s nervous like her. Sawako and Kazehaya begin to talk normally about Maru-chan (the dog) and other stuff ending and share a nice smile. Just when they’re really being nice and casual they get interrupted by Kurumi who has been watching from above. Then like a bolt of lightning Sawako realizes that Kazehaya hasn’t been calling Kurumi by “real” first name, her real name is Kurumizawa Ume, so her real first name is Ume. Once Sawako realizes that Kazehaya wasn’t really calling her by her first name she’s relieved, and we see that Kurumi is really pissed off and asks if she can borrow Sawako.


        Kurumi tells Sawako that they need to have a girl talk and Sawako is all excited over the idea of a girl talk. As Sawako and Kurumi are walking home from school Kurumi is walking ahead of Sawako and she gets really upset when Sawako calls her Ume-chan. Well, Kurumi asks Sawako for her help, Kurumi tells Sawako that she does have someone she likes, and she needs her help. Sawako tells her she’ll help, and Kurumi tells her the person she likes is Kazehaya. Shocking cliffhanger, well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, we’ve finally got a good look at Kurumi’s real character and not that sweet girl image she shows to the world. Kurumi’s not the kind of girl that’s into direct conflict like those girls who were harassing Sawako a few episodes ago, she’s a sneaky girl that would rather manipulate others to her advantage, she’s weak, and she’s a coward. Instead of directly confessing to Kazehaya and most likely being rejected like the other girls she decided to create a situation where no one could try to capture Kazehaya’s, very cowardly. Now, Kurumi is going to try and get Sawako to create a situation where she can get close to Kazehaya hoping that he’ll fall for her even though she can clearly see that he’s attracted to Sawako. 

        This really shows how Kurumi is either delusional in thinking that she can overcome Sawako’s home field advantage, or she really doesn’t give a shit how Kazehaya really feels. I hope that Kurumi’s got more self-esteem than becoming one of those girls who would want a trophy boyfriend knowing full well his eyes are on Sawako whenever she’s around.

My vision of Kurumi’s relationship with Kazehaya if she wins.

       “Oh, Kazehaya that feels really good, Sawako you’re sooooo beautiful and I can’t get enough of you.  Damn it, I’m KURUMI not SAWAKO! Sorry, I meant to say that you’re really beautiful Kurumi; no problem just pick up where you left off.” 

        The thing I’m waiting on is for Sawako to figure out that Kurumi is playing a game with her, or either Ayane or Chizu needs to warn Sawako about Kurumi’s true nature, or Kurumi need be rejected by Kazehaya. But, my favorite dream way I’d like to see Kurumi lose would be from my review of the last episode.

“How I’d like to see the whole Kurumi/Sawako/Kazehaya love triangle resolve itself would be by having Sawako and Kazehaya continuing their after school soccer practices where after a exceptionally sexually charged moment Kazehaya calls Sawako by her first name, then Sawako calls him Shota, they embrace passionately then proceed to rip off each other’s school uniforms and have hot animal sex while a frustrated Kurumi looks on from a classroom window, war over, Kurumi loses.”