Today is like every other day that came before. Boring, unchanging, the same as every other, except, today you glance skyward.

You have to look once, twice, three times, are your eyes lying to you.

No, your eyes aren’t lying to you, it’s a girl you see falling from the sky.

Now, comes the most important decision of your young life, stand there like you’ve done on every other day of your boring existence and let life pass you by, or reach out for change, the future, the unknown. You decide to reach out.

As she’s almost in your arms, you wonder is it a girl, or an angel, or both, or something else?

As she settles in your arms, you’re amazed at how light this beautiful creature is. Is she a girl, or is she a fallen angel? Who knows.

As you slowly pull this fallen angel towards you, you can hear the slow intake of her breath, and feel the warm pulse of life flowing through her body, hold on tight because your life will never be the same again!